12 Love Poems For Husband

When was the last time that you said “I love you” to your husband? Is it a week or a month ago? Wait a second. You might not even remember! While we are busy with our lives, we often take the other person as a given. To keep the flame alive in a relationship, it is important to express your love for him through words and actions. Although it is easy to say those three words, it often doesn’t do enough. It doesn’t reflect or celebrate everything you truly feel. We have compiled a list of 20 love poems that you can sing to your boyfriend.

Best Love Poems You Can Dedicate To Your Hubby

We have all the answers for you, whether you need short love poems, funny love poetry, or a way of saying “I love you husband” to your spouse. Scroll down to see some romantic love poems that will bring a smile on your husband’s face.

1. You are my everything

“When you were my friend”
It was amazing
I was your boyfriend when you were mine
You were outstanding
I was your fiancee when you were
Your efforts were admirable
As my husband now
You are amazing
You are the perfect lover
Every stage of your life
Such a loving husband
I’m a proud wife
You are my love.”

2. For my husband

“Love you has no beginning or end.”
Love is everything
It is endless in time
It is limitless in its magnitude
I am beyond my own understanding

Your love brings me home
Warms me and wraps me
In its eternal embrace
It’s endless and palpable
Beyond all the life’s storms

3. The new beginning

“Like the warmth and light of the morning sun.
Also, I am embraced by your thoughts.
How alive I feel

The new day is a glorious dawn.
Your presence is a constant part of my life.
Its shadows lifted
It is a sign of a new beginning.

4. You would be a better person if you knew!

“In the dark of the night there is only me, and you.
We are knit together in our own cocoon.

I feel your heartbeat against my chest,
As we rest, I will hold you close.

I drift off to sleep.
Think about how I became complete.

You are my completeness, and I’m only complete when you’re near.
My greatest fear is to lose you one day.

To make a complete thing, you need two halves.
We are one soul, my heart and yours.

5. Close your eyes

“Close your eyes, and think about me.”
Close your eyes, and try to see.
Our hearts together, and what could be?
Our love forever as destiny.”

6. From My Heart

A million stars on the sky.
One shines brighter – I can’t deny.
A love so precious, a love so true,
A love that is passed directly from me.
When angels sing, you’re close to them.
Inside your arms, there is nothing to worry about.
You never know how to speak.
Talking to you is what makes my day.
I cherish you, sweetheart and with all my heart.
Together forever , never to ever.

7. Close your eyes

“Close your eyes, and visualize me
Try closing your eyes, and trying to concentrate on what you see.
Our hearts in harmony and the possibilities of what could be
Our love forever as destiny.”

8. Warm hands

“Troubles aren’t a problem for me.
Fears have never been so terrifying.
Stress isn’t a problem for me in any way.
Anxiety doesn’t cause me to be tired.
The warmth of your arms
Your beautiful face is stunning.
Does that all I have to do
Pure joy and solace
Thanks for your kind words.”

9. I love you the way you do

I’ve never known anyone to feel love for me.
Me just the way you are in love with me.
I’ve never loved anyone.
The way I love you. Thank for everything.
God for revealing to us the right way
To one another!

10. Your Love is as the Raging Sea

My affection for you is like the sea that rages,
It is so powerful and deep that it will be forever.
Through the storm, wind and heavy rain
It will stand up to every ailment.
Our hearts are pure and our love is so sweet.
I’m in love with you more than every beat of my heart!

11. I would not change anything

My personal life and experiences
My regrets are all made to be averted
In becoming your wife
Even if I were granted an opportunity to wish, I would still be denied a
A magical Genie
I’d just walk away, because you
My life is perfect already

12. If you are holding me,

I hold your hand when I’m afraid,
You oh so understand,
Thank you for your support. I am so grateful,
There’s nothing to hide,
Thank you for being a part of my life.
I am delighted that I am your spouse.
I love you so much!

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