25 unique 50th birthday gifts for women In 2022

A monumental occasion. A 50th Birthday is a birthday like no other. And since it’s a birthday like no other – it calls for a gift like no other.
Yet the issue is, that finding a woman a 50th Birthday gift can be very stressful. Sure, you could always opt for a nice bottle of wine or a cute box of chocolates, but for those who are looking to take it over the top with something extraordinary to mark the occasion, this guide is for you.

We have compiled a list of the best 50th birthday gifts for women, from exotic, luxurious jewellery to simple, yet hilarious t-shirts, this guide has it all. Regardless of whether you are searching for 50th birthday gift ideas for daughters, for mothers, female bosses, or girlfriends, this guide will have you covered with something you know she will love. So here’s a list, each one carefully selected with a range of factors in mind, to narrow it down to the best 50th birthday gift list for women. Also here are 70th birthday gifts.

What is a traditional 50th birthday gift?

When it comes to 50th birthday celebrations, some people like to incorporate a few traditions. 50th birthdays, whether they are anniversaries, birth anniversaries or wedding anniversaries are often associated with gold.

If you really want to make the birthday special, giving them a gift of gold is one of the most ideal ways to do so. If gold is not in your budget, however, there are many alternatives.

Things to consider when buying a 50th birthday gift?

Take some time to think back

What happened fifty years ago? Find out! The best 50th birthday gift idea is to look at the year the person was born and use that year as a guideline for the gift (and it’s also the perfect theme for your party!) .

You can choose to give something that fits the spirit of the year, or even look up specific items released at the time (like toys or movies).

A touch of humor

Humor is a wonderful idea, but it is important to be aware of it. Many people enjoy getting older and can take many age-related jokes (you’re over 50!) . Be aware of who you are talking to!

Certain people are less sensitive to their age and may not appreciate your gift of humor because it’s hilarious.

If you’re not sure, then take the prudent step of choosing another birthday gift idea. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Putting money into their hobby

This is an exciting time for anyone. While a 50-year-old may be young and energetic, the reality is that the next few years will bring changes to life!

Many people believe that retirement may be imminent and that 50 is the perfect time to think about the future.

Consider their entire life

A lot has happened in 50 years, and they all deserve to be honored. Look back on the person’s entire existence and take their “highlights” to inspire your gift

If you have kept old photos or remember the city they lived in, or anything else, think about their entire life and take time to celebrate all they have accomplished.

Food as a gift

We all know that giving food as a gift – the food you love – can be a great idea! If you are familiar with each other’s favorite foods, consider making them yourself or buying their favorite ones.

This could mean a cupcake from their favorite baker, or a cute gift box with all their favorite foods.


Accessories are a wonderful gift for those who are turning 50. A nice accessory may be appropriate, but if you’re on a budget, you can still find something that won’t cost a lot.

Events are great

For those about to turn 50, it’s a chance to wake up to the reminder that life is moving fast! That’s why one of the most effective gifts is the gift of time.

Plan an event that includes family members or close relatives (or maybe just a nice meal at a restaurant!) .

It’s a wonderful memory that they will be able to cherish for years to come.

It’s not easy to get your family and friends together, but the effort required for a large event like this is valuable energy and time to plan.

Let them relax

The benefits of relaxation are wonderful at any age, but it’s especially important for those approaching their 50s. After years of working and perhaps raising a family, now is the time to rest!

What should you buy for a woman’s 50th birthday?

The most appropriate 50th birthday gifts for a woman are those that will ensure she feels appreciated and special. She will feel loved, appreciated, and special.

Women may also discover new aspects of themselves, or discover new interests or hobbies. They may even take on something they’ve always wanted to achieve but never had the courage or opportunity to do so.

Check out our suggestions for women’s 50th birthday gifts. There’s sure to be something that will make that special lady feel like she’s living her life to the fullest.

Best 50th birthday gift ideas

1. Personalized Birthday Mirror Gift

Personalized Birthday Mirror GiftWhen it comes to the best 50th birthday present ideas, this one surely tops our list. If you are looking for a grant that your mother, partner, or friend would love, then this mirror is for you. The unique carve and exquisite bowknot box give a luxury and fabulous touch to this bounty. This little mirror is a heartfelt, creative blessing that is suitable for women of all types and is guaranteed to make her smile on her 50th Birthday.

