Awesome Birthday Prayers for My Son

Son’s birthday is an exceptional day. This is the anniversary of the day your son was born to the world.

You have always prayed for his safety and you know that God will answer your prayers.

These 2022 happy birthday wishes for your son can help you to envision how your son will do in life. Also, think about all the wonderful moments that you will celebrate with your son.

Happy Birthday Messages and Prayers for My Son

Today is the day that you gave birth to your amazing, loving son. Do you feel like you want to celebrate him with powerful birthday wishes? These happy birthday wishes for my son will make your male child feel special and loved on his birthday.

1. God, thank you for your faithfulness and love over the past years. Thank you for another day like this. I will always be grateful to Him that He brought you into my life. You are a bundle full of joy and happiness. I am grateful to Him for all He has done for you. The Lord will shower His blessings upon you on this special day of birth. He will protect you from evil and help you make good decisions at all times.
Because of the amazing works you will do in His vineyard, God will make your name a permanent part of their hearts. Happy birthday, son.

2. God is a great God and I am grateful for your gift. He has been faithful and merciful throughout your life. You will continue to prosper in God’s blessings. His glory will shine upon you. You will be admired by men. You will find favor in the eyes of men because the earth will give its growth for you. It will be in your best interest to fulfill God’s purpose for you life. You will be a pillar of the house of God. You will not be seen by the evil one, for you are immune to every weapon against you. Jesus’ blood will triumph over you to protect you from the evil plans of the devil. Happy birthday!

3. This beautiful day, I thank God for His care and love. Today, celebrate your birthday. May the Lord provide all your needs according His glory and riches. You will be blessed with His many blessings. You will be favored by men and you will not be lacking. God’s word will influence you at every turn of your life. God will enable you to do all He asks of you in His vineyard. He will not allow you to leave His path. You will fulfill God’s heavenly purpose. Jesus, I will bind all demonic influences in your life. God will protect your life from all forms of violence. Happy birthday, Son.

4. God has blessed me with another day of special thanksgiving, when He sent you into my life. He is my blessing and protector. We have shared many happy moments together, especially as a family. May you continue to grow in your spirituality, finances, and emotional well-being as you age. You will live in good health, and all that you touch shall prosper because of the Lord. You will do the work and excel in God’s kingdom. Your life will be a living offering to God. The Lord will rescue you from despair and darkness. He will shield you from the evil eye. He will grant you wisdom and grace, Amen. Happy birthday, my dear son.

5. It is your birthday again, Son. God, thank you for all of His goodness and faithfulness throughout your life. He has blessed us with many blessings. I am grateful for them. It fills me with joy and gratitude for all He has done in my life. Lord, please accept my praise in Jesus’ name. Today, I pledge my life to God, so that no evil can ever come near me. He will guard you and rule over your life. All His promises will answer you yes and amen in every area of your life. To enable you to work in His vineyard, the Lord will bestow upon you the gifts and abilities of the Holy Spirit. You shall do exploit in God’s house. I will break every devilish snare in your life. You will be covered by His amazing presence. Have a great birthday.

6. Thank you for another opportunity to celebrate your birthday. Thank you for your faithfulness throughout these years.
May He watch over you and grant you favor before men. May His will be done according to your heart. May you be a blessing to the whole world and protected from corruption. He will give you the grace and strength to faithfully serve Him in every situation. You will not be tempted by the wicked. He will shield you from all forms of evil. You will become more like Jesus each day as you grow up. Have a happy birthday, Son.

7. As you celebrate your birthday, my son, I pray that God will continue to bless and watch over you. His strength and power will enable you to achieve your goals and dreams.
May God mold you into His image, fulfill all His desires for your life, and give you the truth of His word so that you can make the right decisions at all times. Your peers will see you as God’s model of kindness and love. You will be safe. He will make your life joyful and full of laughter. Happy Birthday

8. This is the most beautiful day of my birth. I pray that God will grant you favor in all areas of your life. God’s supernatural wisdom will help you as you age. May heaven hear your prayers when you bow to ask. When you lift your voice in praise, may heaven hear it. May God consider you worthy of being a pillar in His vineyard.
You will not be stopped by the plans of the wicked. You will be protected by the Lord. Happy birthday dear son.

