27 best 1 year anniversary gifts for girlfriend In 2022

How to give your loved one a gift for their first wedding anniversary can be a challenge. Provide your spouse with first wedding anniversary gifts that will please him on his first wedding anniversary. On this day, you should give him a first-anniversary gift, both modern and traditional. If you are giving your wife a first-anniversary gift, you can choose jewelry and roses for him.

1-year anniversary gifts

1. Cute coffee cup

Cute coffee cup

A customized mug is one of the best first-anniversary gifts for your boyfriend. It’s fun, and it manages to bring some availability into the mix. That’s what you want, a little fun and excitement and the results will be great.

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2. Leather Photo Frame

Engraved Leather Picture Frame
If you want a sweet couple gift, perfect leather frame to help you cherish your 1st anniversary. The style looks great, it can take any image you want, and the packaging is made from recycled materials.

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3. Customize the anniversary

Designed his 1st anniversary

When you see this great logo, you will be impressed by its visuals. However, what makes it stand out is the fact that you can customize it. The attention to detail is excellent, and this is a logo that will last a long time.

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4. Crystal souvenir

Crystal souvenir
With sparkling clear stones and delicate beveled edges, this is a cool gift for a date. Beautifully packaged in a stylish gift box and cloth bag, the keepsakes are handcrafted by my artisans.

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5. Toilet paper funny gift

Toilet Paper Funny

If you are a humorous couple, then a gift for the first anniversary can be a bit fun. A fun gift because it helps you share your love.

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6. keychain

1st anniversary keychain

When you want to buy some great first wedding anniversary gifts, you can’t go wrong with this. A matching set of pendant chains looks incredible, and it also has a beautiful meaning only because it is different and full of sentimental value.

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7. Burlap Print

Burlap Print

A framed burlap print is a beautiful anniversary gift, and it allows you to be as creative as you want. It also makes it easier to push the boundaries and delivers an enriching and fun experience. You do want to give this one a try because it’s so unique and iconic, and the quality you get is exhilarating. Plus, a message like this says more than you would be able to express on your own.

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8. Heart-Shaped LED Light

Heart-Shaped LED Light

In case you want to showcase your appreciation to your dad or want the best 1st-anniversary gifts for your husband, it will come in handy very well. The idea behind this product is that it allows you to bring in great value for money, and the experience itself is astounding every time. The coloring is fantastic, and it feels like a new message sent on the clouds.

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9. Coffee Spoon

Stainless Steel Espresso Spoons

It’s also convenient to give your wife a first-anniversary gift. This one is worth it. The little packaging is cool and creative, which is excellent. She likes unique and fun things, so this is perfect for her.

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10. Rose Flower

Rose Flower

It is a handmade preserved flower that comes in many colors. What makes this a delightful gift is that it comes in various colors to choose from, and the design itself is iconic and unique. The fact that you have a timeless, genuine rose that will remain in a specific color is unique, and you should consider looking at it.

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11. Cosmetic Mirror

12-Inch Screen Makeup Mirror

When you want her to enjoy something cool, you can buy something like this. It’s excellent, it looks great, it has 10x magnification, it can be a stellar decoration, and it’s well worth buying!

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12. Carving cute stones

Carving cute stones

An anniversary rock is always something to cherish and have fun with. People love the idea of having a gift that lasts forever, and nothing is more relaxed than an engraved rock. It shows that you are thoughtful, and that’s precisely how you want to stand out.

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13. Teddy Bear

Teddy Bear

A teddy bear with an entertaining message is always going to be exciting and a pleasure to share with your loved one. Sometimes subliminal messaging makes your loved one laugh, and that’s what you get here. It’s an exciting product with cool ideas, and it pushes the boundaries to bring in something exciting and rewarding. Just give it a try for yourself, and you will have no problem enjoying the experience here.

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14. T-Shirt


You want to make a fun shirt for your wife; then this is by far one of the coolest items you can buy. It looks great, and it brings a fun set of ideas for you to explore. If you like designs that are different and full of life, consider giving it a try.

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15. Kissing Mugs Set

Kissing Mugs Set

A matching set of mugs is charming. This is one of the best first-anniversary gifts for him, and you can enjoy it as yours as well. This is certainly something unique and exciting, and the red and white combination makes this one stand out for sure.

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16. Necklace Gift of Love

Necklace Gift of Love

When you want a gift that is different and exciting, a gift that stands out, a white gold flower pendant is unique. If you want to impress your true love with a thoughtful gift for her, it’s just what you need.

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17. Beautiful pendant

Beautiful pendant

A pendant like this is simply extraordinary. It is the perfect gift for a woman who appreciates quality jewelry and has refined taste. The quality is excellent, and the attention to detail is impressive. If you like high-quality jewelry, this is one of the top products you can buy that will bring great value and attention to detail.

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18. Stone pendant necklace

Stone pendant necklace

Stunning jewelry like this is one of the coolest products you can buy. It’s inexpensive, but you have the best quality amethyst you can buy. Plus, it makes a stellar Mother’s Day gift, and it also has a perfect design.

