The 28 Best 12 year Anniversary gift of 2020

Are you invited to their 12-year wedding anniversary celebration? Find the best 12-year anniversary gift for husband, wife or couple. In this guide, you will get the most interesting and interesting gift ideas for these occasions.

Spending 12 years together is not something that you should ignore. A couple goes through lots of complicated and rough times during the first 12 wedding years. 12th Anniversary is considered a silk anniversary because many things resolve. If you want a gift for your family or friends, it should be meaningful that express your love and passion.

12th-anniversary wedding gift

Personalized 12 Year Anniversary Artwork

Customized 12th-anniversary wedding gift

Buying luxurious and expensive gifts are not always necessary. Express your love with this meaningful Personalized 12 Year Anniversary Artwork. Beautifully crafted gift with solid wood that you can cherish for many years. You can place or hang this elegant, customized anniversary gift anywhere in your home. It warms your soul when you remember how many days, hours, and minutes you spend together.

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Linen Anniversary Gift for her

Linen Anniversary Gift for Her

Wanted to buy something that brings a smile on your wife’s face? This linen Anniversary Gift with the customized couple name is a perfect choice. A treasure for the coming years that shows how long have you been together. The design is very modern yet fantastic. You can personalize any message on this minimalist linen anniversary gift. Women cherish these types of gifts a lot.

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Tiaronics Glass Dome

Glass rose

With the help of colourful gold foil rose, you can improve your anniversary night. The rose is manufactured with very good quality material. This elegant gift shows your eternal love and appreciation on your 12 year anniversary. You can improve your dinner table environment because it contains light works. You can also show your love to your loved ones through this “beauty and the beast kit”

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Coffee Mug for Her

Coffee cup

Surprise your wife with this white mug. Mention her that even after spending 12 years together, you still love her. Mugs are great gifts for every occasion. The material of this mug is very solid that it remains with your wife for many years. The printed text also will not fade out with the passage of time.

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Personalized Cutting Board

Personalized cutting board

This is a perfect 12 year anniversary gift for a wife if she is a great cook. The product is manufactured with high-quality material. The design is very beautiful and artistic. If you’re thinking that this gift looks weird as an anniversary gift, then don’t worry and select this. The customized name and date will warm the heart of your wife whenever she uses this cutting board.

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Wooden Eyeglass Spectacle

Wooden spectacle frame

Using eyesight glasses is not a very easy thing. If your spouse is using glasses, he/she must face difficulty to keep it safe. Show your wife/husband that you love her by giving this stylish yet unique glasses holder. It is manufactured with Sheesham wood. After 12 years of wedding, a couple loves these types of gifts more.

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3D night light bedside lamp 7 colours

3D night light bedside lamp 7 colours

Touch the button, the remote control can change his colour. With USB power, you can use mobile power, as well as laptops and computers.

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Vintage Wooden Sunshine Musical Box

music Box

Multipurpose gift with the melody of “you are my sunshine” is great to give her. You can give this beautiful gift to your best friend or family member on her 12 year anniversary. There are many different crafted designs that are also available. This is very small and comfortable to carry around.

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Cultured Pearl Necklace

White necklace

There’s nothing better than a pearl necklace for 12 year wedding anniversary gift for her. The design of this necklace is very elegant, which shows cultural value with genuine white pearls. Top-quality and luxurious products are always cost more than simple products. After spending 12 years together, a bit expensive gift for a beautiful woman is nothing much. I recommend this gift strongly because of its finest yet cultured design.

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Personalized Canvas Printed Artwork

Personalized Canvas Prints

Beautiful scenery with customized artwork also shows affection. This is designed digitally with a 100%realistic look. You can customize the name or any quote on this beautiful artwork. Perfect for your family, friend, or loved ones. There are 20+designs of this customized artwork; you can choose anyone. You can also remember when you first met your wife whenever you see this beautiful anniversary gift.

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Custom Design Photos pillow


Do you want to express your feeling? Or Do you want to surprise your partner with a customize pillow? We recommend you to choose this customizable photo pillow. It is a great pic for both husband and wife. It is not easy to find high-quality stuff online. A very soft and comfortable pillow in velvet for 12 year anniversary is a great choice.

Heart Pendant Necklace

Sterling Silver Heart Pendant Necklace Blue

If there’s someone special in your life, the blue crystal will show your affection and eternal love for them. The heart-shaped necklace looks beautiful with every dress. A very romantic gift that a husband gives to his wife with its sleek curves. Every woman loves this elegant necklace for her 12 year wedding anniversary.

Whiskey Glass Gift Set

Wine glass

12-year anniversary gift for a husband must be unique, Right? That’s why we included the set of whiskey glass on our list. For your love expression, “To My Husband” is written on the box. This is a Thoughtful gift that is modern as well as unique and stylish. Whiskey, Bourbon or Scotch lover would be more than happy to receive these glasses.

12-year silver Birthday Decoration

12th birthday decoration

Wanted to decorate and surprise your husband on your 12 wedding anniversary? These anniversary decorations accessories are nothing less than a unique surprise present. These are well-made glitter swirl streamers with cheerful colours. This beautiful product is perfect for your room. Your room will look festive after hanging them on the wall.

24k Red Gold Plated Rose with holder

24k Red Gold Plated Rose

Rose that will never dry out or shrivel is the perfect gift to give her. It symbolizes that your love will always remain the same for her. Every leave and branch of the rose are gold plated. This is a perfect choice if you are looking for a unique way to give her a surprise. To save your beautiful memories of 12 anniversary, we suggest you give this rose to your spouse.

Kate posh paperweight

Kate posh paperweight

Some anniversary gifts give you so much pleasure that you can’t define. This is one of those gifts for your spouse. A warm feeling and promise are connected with this paperweight, about always stay together. A very high quality glistening clear Lucite with delicate edges shows beautiful hand-crafted work. Your partner can easily carry this around.

Sculpted Hand-Painted Figure

Sculpted Hand-Painted Figure

Sculpted Hand-Painted Figure is one of the most beautiful gifts that anyone can give to their partner or family member. It symbolizes the eternal love between both partners. This is a beautiful gift that is painted by hand and show love and affection. If you want to give someone a unique gift, then this is a great choice.

Ceramic Mugs

Ceramic Mugs

After spending 12 years together, an understanding is automatically developed between couples. This pair of cups is lightweight yet top quality. The quotation on these two mugs shows that understanding and love a couple of needs in a relationship. After celebrating your happy 12 years together, these cups help you to remember and cherish your previous years.

WRISTOLOGY Olivia Women’s Watch

WRISTOLOGY Olivia Women’s Watch

Watch is necessary for men as well as women. Watch is one of the most common gifts to buy on any occasion. The interchangeable strap genuine watch is always a perfect pick when you are choosing gifts for girls. The Olivia slim watch is great if you wanted to give this to your wife on 12 year anniversary. It has a simple yet fancy design that is very lightweight.

What is the traditional gift for the 12th anniversary?

The tradition is silk and linen. Modern gifts are pearls. Finding better anniversary gifts has become very easy. And we provide a variety of ways to celebrate the twelfth wedding anniversary.

How do I celebrate my 12th anniversary?

You must customize it to your liking. If you give a gift, you should buy it yourself on this day, or you like delicious food. You can go to the shopping centre to buy your favourite food, or travel not far away.