15 Things You’ve Got to Say to Your Mom on Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is just around the corner. Now is the time to reflect on your relationship with mom. You should reflect on all the wonderful ways she has helped you make your life easier and more manageable. It is easy to forget how our mothers have shaped our lives. If you don’t pair your gifts with a personal message, it is difficult to find Mothers Day gifts.

This Mother’s Day, tell your mom sweet things you may not have told her often.

1. “I Love You, No Matter What”

Tell your mom how much you love her. Moms are emotional beings, and deserve love that is unconditional.

2. “You were right”

She has been praised for not letting you go out with people who were later found to be complete dirt-bags and making sure you eat the green vegetables. She was patient and made you a great person. All credit to her for her great ways.

3. “You are my Hero!”

Because she allowed you to see the power and faith within you. She manages her home and career well and scores high marks in both. It all seems effortless to her. Every mother is an inspiration.

4. “You are the World’s Best Chef”

Mom’s homemade food is the best. Mom’s food is comfort food. Mom’s homemade food is the best way to get you through a hard day.

5. “Only you can understand my tears”

Only a mother can hear her child’s heart. People ask many questions about our emotions when we are sad, but only mothers can hear the pain in our eyes.

6. Let’s go shopping!

Your father has been known to try to ignore your mother when she requests a shopping spree. These will be very special words for your mother if you say “Let’s shop”.

7. “Mommy! I want to rest my head on your lap for a while”

Ask any mother what she would like and she will tell it: being near her children. Although you may be grown up, the peace and tranquility that comes from sleeping on your mother’s lap is unbeatable.

8 “Your hug is my strength to defeat all odds”

When you have the power to hug your mother, you don’t need protein or a gym membership. Just hug your mom before you go for a job, interview or make a deal. You will be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

9. “Thank You”

Simple thanks can go a long distance. You should thank your mom for being there to help you become who you are today. Your mom is the best! She will cook you meals and teach you important life lessons.

10. “I am happy you are MY mom”

Your mom might have heard you say “I hate” countless times. Tell your mom that you didn’t mean it. Let her know that you are grateful for all she sacrificed to make you happy. You have always been her top priority. Bring her a smile and put her first.

11. “I placed you before the God”

Of all the compliments that mom can receive, placing her before God is the best. Hinduism believers must have heard of Lord Vishnu’s avatars as Krishna and Rama. One of the reasons for those divine acts was to feel the mother’s love.

12. Your teachings are my keys for a bright future.

You must be grateful to her for everything that she has taught you, from the beginning to now. A mother is often the first teacher for a child, and her lessons can help shape their future.

13. “I love your voice, Mom”

Yes, you may have a favorite singer. But can you put his/her voice above that of your mom? Absolutely, no! No! As a mothers day caption, post a video of your mother and add “I love you voice, Mom” to the caption.

14. “I am impressed at everything you do.”

Amazing is the way mothers keep their children active, from the morning light to the evening. It is amazing to see how she handles every task with such skill. She is also a great mother and wife. You won’t be disappointed!

15. “There are no happy mothers day quotes moms as perfect as yours”

This one is a little tricky, but it’s one of the most thoughtful things you can say to mom on Mother’s Day. While all the messages and quotes are a great way to make mom smile, there is no perfect way to express your mother’s love.

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