AnnoyingPCB is the ultimate prank gift or revenge prank. Simply turn on the sound maker and hide it. It will beep, squeal or make cricket-like noises at intervals of between 5 and 45 minutes. This tiny noise device is concealed and hard to find. It is light enough to use off-brand magnets or tape to keep it in place. Compact and lightweight Small, nagging device will be hidden in most places You will not be limited to a single selection of irritating sounds. When you press a button, you are able to effortlessly change the sound. These sounds include normal beeps, high-pitched squeals, and cricket chirps.

Play pranks on your neighbors, friends or co-workers and drive them crazy! You can keep it in a cupboard or drawer. Put it in a cupboard or drawer near other appliances that are already humming. Secure it to a desk, in front of an electronic monitor, inside a container of paper towels, or even on a drop ceiling. Be hidden in a place where it won’t be noticed and make an annoying, random beeping sound that lasts from 2 to 8 minutes.

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