30 Best 500 Dollars Gifts for Him (He’s Sure To Love)

You are looking for $500 gift ideas for the man you love? If so, you’ll love these elegant, exciting, and practical gift ideas.

For him, gift ideas worth $500

drive-indoor bike

This is for the guy who keeps fit: Magnetic Drive Indoor Bike

The cost of exercise equipment can seem outrageously high. Many people choose to join a gym over paying for expensive equipment at home. However, indoor exercise gear doesn’t have to cost upwards of several thousand dollars.

The perfect gift for the man you love? This indoor bike is worth $500+ The bike can support men up to 130.08kg (300 lb) and has more than 12 resistance levels so that you can personalize your workout.

This indoor cycling cycle also has heartbeat sensors on the handlebars to aid in calorie burning.

golf club set

The Guy who Loves Golf Callaway Golf Club Set

Do you know a man who spends more time playing golf than they do at home? If so, you’ll want to give them something that helps them pursue their golf passions. While an indoor golf kit might seem like a practical option for the avid golfer, it’s often better to choose high-quality golf gear.

Callaway Golf Club Set makes a great gift because it is easy to replace your old clubs or bags. The set includes eleven golf clubs and four covers. It also comes with a bag that has a strong stand.

You don’t need a caddy to get the most out of this club set, just two hands and a love for the game.

cressi scuba package

This is for the Diver Who Cares. Cressi Scuba Package

Though we humans primarily live on land, there’s a significant portion of us that prefer the mystery and magic of underwater environments. Unfortunately, we are not able to breathe underwater. You can gift the diving or scuba lover in your life underwater breathing with this package.

Your gift recipient may already own a pair of solid goggles and a suit. But that doesn’t mean they couldn’t use a new life support and regulator system. Giving your loved one the gift of easy breathing is an intelligent way to keep them safe and happy while they’re exploring their favorite lakes and oceans.

electric commuter bike

This is for the Bicyclist who commutes Folding Electric Commuter Bike

Commuting to work can be a bummer, especially if you’re caught in endless traffic each morning. An electric commuter bicycle can change this experience in several positive ways, and it’s also an eco-friendly alternative to gas-guzzling vehicles.

If you’ve noticed the man in your life complaining about how long their commute takes (despite the short distance), why not give them this unique folding commuter bike? You can give them the freedom to ride their bike to work and skip traffic jams.

Besides, once they’re at work, there’s no need to search for a parking spot. Fold this bike, and put it near your desk. It has a range between 19 and 32 miles (or 30.58 kilometers) and can reach speeds of up to 20 mph (or 32 km).

This electric bike can travel 19 km/h and is one of our top $500 choices.

waterproof canvas tent

The Ultimate Guide to Luxury Camping Expeditions Waterproof Canvas Tent

While the term ‘glamping’ might set your teeth on edge, there’s no denying the allure of elevated camping. You don’t have to live in a tent with bugs, but you can make your home comfortable in a spacious and airy canvas room or living area.

It can accommodate two to three people and up four mattresses. To keep your possessions dry and clean, it comes with a waterproof PVC floor lining. Its distinctive bell-shaped shape allows for guys as tall as 6 inches.

This tent can accommodate a person 5ft (1.98m). This canvas tent makes a great gift idea for a guy looking to experience upscale camping.

projector for movies

For His Cinematic Side to Entertain: HD Projector for Movies & Gaming

It is difficult to find the right technology for tech-loving men. Technology is always changing. By the time you’ve bought a brand-new OLED television, a newer and better one has hopped into the market.

A high-quality projector is a great option.

Not only do projectors typically experience a slower technology obsoletion rate, but they’re also a unique electronic device that many guys don’t already own.

The HD projector transmits movies, TV shows and games to almost any flat surface. The projector’s capabilities could even lead your man to throw away his smart TV.

self balancing scooter

You can help your man roll with it: Segway Self-Balancing Scooter

Too often we see adulthood as an age without toys. But that’s simply not true. Children and adults both enjoy playing as much or more than their adult counterparts. What toys we choose to play with is what makes the difference. If your guy has a passion for motorized playthings, he’ll love this Segway Ninebot Scooter.

The gift can’t be given to guys over 220lbs (99.79kg). However, for those who do fall within the accepted weight, it’s bound to spark endless joy. It can reach speeds of up to 13mph (20 mph) and is completely hands-free.

It is capable of scaling gentle slopes at speeds up to 92 kph

A Segway Ninebot GoKart Drift Kit could be used to convert the scooter into a Ninebot GoKart. However, be warned: If you do choose to transform your scooter into a GoKart, you’ll likely want to buy a couple of Ninebot Scooters so that your friends and family can hold private races.

beer brewing system

Budding Brewer Automated Beer Brewing System

Many men want to make and drink the best pints of beer. This automated beer-brewing system might be the right choice for you. This homebrewing system is far more affordable than the $100 kit. It makes it easy to make your own lager.

