8 bean bag

These modern bean bag chairs just aren’t just for kids anymore. These huge 8-wide bean bag chairs can comfortably accommodate one or two adults (or even more if you’re creative) and are ideal for a long, relaxing day in your living room, playroom bedroom, dorm room, your home theater, office, or wherever you decide to pack it in. They’re filled with an ultra-comfortable cushioned memory foam blend, wrapped in protective padding and covered in a soft, stain-resistant microfiber fabric that’s easy to clean. They’re almost pretty enough to replace an old-fashioned boring sofa. Available in a variety of shades.

This chill sack is a perfect choice for families looking for something unique to use in their home theater, or for those looking for the biggest and best. The highest quality fabrics and the widest range of colors make this chair unique. They are also known as bean bag chairs, but there are no pellets or beans in this chair. Only the most comfortable, high quality shredded foam can provide a completely unique lounge experience.

8 bean bag
8 bean bag
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