9. This is your birthday, my son. I pray that God showers you with blessings that surpass all human expectations. You will live a long and healthy life. Your life will be fulfilled according to the perfect will of God. May you be blessed with grace, wisdom, and virtue. You will not be consumed by the corruption of this world. You will be protected by the Lord from all violence. He will protect you with His presence, and keep an eye on you. Happy Birthday

10. Dear Lord, I am grateful for my son’s life. May You continue to bless my son in all he does as he celebrates this day.
All the good things he desires, now and forever. Keep him safe, Lord. His dwelling place will be safe today and throughout his life. Multiply in him Lord the Holy Spirit’s gifts to bear the fruit. He will serve you faithfully Lord. You can make him a carrier for good news and use him as a tool to spread the gospel across the globe. Jesus, we pray for you.

11. “This wonderful day, I praise God for His love and faithfulness in your life. You may continue to receive His many blessings and His favor. All that you need to fulfill God’s plan for your life will be provided for. You will be a strong pillar of His house and bring glory to His Name. Happy Birthday, son. May this day bring you joy.

12. “Today marks another day that a special gift like yours was given to us. As you age, your wisdom and strength will increase. Your life will be full of wealth and abundance. Your life will be filled with wealth and good health. Happy birthday, son.”

13. “The day I gave my birth to you was one the most happy days of my entire life. In the past nineteen years, there has not been a day when I haven’t thought about your milestones. You have brought so much joy into my life. I want to wish you a happy Birthday from the bottom of my heart.

14. You might not be exactly where you need to be. You’re not the same person you were before. As you begin another year, may God connect you with His divine love. Happy birthday, son.”

15. “Happy Birthday to my son!” I wish he finds love and is married soon. I wish he finds the right person to support him every step of the way. I hope that he has a better understanding of life than I do, so that his mistakes are less egregious. “I was hoping to find answers to my problems, and to pray for peace and joy on this special day.”

16. “Lord, show me mercy. Bless my son. Encourage him in all he does. Make sure he is protected throughout his life. My sweet son, happy birthday!

17. “My son, may you be blessed as you go out and come in to celebrate another birthday. Your body will be filled with the vitality of God to fulfill His purpose for you life. The Lord will give you unimaginable blessings and keep you safe in His arms. Happy Birthday!

18. Your presence in our lives is like a brightening light. Every year, your kindness makes our lives shine brighter. You are my best son. You are my best friend.”

19. “I thank God for another chance to celebrate with you. The Lord will bless you and keep you; He will shine His light on you.

20. Dear son, when you celebrate another anniversary of your birthday, you will be blessed with the blessings from the Lord. You will not only be part of the celebration of glory, but you will also take part in it. You will know God and perform great works for Him. In Jesus’ name, your voice will be more powerful than the voices of your enemies. Have a great birthday.

21. God bless you for being a great son. May the almighty bless you as you celebrate your new age. His grace and supernatural favor will fill your life. The Lord will lift up your enemies and He will empower you to prosper in His vineyard. Happy birthday, dear.

22. It’s another day when I can celebrate my beloved son, like you. You will continue to age in grace. You will not be lacking the good things of this earth because the Lord will locate you. Your voice will not be silenced by the enemy. You will live in the Lord’s house forever. Happy birthday!

23. This special day, may God who watches over men’s affairs continue to watch over your every move. May you be successful and prosper in all you do.
The Lord will protect you even if you are unable to defend yourself. You will not become a stranger in society, but you will live to glorify the Lord. Happy birthday, son.

24. Lord, I am grateful for your special gift of my son. I ask you to bless this day with all that life has to offer. May the earth give its growth to you, Lord. He will be a palace pillar for the Lord’s house.
He will not use his life to give up the life of another. He will live to enjoy the fruits of his labor, Amen. Enjoy a happy birthday.

25. My son, Dear Lord, is my prayer. Today is his birthday. May You bless and guide him as he celebrates. You will bless his new year with new possibilities and fill it with love, laughter, and joy. I will scold every one who eats from his life. Happy birthday, dear.

