The 21 Best 14 year anniversary gift of 2020

Crystal is a 14th-anniversary gift that is a traditional gift. It represents a clear and sparkling love between husband and wife. Modern gifts are glass or watches, read on for all the 14th-anniversary gift inspiration you need.

Heart Sculpture

These loving elephants are an exterior or interior decoration that never fails to appeal. A single elephant with a raised trunk is a sign of luck, but this set is twice as blessed, and they fit together to form a heart by slipping one back beneath the other. Made from resilient cast resin and designed with the appearance of beautiful hand-polished timber, they are both resilient to bumps and drops and weatherproof. Put them outside your front door, in your front hallway, or on-screen in any area to bring luck and happiness to your house.


Abalone shell and Hawaiian koa wood inlay mens domed wedding rings. Crafted of genuine solid tungsten carbide, scratch proof, and hypoallergenic.
Abalone shell is a natural product and contains beautiful shines under sunlight, so each ring differs concerning structure and details, making each ring a distinctive piece of art. The rings on the photographs shown are just examples of how your ring going to look with abalone shell inlay.

24K Gold Rose

DeFaith makes the most vibrant real rose to a gorgeous and long-lasting token of love, inspiring loved ones to keep their love alive and revel in the love of being in love with one another.

Wool Shoes

Morton is a Korean company that produces sneakers with natural fabrics made from merino wool, bamboo, and hemp. LeMouton’s 3D stretchable wool cloth makes LeMouton adapt to your every movement. In actuality, they will make you forget you wear them.

Machine washable
Step 1. Remove the shoe’s insole. Wash by hand for greater outcomes.
Step 2. On delicate/wool cycle with cold water, place your shoes in the washing machine.
Step 3. Let your shoes air dry.
Hint: Suggest using a linen bag to protect the sneakers / Don’t tumble dry.

Laser Projector w/LED Nebula Cloud

Ring a galaxy inside! The SKYlite instantly projects a field of drifting stars against a changing blue nebula cloud. Simple button controls make it easy to cycle through mild effects, adjust brightness, or start/stop the movement. A special way to illuminate parties, revitalize your workspace, or light a romantic dinner for 2. Additionally, it works as an exceptional nightlight.

photo gallery mug

If your husband is the sentimental type, present him a personalized photo mug. Add a photo of both of you from your wedding day 14 years back, a family photo, or even a funny picture that will make him laugh with every morning sip.


This comforter also has features like a duvet. The duvet fit snugly inside a duvet cover that can be removed and washed when required. With duvet covers, you can also quickly and easily change the look of your bed and space without needing to redecorate completely.

This traditional design of a down comforter is acceptable for all weather. With the support of corner loops, it can be corrected easily on your duvet cover. It is soft and has the best quality of stitching to provide a comfortable and dependable sleep all night. Care Instructions Wash the comforter with the machine set on the delicate or gentle setting with two rinse cycles, using cold water. Add a small number of mild or all-natural detergent.

Dinnerware Set

Gibson’s Soho Lounge Dinnerware Set brings simplicity and style to your table. The organic features of the reactive glaze help to produce a special design on each plate, which makes it so that each piece isn’t the same as others. The gorgeous colours with its distinctive matte design create a gorgeous tablescape that’s fantastic for every occasion, be it a casual dinner with friends or a special dinner with a loved one.

LED neon heart indoor wall light

This red heart’ Enjoy’ LED sign is 3D art that brightens and transforms the space around it. Use it to enliven a living space, retrofit a kitchen, or create a fashionable pub or iconic game space. If your partner has an at-home office, a walk-in cupboard, or some other space she calls her own, this is the best addition. The neon heart signal will brighten up wherever she puts it–not to mention remind her of your love whenever she sees it.

Leather Tote

Features plenty of inside space for all sized objects, a detachable bottom piece for additional stiffness, and a suitable inner pocket for small things. Has a cosy vegan leather exterior and shoulder straps, with cotton canvas inside pocket. This vegan leather tote is large enough to hold a notebook and chic enough to carry on date night.

glass wine decanter

Improve the flavour of your favourite wines by maximizing their taste and aroma. Aerate your wines in the comfort of your own home by letting them breathe properly. Simply pour a jar of your favourite red into the wine decanter and sit back to enjoy the very best flavour profiles improved by full oxygenation. Aerate your wine and bring out its attributes while adding an elegant touch to your desk.

Impress others with this exquisite hand-blown crystal decanter. The elegant and vibrant design adds radiance and classy ambience to any room or kitchen. Crafted for supreme liquid aeration, its neck width increases airflow and unlocks the most taste and odour from your favourite wines.

Cook’s California Champagne Grande

Cook’s California Champagne is produced in the Mission Bell Winery in Madera, California. Cook’s started in 1859 when Isaac Cook created the first American champagne. Cook’s wines have been continuing the tradition of being quality champagnes ever since.

Cook’s Grande Reserve has an intricate profile due, in part, to a particular dosage of brandy that highlights vanilla and toasty yeast. This blends with fruit and mild floral character to present a harmonious bouquet. Cook’s California Champagne sparkling wines are fantastic for every celebration.