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2. Sterling Silver Five Circle Necklace

Sterling Silver Five Circle NecklaceThere’s no looking past this elegant little gem when you are searching for 50th Birthday gift ideas. Whoever the special woman is, she’ll have a constant reminder of your deep appreciation for her, making a great way to commemorate the five decades of her life. The chains of this gorgeous necklace are made from 925 sterling silver. The pendant measures 19”, is dainty, yet still impeccably sharp. The necklace is a package to protect the chain and takes just a minute to assemble when it arrives.

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3. “Fabulous at 50” Wine Glass

“Fabulous at 50” Wine GlassNow, this is undoubtedly one of the best 50th Birthday gift ideas for women who like to treat themselves. This fabulous at 50 16oz wine glass gives all elegant ladies the chance to celebrate their big occasion in style. It arrives in its very own acetate grant box. Meaning it’s a perfect 50th birthday gift idea for those who don’t fancy themselves as wrappers. Whether it’s a mom, coworker or partner, they will awe at the raised glitter detail – not to mention the “Wine brings out the fabulous in me” line along the bottom.

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4. Women’s cashmere scarf

Cara Cashemere Scarf for WomenWhat better way to celebrate someone’s 50th birthday than with an elegant, lightweight and luxurious scarf? This Cara Cashmere scarf is made from Mongolian Mountain Wool, making it very lightweight and breathable. The long 71″ x 12″ size means it can be used for both fashion and business attire, making it perfect for travel as it is easy to store in your luggage.

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5. Men’s Parker Wool Sneakers

Urban Fox Men’s Parker Wool SneakersWhether you need 50th Birthday gift ideas for guys or girls, these Urban Fox Men‘s Parker sneakers will have you covered. They are constructed from wool fabric, boasting adjustable laces, and a lightly padded collar. Perfect for everyday wear and athletic use, so comfortable you’ll barely notice they’re there.

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6. Travel Makeup Bag

Travel Makeup BagIf you need a 50th Birthday gift ideas for a girlfriend or any other girl on the go, then this may be the option for you. It is breathable, and resistant made entirely from polyester and totally scratch resistant. The five elastic loops make carrying all her accessories as comfortable as ever.

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7. 28 Section Jewelry Box

Glenor Co 28 Section Jewelry BoxSo if you’re looking for 50th Birthday gift ideas that are jewellery, then this may be one of the best options for you. This box boasts 28 compartments to house all of your jewellery, meaning you never need to worry about losing them again. Furthermore, the elegant buckle and the compact design makes keeping your jewellery safe as comfortable as ever.

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8. Butterfly Earrings

Butterfly EarringsNothing is a better demonstration of love than incorporating infinite butterfly elements, the worldwide symbol of love and freedom. It makes for a fantastic 80th Birthday gift idea for the special someone in your life. Entirely crafted from 925 Sterling Silver, which is hypoallergenic, makes for a blessing that the cherished girl in your life will never forget.

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9. T-Shirt Happy 50th Birthday Gift

T Shirt Happy 50th Birthday GiftNow surely we can all think of a special someone who would love a shirt like this for their 50th birthday. It’s 100% heavyweight cotton, and double needled hem and sleeves mean you can get extra durability with this shirt. It’s the perfect 90th birthday gifts idea for any women celebrating five decades in style.

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10. 50th Birthday Tiara and Sash

50th Birthday Tiara and SashNeed a 50th Birthday Gift Idea to celebrate with the class? Look no further. This beautifully elegant 50th birthday kit is perfect for any woman who wants to look their best on their special night. The durable glitter is 100% eco-friendly and anti-allergy, not to mention that it is free of nickel too!

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11. Women’s 50th Birthday tank top

Panoware Women’s 50th Birthday tank topThis tank top for women over 50 is the perfect blessing for any woman with a little bit of class to her name. This ultra-lightweight tank is ideal for the gym, at home, or even out and about. It’s the perfect way for any woman to show off a little bit of confidence in herself when she’s out and about.

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12. CDE Angel Wing Love Heart

CDE Angel Wing Love HeartThis stunning little piece of jewellery will make for one of the best (and most stylish) 50th birthday gift ideas. This fabulous piece comes in a solid grant box, wrapped in heart-shaped crystals with glitters and sparkles. The gorgeous necklace represents the ‘forever’ love symbol of the guardian and adds an extra sparkle to your daily look.

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13. Solar Light Wind Chimes

Solar Light Wind ChimesIf you are looking for a 50th birthday gift idea that will put the birthday girl in a good mood not just on the day itself, but every day after that, then this might be the best choice for you. They shine in a whole range of colours, including red, yellow, green orange, purple and more! They charge themselves up on sunny days and glow at night. All you have to do is hang it whee you like, and let it make you feel at ease.