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19. Bisque Porcelain Figurine

There is always that particular moment in life when you want to buy something that you both cherish. This impressive porcelain statue is pure innocence, and it brings to life the fun moments in your lives. It is a unique hand-painted product that you can use to cherish your first anniversary forever.

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20. 24k Rose

24k Rose

It’s always a good idea to push the boundaries and come up with creative gift ideas. A gold dipped rose is one of the best possible gifts you can buy. It looks incredible, and you want to check it out just because it’s so different and full of bright ideas. You do need to at least try it out for yourself and share it with your loved one.

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21. Rose Bear

Rose Bear

When you pick the perfect gift for her this anniversary, you can’t go wrong with a rose bear. It’s a beautiful, handcrafted product that takes everyone’s breath away. This is the type of product that will push the boundaries and show your true love.

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22. Crystal Photo

Individualized Customized Crystal Photo

This custom crystal photo is one of the most extraordinary first anniversary gifts for your husband, and the great thing is that you upload a photo and then get the custom photo right away. It’s something new and different, and it will give you the features and ideas you need.

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23. Cute decorative gift

Cute decorative gift

Cool decorative pieces are always a great gift. This one is even better because it signifies a couple and the challenges that they are going through. It’s enjoyable, certainly different, and you will love the attention to detail and the fact that you get Ambiental light from something like this.

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24. explosion gift box

Kicpot explosion gift box

If you’ve ever wanted to surprise your girlfriend, this gift is the best opportunity. It looks like a gift box when closed; however, when opened by your girlfriend, this box will explode into a multi-layered card that you can customize to fill with your memorable memorize from the year spent together. This handmade box is designed to be visually appealing, which will guarantee the happiness of your girlfriend. Bring back your best memories with the Kicpot explosion gift box.

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25. laser engraved crystal

HOCHANCE laser engraved crystal

Crystal balls have always been the perfect 1-year anniversary gift for a girlfriend. With laser engraved crystal balls, you can make this perfect gift even better. Using the highest K9 crystal, this is the most transparent and glossy crystal ball. The advanced laser engraving technology makes it even more mesmerizing to watch. It’s also available in different designs, choose what’s suitable for your girlfriend. It’s easy to use features that will instantly surprise your girlfriend.

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26. Love language card game

Love language card game

Giving your girlfriend the gift of a love language card game will allow you to learn everything about each other. This will increase the level of trust between you and provide security for the future of your relationship. There are multiple decks of cards with five categories designed with a couple of psychology to create powerful conversations.

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27. Custom start map

Custom start map

The night sky is enthralling to look at it. Have you ever thought of bringing it right to your home? Now it’s possible with the help of a custom star map. It includes realistic star maps, which you can look at with your girlfriend from your home’s comfort zone. You can provide the date of a memorable night and can get a mirror image of the night sky from that date right at your doorstep, which you can enjoy at any time.

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28. pillow covers

WLNUI pillow covers

Gifting pillow covers might sound like a bad idea; however, it’s not the case with WLNUI fall pillow covers. You can get a set of four covers, made with quality and comfortable materials. Additionally, these covers have a unique design of fall themes, like maple leaves. They also have a hidden zipper design to increase visual appeal and to make it easy for you to stuff them with pillows. Using these on your couch will remind your girlfriend of your first anniversary with her.

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29. pillowcase

DasyFly pillowcase

Another pillowcase that you can gift to your girlfriend on your first anniversary is the DasyFly pillowcase. Available in many different designs, these pillows are very comfortable and skin-friendly. Furthermore, only top-quality materials are used, which are highly durable. Designs on these pillowcases won’t fade away at all if you’re worried about that. Improve your relationship with these pillows on your first anniversary, and make your girlfriend happy.

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30. Women’s high heels

Badgley Mischka Women's Paxton Pump

Women love to wear good looking shoes. These Paxton pumps will surely make her happy. Available in four stunning colors, these pumps use the best materials. A cushioned insole will make sure that your girlfriend never experiences any pain. Furthermore, Badgley Mischka is a well-known brand and is one of the top ten American brands, which guarantees that these shoes will surprise your girlfriend. Select the best size and get ready for your first anniversary.

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31. Fairy Kei Earrings

Fairy Kei Earrings

Girls love to wear earrings. However, Fairy Kei earrings, unlike everyday earrings, are unique. Likely, your girlfriend will never have work earrings with a Harley Quinn design. So, make her anniversary day even more special and unique with these earrings. These are handmade, with polymer clay, with beautiful colors, which makes them look stunning. They are also very lightweight, unlike many other earrings. But most of all, they will make your girlfriend stand out from the crowd.

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32. Coffee cup

Coffee cup

1st Anniversary Coffee Mug for Boyfriend is the perfect gift to make this special occasion extra special for him. This coffee mug comes in a variety of gift boxes and in a clear plastic gift box that can be placed inside your man’s coffee mug.1st Anniversary Coffee Mug for Boyfriend and you just never know what might spark his interest.

