27 Big Sister Gift Ideas That Are Just as Cool as She Is

It is an absolute joy to have her around. You are driven insane by her presence. You don’t even know what life would be like without her. She’s your sister, or maybe she’s your daughter or niece about to Being Sisters are unique. These gifts can be given to sisters at all ages.

coaster set

The vintage-style glass coaster transports her to simpler times. These coasters can be personalized with any photo you wish. By using photos of your sister or nieces from childhood, you can celebrate nephews and nieces.

You can even use photos of your pet.

spa gift basket

As a big sister, she’s probably handled her fair share of responsibility. Why don’t you give her something that will let her relax for awhile? This gift basket contains everything you need, including body lotions with almond and honey scents as well as bubble baths. This gift basket comes wrapped in bows and is presented in brown wood baskets.

She’ll look Und You will instantly feel millionaire when you first start using it.

coffee mug

Give her a gift that’s as rare and precious as she is when you buy this unicorn-themed coffee mug. This mug is plain-colored in brown. horse that says “Other Sisters” followed by a sparkly, multicolored unicorn throwing its head back under the word “You.

” You only have one sister like her, after all, so this is the way to show it!

Teddy bear plush

This is the perfect gift to give little sisters who are looking for big sister roles. It’s a soft, fluffy teddy bear with a pink t-shirt that reads “I’m the Big Sister,” and it’ll be ideal for hospital delivery rooms and other settings where you’ll want to remind her that she’s important, too.

It’ll make her feel remembered even as attention is understandably elsewhere.

anywhere travel guide

If your big sis has a thirst for adventure, these cards can help her explore the world no matter where she’s going or what she’s doing. Rather than being specific to a destination, they’re all about the journey.

They’ll prompt her to take walks, snap photos, write lists and reflections, eat exotic foods and strike up conversations with strangers. She’ll fully live in the moment as she travels from place to place!

family tree necklace

Although birthstone necklaces can come in many styles, this one is unique. This unique birthstone necklace allows you to create a family tree with custom stones. Und inscriptions. For example, if she’s a mom of three, you can order a necklace with the three birthstones of her children and their initials etched into the surrounding metal.

It’ll be a beautiful, thoughtful gift for someone who loves their family more than themselves.

pillow cover

This pillowcase will bring you closer even though you may live in different places. It has a heartwarming message about loving and being proud of her even when she isn’t close by, and it ends with, “Hold it in your arms and consider it a big hug!” She’ll think of you every time that she snuggles it on the couch!

lock box safe

The safe will make a great gift for women who frequently travel. Maybe she’s a mom who’s always taking the kids to parks, beaches and soccer games; maybe she’s a college-bound teen who is worried about privacy in her dorm room.

You can use this safe in whatever way you want. This safe is portable, light, and small.

sister necklace

This necklace is beautiful to look at and sparkles beautifully. This necklace is a sign of your sister or brother. The necklace will be a symbol of you and your sibling. Two infinity rings interlocked with cubic zirconia stones will symbolize you. Heart-shaped cubic zirconia gems will complement the design.

Even its card is gorgeous: It’s decorated with pink A heartfelt poem and flower blooms about sisterhood.

big sister gift set

She’s always been your princess, but now she’s getting a co-ruler! You can also give this gift as a wonderful present to a little girl anxious about giving birth. It includes a book, a doll and a fabric crown, and as you might have guessed from the name “I Hereby Crown You Big Sister,” it’s all about empowering her in her new role.

You can live more positively and have more fun.

mug and wine glass set

One of the greatest things about living with your sister is that you can relax and enjoy a glass of wine. It’s easy with this set. It’s a wooden wall board that holds two coffee mugs and two tall-stemmed wine glasses.

The top reads, “How My Sister Tells Time.” It’ll be great for busy moms, working women and anyone else who could use a little relaxation after a long day. Because the glasses come with pairs, you can even drink alongside your sister.

matching tutu and tie outfits

This ensemble will look great in your scrapbook. The “big sister” outfit has a fluffy pink tutu and gold-accented headband while the “little brother” outfit has a black bow tie and cap.

You can purchase either pants or a onesie to go along with his ensemble, so it’ll be suitable for multiple ages. Bring some Hollywood glam to your household with outfits that’ll turn your little ones into ladies and gentlemen.

pink marble mug

It isn’t intended as a gift to big sister, but the mug could be used for sisterly bonds. It declares “I’d Shank a B*tch For You” before adding, in smaller letters, “Right in the Kidney.

” Hearts dance along the words as a nice complement to the marbled pink surface. It’s sweet; it’s girly; it’s utterly ruthless. Don’t mess with sisters.

compact mirror

The compact is made of elegant rose gold and it’s already spectacular. The inscribed text at the top makes it even more striking. “To my sister,” it begins, offering a sweet, loving message surrounded by hearts and butterflies.

Then it finishes, “As you look in the mirror, I hope you see what I see. You are beautiful.”

led money holder

Are you familiar with “money trees” in feng shui? They’re plants meant to attract wealth when properly arranged and harmonized with your living space. This one has a similar purpose, but it’s made from metal wires with LED lights, so it doesn’t require a green thumb to cultivate.