The BeerDroid electronic brewery and several liters worth of American Pale Ale supplies are included in the system. To remotely manage the BeerDroid and track the process, you can connect your smartphone to the BeerDroid.

It’s challenging to find a beer brewing system that’s easier to use.

wireless bluetooth speaker

For the Music to Keep Playing Marshall Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Although there are many Bluetooth speakers on the market, most of them are fairly standard. If you’re fortunate, you might find a Bluetooth speaker that doubles as an oil diffuser or a nightlight. You should take another look at this Marshall Bluetooth speaker.

This Bluetooth speaker looks like an old electric guitar amp. It is completely wireless and charming. It’s portable and highly stylish. At the top of this amp-like speaker, you’ll find a set of three knobs, just like you would on a classic Marshall amp.

For a man who is passionate about both music and listening, this gift might be the perfect choice. However, just be sure you don’t keep it with your guitar amps, or you might end up feeling confused!

electric dirt bike

Motocross Champion Razor Electric Dirt Bike

Sometimes men crave speed. An electric dirt bike might be the perfect gift for the gentleman in your life that loves to get muddy in the great outdoors. While this motocross bike isn’t built for larger men, it might be the ideal item for a speed-loving teenager.

The dirt bike has a speed limit of 14mph (22.23 kph), and can handle bumpy dirt tracks and ramps with ease. It does however have a 40 minute maximum time, which may be disappointing to some.

king bed frame

King of the Bedroom Upholstered King Bed Frame

Every man is not going to want a brand new exercise machine or a high-tech gadget. Others prefer to upgrade and maintain their existing surroundings over adding new stuff. A king-sized bed might be the right gift for someone who is like this.

It is elegant and yet durable, so it’s a great choice for the clean-shaven man in your home. It provides plenty of space for you and your guy to relax, snooze, and enjoy one another’s company.

electric scooter

How to Scoot This Commute Electric Commuter Scooter

While folding bikes have their advantages, sometimes it’s better to go with a lighter, more straightforward option. If you are thinking of giving your man an electric commuter cycle, but don’t want to carry it around all the time?

This electric scooter may be an option.

The vehicle can reach speeds of up to 20mph (33.2 kph), and it can cover approximately 25 miles (40.23km) with a single charge. With a weight limit of 220 lbs (99.79 kg), it’s not built for larger gentlemen. This scooter is a practical, eco-friendly gift that can be used to commute for work.

pontoon boat

Waterbound Explorer Colorado Pontoon Boat

For men that love spending time outside, fishing, or exploring the wild, this Colorado Pontoon Boat gift is perfect. Notably, this rig doesn’t include a motorized propeller to help it zoom down rivers and across swamplands.

But it does feature a durable metal basket attachment that’s a perfect motor attachment site. You will also find two aluminum oars and plenty of storage space.

Anglers would love this boat as a gift!


The Stylish Stud Versace Men’s Watch

For work, some men can be comfortable in a basic button-down with a pair of jeans. Some others dress well for their success.

This Versace watch will help you boost your guy’s confidence if he takes pride in his professional appearance.

It’s elegant, masculine, and radiant with style, just like the man receiving your gift!

dog cabin

To Keep Man’s Best Friend Happy: Dog Cabin With Porch

Everyone knows that dogs are a man’s best friend. You might consider gifting a pet dog as a thoughtful and unique gift. The unique dog house will be loved by any man that loves his pup.

The doggie cabin can accommodate up to 2 large dogs, or multiple small-sized and medium-sized pups. Two vinyl curtains at each door keep snow and rain out thanks to the open-up roof.

With an attached front porch, there’s simply no better all-weather home for Fido.

cooper cookware set

The Celebrated Chef Hammered Copper Cookware Set

The way to a man’s heart may very well be his stomach, especially if the man in question enjoys cooking. Whether your gift recipient is a celebrated professional chef or a diligent home cook, you’ll want to show them that you care by helping them create the best possible dishes.

The hammered copper cooking set will help you or your chef create delicious dishes quickly and easily. The 10-piece set includes a pan and a saucepan made out of stainless steel and copper, which are the two most sought after materials in professional cookware.

They’re easy to clean and aesthetically pleasing, but best of all, this cookware absorbs and transmits heat quickly and evenly. You don’t have to worry about old and stained cookware. Instead, you can let your favorite chef enjoy the delights of copper cooking.

men's perfume

You can make him smell like a million bucks. Clive Christian Men’s Perfume

Certain perfumes have a unique and rare scent that is irreversibly linked to the wearer. Clive Christian‘s men’s fragrance can be used to make your man look like a well-known celebrity or wealthy businessman.

slim fit suit

This is for the well-dressed businessman. Perry Ellis Slim Fit Suit

High-quality clothes in their usual style are a great way to make your man feel confident. If your gift recipient works in an office or is involved in business, they’ll likely be on a constant lookout for new suits.