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14. Natural Bamboo Cheese Set

Home Euphoria Natural Bamboo Cheese SetThat isn’t just extremely practical and stylish, but also helps in saving the planet, then this 100% bamboo cheese board is your best bet. It is made from sustainable materials and is free from any chemicals. Nothing makes a social gathering to the same level as a cheeseboard, and that’s exactly what this grant idea does, tailor-made for mingling and conversation.

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15. Hand Blown Wine Decanter

Hand Blown Wine DecanterThen put this option on your blessing list, because you won’t regret it. This wine decanter is 100% lead-free, designed to fully maximize the taste of your wine to release its aroma and flavour fully. With this crystal glass wine decanter, you can give the special birthday girl the best glass of red wine she’s ever had.

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16. 50-year old Birthday Decorations Balloons

50-year old Birthday Decorations BalloonsWant an elegant and classy way to celebrate a 50th? Then these 50th Birthday balloons and celebration decorations are for you. You and your birthday girl will fall in love with the golden balloon decoration how these elegant balloons can lighten up a room in just a few seconds. Even more, they are sturdy enough to last or hours at a time and use more than once if you need.

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17. Book by Richard

Book by RichardThis book has been entertaining 50-year-olds for 22 years now and has proven to be wildly popular amongst this generation. Richard Smith is a well-known name and has been making the country laugh for years now. This latest release has done just that, a must-read for anyone who has made it to the half-century mark.

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18. Palm City Happy 50th Birthday Flask Set

Palm City Happy 50th Birthday Flask SetThis 50th Birthday gift idea is sure to impress. The stylish and round designed flask can hold up to 10 ounces of your favourite drink. On top of them, you can have the peace of mind in knowing that this flask is 100% rust-resistant, meaning you can enjoy your favourite drinks for years to come.

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19. Men’s beard beauty care kit

Men’s beard beauty care kitNever before has it been so incredibly easy to get everything you need for shaving in one package. It includes a beard wash, beard oil, beard comb, beard wax, and a linen bag and endowment finger ring holder. This complete guide has absolutely everything you could need to get the best shave yet. What’s more is, it comes with a free beard-guide e-book, too!

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20. Gourmet Gift Basket

The Connoisseur Gourmet Gift BasketThis 50th Birthday gift idea for a female boss is ideal for any foodie. This present has taken an endowment basket to a whole new level with this option. This perfectly wrapped and packaged treat is guaranteed to impress anyone turning 50 this year. What’s more, is, you can even take it to the next level by adding in your sentimental message.

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21. Cable knit Sherpa oversized throw

Cable knit Sherpa oversized throwAre you looking to send your new 50-year old into a comfortable state of heavenly bliss? Then this is the best option for you. This super-soft throw comes with a plush Sherpa reverse gesture, in elephant grey Or turquoise blue. The acrylic blend will reverse to fluffy and warm when needed. The throw is large enough to cover a whole twin-sized bed and is washing machine able and dry-able, making for the perfect holiday endowment.

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22. Women’s Watch

Titan Raga Viva Women’s WatchWant to give your special birthday girl something she’ll cherish for years to come? This classic timepiece is the perfect option not just for casual wear, but for professional situations too. The smooth movement of the quartz with the accurate craftsmanship means that you can keep time accurately all day and all night long. Not to mention the extremely high-quality scratch-proof display, which provides scratch resistance to handle everyday use. Just when you thought things couldn’t get any better, the water-resistant feature means it can last for up to 30m immersion in water.

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23. Gold bracelet

Tory Burch Logo Station Bangle Bracelet

Last but most certainly not least, we have the Tory Burch Logo Station Bangle Bracelet. This piece of jewellery is the perfect 40th birthday gift ideas for anyone 50 years old who wants to carry a little bit of class with them wherever they go. This gleaming Bracelet has one of the brand’s most signature medallion at north, east, south, and west. Whatever your birthday girl’s tastes are, there’s no doubt she will love this little bit of elegance on her wrist.

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24. Burritos Blanket

Burritos Blanket

If you love eating outdoors, then a Novelty Tortilla Blanket is the perfect outdoor bedding for you to choose for your family’s picnic outing. This fun and functional product, allow you and your loved ones to enjoy the great outdoors without having to worry about getting to your beds! This unique product allows you and your friends to sit around and eat all day long.

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