It also has clips for attaching real dollar bills as “leaves” on the tree! If you’re throwing your big sis a birthday bash, this could be a cool way to encourage a collection for her.


“Thanks for being a bad**. Keep that s**t up!” It’s a bold statement to be printed on such a gentle, soothing candle, but just like your sister is a complex woman, this can be a complex gift. It’ll give her a jolt of self-confidence even as she luxuriates in the mixed fragrances of lavender and eucalyptus.

honey gift box

If you’re tired of giving her the usual chocolates and coffees, try something a little different with this honey sampler set. It offers three exotic flavors all of the way from New Zealand, including a famous manuka honey that’s said to have many medicinal and beautification qualities.

She’s able to satisfy all her cravings Und It will cleanse her skin, calm her stomach and support her immune system.

tote bag

The great thing about this gift is that it’s suitable for older sisters of any age. If she’s young, she can fill it with crayons and toys; if she’s a little bit older, she can take it on trips to everything from libraries to grocery stores.

The colorful print declaring “Big Sister” will never expire. She’s your sister for life.

wooden block sign

“Sometimes, talking to your sister is all the therapy you need. Sometimes, after talking to your sister, you need therapy.” If you have a big sister who would absolutely crack up at this sentiment, you’ve just found the perfect gift for her! It’s also scrawled on a black wooden box sign with stylish white text, so it’ll be a cool, chic addition to any contemporary home decor.


“This shirt is what a sister gets when she doesn’t know what to get for your birthday.” Cute and clever, this is a t-shirt to throw at your big sister when she Insist! that she doesn’t need anything this year.

It’s sure to get laughs from both her and anyone on the street or in the grocery store.

sister dolls

The soft doll, which is handmade in Peru in pastel colors, comes in soft toy form. Each one is made with ethically sourced 100 percent cotton yarn, and they’ve been brought to you with fair trade practices that support women in South America.

They’re also utterly adorable dogs with dresses and flower crowns, and there’s both a big sister and little sister doll to help your girls play nicely together!

tea bag organizer box

You’ve bought her all kinds of sampler kits, but have you ever bought her something to hold it all? This organizer box is made from all-natural, eco-friendly bamboo wood, and it comes with a glass-windowed lid to see what’s inside without having to open it.

You will find twelve pockets that can keep your contents apart. It’s advertised as a tea organizer, but she could just as easily use it for spices, chocolates, coffee beans and more.


What if she isn’t your biological sister? What if she’s a stepsister, adopted sister or sister-in-law? This bracelet covers all possibilities by saying simply “soul sister.” It has a slim, attractive design with small charms decorating the sterling silver bangle, and its size can also be adjusted for the perfect fit.

coloring book

A great gift option for teenage girls worried about the future. It’s an activity book with a twist: Instead of coloring flowers and animals, she’ll be coloring positive, self-affirming messages.

There are also prompts for self-reflection such as “five things I love about myself” and “today I feel (blank).” Help her navigate an uncertain time by reminding her that she’s still your precious and unique daughter.

beer serving set

If she loves entertaining, this craft beer set is sure to be a big hit with her friends. This attractive wooden frame holds four identical glasses. All four glasses can be used for traditional tastings and fun guessing.

The front of the box has an identifying chalkboard panel that can be used to identify labels, brands and ingredients.

heart necklace

This necklace has two small girls wearing a heart-shaped pendant. The necklace can be used as a token of sisterhood and is suitable for everyone. It can be given to grown-ups or young girls as a gift, but it can also be kept by the girl for many years.

The bonds that bind sisters are eternal.

best sister ever gift set

If you can’t pick a single present for your sister, why not pick them all at once? This massive gift box offers all kinds of girly goodness under a lid that says “Best Sister Ever.” There’s a necklace and a bracelet; there’s a trinket dish and a compact mirror; there’s a key chain and a greeting card.

All of them are sister-themed, and contain a mix of funny, inspiring and sweet messages. Giving gifts that can do it all will make your sister’s birthday memorable.

How to get current buying right

Shopping for a sister can be tricky, but it doesn’t have to be impossible. Here are just a few tips for finding presents that she’ll actually like!

Think About Your Sister’s Personality

Are you a fan of her sweetness? Are you fond of her love for sentimental gift? Are you afraid that she might give you two noogies if you are too sweet? You don’t want your gift to be something that hits the wrong note, so make sure that you’re playing in her type of orchestra. You’ll also want to consider Which she’s opening the gift and whether or not your gift is appropriate for that venue.

Don’t Be a Jerk

Even if you have a teasing relationship with your sister, you’ll want to be careful with gag gifts. She might not appreciate a joke at her expense on what’s supposed to be a special occasion, or the joke might feel different to her when it’s printed on a tangible object rather than being thrown around in casual conversation. When expressing emotions or taking action, you should be cautious. Giving gifts psychology This can make it very difficult.

Seek out other resources and sources

This can be particularly helpful if you’re gift shopping for fashion items or something else with a lot of options. Research is better than guessing and trying to solve it yourself. Research is key to finding out your sister’s favorite things. Learn how to get the highest quality version of whatever it is.


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