Love-KANKEI Wood Picture Photo Frame

Wood frame made from paulownia wood, lightweight yet solid, with torched wood finish, the wall hanging photo frame provides a special look, perfect for wall decor of any home or office. Sounds fantastic when put up with photos! In any case, Polaroid photographs fit perfectly into this framework.

The hanging picture frame lets you display a good deal of prints or pictures, artworks with 30 clips, and 5 pcs 72cm strings supplied and lets you design the way it’s mounted or put on the wall according to your own aesthetic because it can be split and adjusted manually.

rock crystal candy sticks

Rock candy is a brilliant, old-fashioned treat ideal for remembering childhood days. Old Fashioned style rock crystal candy was popular in America during the 1800s. Each crystal is bursting with flavour and colour, ensured both by every rock candy stick being wrapped along with the obviously long shelf life of these candy crystals. Rock Candy never goes bad or gets sticky or gooey even when appreciated outdoors on a hot summer day!

14 year anniversary gift traditional beer mugs

Each beer aficionado deserves a fancy beer mug–or 2. These ones are made from crystal and come in a couple so you can enjoy brews together.

14 year anniversary gifts for husband

This whiskey decanter set is made from stunning, high-quality lead-free crystal, Diamond-like detailing for feel and brilliant refraction, Thin, laser-cut and polished rim. Luxurious and flexible glass decanter set, Suitable for whiskey and brief cocktails in addition to bourbon, liquor, and Vodka, Weighted design for stability, ideal for everyday use or special occasions. Unique Twisted Design makes these liquor decanter set easy and elegance that matches your favourite whiskey, and also makes an elegant addition to your dinner table or home bar.

Crystal Deco Drop Earrings

Part of this Ben-Amun Pearl & Crystal Collection, the elegant earrings features glass rings with baguette and round encrusted cut of Swarovski Crystals in a silver-tone setting. Designed for exceptional and excellent beauty, it’s a vital jewellery piece for birthdays, weddings, evening parties, and sophisticated wear.

Rose Gold-Tone Ring

By Swarovski, this romantic ring features a rose gold-plated knot design representing the exceptional bond between two individuals. It combines crystal pave and rhodium plating for a trendy and intimate look that’s full of Swarovski sparkle. This size seven ring steps 17.35millimeters in diameter.

rose quartz crystal straw

Give the gift of good vibes with this reusable rose-quartz straw. The crystal is intended to give out positive energy that will help her feel calm and open –essentially, every sip of water will feel super-luxe. Rose Quartz is the stone of unconditional love. It opens the heart chakra, called a romance stone. Rose Quartz invites loving energy to all connections.

3-In-1 Stone Face Massager Kit

Reduce Puffiness Use the huge roller for lips and the little roller for around the lips and eyes to de-puff, tighten and tone this sensitive skin. For days when things are feeling angry and inflamed try your roller straight from the refrigerator or freezer for a soothing ice roller burst

It is not just a massage! The particular properties of every gemstone roller work synergistically with your serums oils, and moisturizers to help them absorb deeper in the skin. The Nano Vibrations of each rock is like a little agitator, pushing skincare into cells.

Darling Point champagne flutes

The Darling Point Collection is unembellished, featuring subtle engravings with the words”Mr.” and”Mrs.” across its surfaces. This 2-piece champagne flute set, from Kate Spade New York, is guaranteed to be treasured for years to come.

pearl rectangular platter

Reminiscent of a cluster of pearls, the Orrefors Pearl Collection is textured on one side while smooth on the surface, perfect for serving. Add a touch of elegance and luxury to your everyday entertaining with this new array of dishwasher-safe, crystal serveware. Consider this crystal serving platter for the couple that loves to host. Because food tastes better when served on the crystal.

14 year anniversary gift for a couple

Does the couple you are shopping to preferring red wine? Skip the flutes and decide on a set of red wine glasses instead. This pair, made from crystal, is ideal for a 14-year anniversary present. You may even get them.

14 year anniversary gifts for wife

Designed for customers searching for the next generation of connectivity, Apple’s Watch moves your iPhone’s functions and apps on your wrist, which means that you may perform a while leaving your mobile phone into your pocket.

Apple Watch links to an iPhone through Bluetooth 4.0 and exhibits alarms, programs, and much more on its own 1.5″ screen. In addition, it can link directly to the Web thanks to 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi. The battery lasts for up to 18 hours of regular use and can be recharged using an enclosed inductive ion charger.

Leave your cell phone in your pocket and see notifications in your wrist. Apple Watch displays alarms from the iPhone so that you may respond or dismiss them at will.

Built-in GPS enables you to navigate and receive accurate work data — no telephone required. It connects immediately to GPS satellites and documents distance, rate, and speed for your workout in addition to the path you travelled, and if you are walking, jogging, or biking.

The Apple Watch Series two was made to resist the pressure equivalent of being 164′ submerged (5 ATM), which means it’s acceptable for rainwater, rain, showers, showers, and seas in shallow depths. Its inner speaker uses its vibrations to force water out when it is clear of the waves.

14 year wedding anniversary gift

The contemporary take on the 14-year wedding anniversary present is very specific–there are not too many variations of this watch which you could work with. But if you know your partner loves watches or believe that they’re due for an update, these can please every style taste.