33. 1 Year Anniversary Metal Date Night Dice

1 Year Anniversary Metal Date Night Dice

This idea is beneficial if you are throwing a party for someone and they have never been on a date before. They will find the game to be a lot of fun, and even if they are not very well used to being on a date, they might remember getting a unique game like this one for their first anniversary. The types of dice that you should look for are ones that have a metal core and a thin plastic or wooden coating on the edges.

Select the most suitable gifts to get a girlfriend for a 1-year anniversary, from these unique products, to make her anniversary day even more special. Every product is guaranteed to give the best experience.

First Anniversary Gifts FAQs

You have a plethora of options available these days when you have to choose the first-anniversary gift for your partner. It can be either for your wife, or husband, or boyfriend, or girlfriend. No matter what type of bond you share, gifting something special to your loved ones on the first anniversary will make them feel appreciated and happy.

Following FAQs will help you determine what do people look for while buying a present.

What will be the best 1st-anniversary gift for a girlfriend?

Girls like a lot of things like accessories, clothes, footwear, and so on. You have many options from which you can choose the best gift for your girlfriend. To come up with something fascinating that will wow your partner, you can gift her a branded watch. Add a special touch by customizing the watch with pearls that will shine bright. Other than this, you can always choose to gift her a handbag that she can use daily or carry with her on special occasions.

How can you make things unique for your partner on the first anniversary?

You can plan a trip together where you can opt for trekking. Couples nowadays love to go on adventurous trips together. You can take your guitar with you and things you will need to a bonfire at the desired destination.
Other than this, you can book a spa session to give a relaxing gift to your partner. Both of you can go to a spa center somewhere in nature’s lap, relax, eat exotic meals, and spend a beautiful night together. A walk to some botanical gardens will also be worthwhile.

What should I gift my wife on our wedding anniversary?

Buy your wife a beautiful dress and tell her to get ready for a dinner date.
Take her to the favorite restaurant where you met her for the first time.
Order her favorite cuisines and end the love-date with the best dessert.
Take her for a picnic,
Cook breakfast for her and serve it in bed.
Purchase the movie tickets for which you and your wife must have been planning for a while.
Take her to the favorite concert taking place in a different country.

What should I and shouldn’t gift my husband on our 1st-anniversary?

Firstly, make sure you buy a unique and useful gift for your hubby.
Secondly, never associate the gift with a price tag. Even if you buy him a cup of coffee and his favorite brownie with ice-cream, he will be overwhelmed.
Thirdly, avoid getting him something to work as a formal shirt. Instead, come up with some casual wear that he can wear anytime.

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What gift should I send for the 1 year anniversary?

You should know what kind of gifts he likes and what his hobbies are. You can give him to him. For example, you can give him roses, go to the store to buy something fresh, or make something delicious for him.

What should I do for my girlfriend on the first anniversary?

Go to the mall to buy what he likes to eat.
Take him to travel; there is no need to go far away, find a quieter place; the environment is better.
For housework, you have to tidy up the house. He has washed his clothes and used a mop to clean every place in the house.

The perfect gift for your girlfriend’s first anniversary

If you’re looking for something to surprise your partner on their special day, there are plenty of options. These four questions will help you.

How serious is your relationship?

Okay, we get it. A year seems like a long time to think about your relationship. But every couple is different, and that’s not always the case. Some couples like to take it one day at a time, while others may have heard the wedding bells.

It’s easier to know where you stand so you can find the right gift for your girlfriend on her first anniversary. Just make sure you choose something that fits your situation.

How much will you spend?

You have to be realistic about your financial situation and stick to living within your means. Trust us. What you pull out of your wallet will not impress your lady. She will be impressed by what comes from your heart.

When it comes to anniversary gift ideas, a little goes a long way. As cliché as it may sound, it is the idea that counts. You will make her smile by being romantic and creative. It doesn’t matter if you give her something expensive. No matter what, you must stick to your budget.

What moment defines your relationship?

A girlfriend’s first anniversary gift should be unique and memorable. You can achieve this by customizing it to your relationship. A keepsake that reminds her of the little things is always more meaningful than any random gift.

You can think of all the inside jokes you’ve had, the names you’ve given your pets, or even the TV shows you’ve shared. The important thing is to give her something that reminds her of how wonderful you are together.

What are her tastes?

Shopping for anniversary gifts for your girlfriend can be easy. It’s easy to feel tempted. But that’s not the point. The important thing is to give her something she likes. After 12 months of letting her get to know you, this shouldn’t be a problem.

Take into account her needs and wants. Also, consider her preferences. Is she a hobbyist? What does she do for a living? It’s a good idea to keep in mind her favorite colors and foods, as well as places and movies.

Find the perfect 1 year anniversary gift

You might consider any of these options when you’re looking through the many one-year anniversary gifts for your girlfriend. These will give you an idea of the options available and may inspire you to come up with a new gift. It’s important that you show your love how much they have meant to you over the past year. You can check out any of these ideas!

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