26. I ask the Lord to bless you as you add another year to your life. Today and all of your days may He bring you joy and peace. You will not be hurt by any harm from the Lord, and you will never fall for it. All your desires will be granted by him. Happy birthday, son.

27. This special day, I pray God will fill it with all the blessings of life. You will receive blessings beyond human comprehension, Lord. Your enemies will not be served. The Lord will keep you safe and secure. Happy birthday, son.

28. This is your birthday, my son. I wish you much laughter and happiness. You will always avoid the traps of your enemy, may you be the head and not just the tail. You will live and work in the Lord’s house, because the Lord will protect and guide you.
Have a great birthday.

29. Today is your birthday, my son. I pray that God will shower you with abundant blessings, keep you safe, and grant you good health. Jesus’ blood will triumph over you, and you will be protected from the evil one. In all you do, the Lord will direct your steps. Happy birthday, dear.

30. I pray that the Lord blesses and keeps you on this wonderful day of your birth. His goodness and mercy will be with you every day of your life.
The Lord will protect you from the clutches of the evil one. You can be free from sorrow and sadness. May He give you strength and wisdom to fulfill your purpose. Happy birthday, my dear son.

31. “Happy birthday! You are a blessing from God and I thank Him for it. I pray God blesses you with joy, health, and success.

32. “It is a joy to be able to see my son turn one year older. You will continue to excel in everything you do. Happy Birthday

33. “Happy Birthday, son! My prayer is for wisdom and the illumination of His Word. I pray that He would lead you and direct your paths.

34. Your kind is rare. You are truly a special person sent from above. On this special day in your lives, I only have blessings for you. Happy birthday, son.”

35. “Happy birthday, sunshine. You will learn a lot about life as you grow up. You will be successful and always happy. You are my best friend.

36. “Son, words can’t express the joy I feel as you celebrate another year of your life. I want you to be as amazing as the joy you bring into mine. Happy Birthday

37. “My son, may you be blessed as you go out and come in to celebrate another birthday. Your body will be filled with the vitality of God to fulfill His purpose for you life. The Lord will give you unimaginable blessings and keep you safe in His arms. Happy Birthday!

38. “If I could have a way to meet you in person, I would. I can send you my hugs and kisses as you turn one year older, even though distance is not an issue. “Happy birthday, boy!”

39. “May your birthday be filled with joy! We are blessed with you as a joy-filled blessing in your life! Happy Birthday!

Beautiful Birthday Prayers for my Son

Amazing Birthday Prayers for my Son.

31. It’s another wonderful year in your life, Son. In Jesus’ name, may this not be your last. Happy Birthday, Son.

32. My wonderful son, Happy Birthday. Be wise and understand. Amen.

33. It’s amazing that my boy has become a responsible adult. This day may be bright in Jesus’ name. My son, happy birthday.

34. Your father and I have been blessed by you. Happy Birthday… Be happy!

35. You are naughty, smart, kind, and fun to have around. You are my strength. You have my prayers. You have a wonderful birthday.

Sweet Birthday Wishes for My Son

36. God, thank you for allowing me to live this long. Only God can do it. Happy birthday, dear son.

37. I have always known that mother-child love is the best thing. We are so grateful for your love. Happy birthday, my son.

38. Thank you God for giving me a clear picture about my character. You are the best son. Enjoy your birthday.

39. As the sun shines each morning, may God’s goodness, kindness, and goodness shine on you every day. Happy birthday, son.

40. You understand me. You can tell when I’m happy and sad. You are able to know my desires. Son, you complete me. You are one year older than me. May good things continue to happen in your world. Happy birthday, my son.

For my son, special birthday prayers

41. This is not a man-made achievement. You must never cease doing God’s will. Happy birthday, darling son.

42. You will always be loved by the Lord who made me conception you and gave me all I needed to deliver you. Keep growing. Happy birthday, my son.

43. It’s possible that you aren’t where you should be. You’re not the same person you were. As you begin another year, may God connect you with His divine love. Happy birthday, son.

44. You will be a great man, I know that. We are grateful to God for showing us the way. Happy birthday, son.

45. Today, you are a year older than you were yesterday. But remember that you have a lot to be thankful for. God is your rock and your support system. He will never leave you. Happy Birthday, Best Son.

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