The Perry Ellis suit will keep you professional looking your best. The suit can also be machine washed, which is a great benefit for those men who hate going to the dry cleaners.

cowboy boots

Contemporary Cowboy Ostrich Cowboy Boots

You are looking for $500 gifts to give a cowboy. These ostrich boots are a great gift for a cowboy. The boots come in leather, goatskin and ostrich skin.

You will notice quill pockets at the foot’s bottom, which adds to their natural appearance.

Why not give the surprise to the cowboy in life who has complained in the past about the low quality, synthetic boots they have worn?


Boy Bounce for Boys 15ft (4.57m) Backyard Trampoline

Are you looking for a gift that’s suitable for a child or preteen? This huge backyard trampoline is a great gift idea. Not only does it include a full net for safety, but it’s also a great way to help kids burn off excess energy and enjoy some at-home exercise.

digital piano

This is for the practicing pianist: Digital Upright Piano

Piano practice is a common way for musicians to start their musical career. The piano may be the easiest instrument to learn no matter what age. Traditional pianos need to be tuned annually and are a long-term financial investment.

The digital pianos are lightweight and compact so they’re easy to use. You can give this digital piano to the young man in your family that is longing for a musical instrument.

Remember, this product isn’t a cheap, flimsy keyboard.

With weighted keys and three pedals, it’s one of the most traditional-looking and sounding digital pianos on the market.

inflatable hot tub

You can enjoy some relaxing bubbles with your friends: Inflatable Hot Tub

You sometimes just need to treat the guy in your life by giving him a spa day at home. The inflatable hot tub allows you to have a romantic getaway with the man in your life.

This inflatable hot tub allows you to relax and take in endless bubbles.

Think of the hot water jets massaging tired muscles leaving you relaxed. This is the ultimate gift that you both must have for your man.

portable cooler

The Coolest Guy in the World: YETI Portable Cooler

Keeping cool can be challenging, especially if you’re spending time outdoors in warm, sunny weather. This YETI portable refrigerator is designed to withstand high and low temperatures. The cooler will keep drinks, food and fish chilled.

It may be smaller than some larger coolers but the best thing about this cooler bag is the lightweight design and its long-lasting capabilities. The cooler bag will keep the ice solid and cold even during hot summer days if you put it in an ice cube.

espresso machine

The Home Barista Philips Espresso Machine

While coffee is the preferred drink of workers, espresso is the next level. If your gift recipient enjoys coffee all day, a quality espresso machine at home might be of benefit to them.

This particular espresso machine is impressive because it’s incredibly compact, unbelievably easy to use, and equipped with multiple time-saving features, including a milk frother. This gift idea has one potential downside: you might find yourself drinking more coffee with your man.

bean bag chair

To Nurture his Inner Child Gigantic Bean Bag Chair

Does the man you love just want to be a big boy? Is the person you’re trying to find a gift for a child?

If so, they’ll probably adore this gigantic bean bag chair. The chair, which measures over 8 feet (2.4 meters) in length and 8 feet wide, is a furniture piece that both of you can share with your younger man.

You might still want to give a gift for cats if they are your pets.

smart air purifier

To keep him breathing easily TruSens Smart Air Purifier

Better health is the greatest gift you can give someone you cherish. The innovative purifier is remote-controlled and can be used to clean and freshen the air in your man’s home.

And with a washable inner filter, you won’t need to spend a fortune on replacement filter cartridges!

video game cabinet

Retro Gamer Guy Capcom Video Game Cabinet

Sometimes it can be difficult to find the ideal gift for someone who already has everything. It might seem difficult to find the perfect gift for a guy who has everything, even gaming consoles. You might not know the right answer, but video games could be the best gift.

Video game cabinets are a fun and stylish gift that will appeal to any player. You can order a cabinet that contains your man’s favorite game or games and watch with satisfaction as his jaw drops to the floor.

You can expect endless gaming sessions with your favorite dude if you opt for a 2-player game.

Three versions of Street Fighter II, one of arcade’s most beloved games ever made, are included in this Capcom cabinet.

You can find cabinets with Mortal Kombat and Space Invaders as well as Pac-Man.

oak bar with storage

The Bourgeois Bartender Oak Bar With Storage

When you’re browsing luxurious $500 gifts for him, it can be challenging to find items that satisfy your loved one’s interests and passions. Amateur bartenders can find inexpensive drink-making kits and sets, but it’s rare to find an actual bar for less than several thousand dollars.

This bar costs only about $500, but it is quite affordable. At four feet (1.22 meters) in length, it’s just large enough to accommodate one or two patrons. But the real magic isn’t at the front of this bar.

It’s at the back. Bartenders in training can have access to four shelves as well as two cabinets. This ensures that they are always close to their supplies.

statue of David replica

Classic Art Lovers: Gigantic Statue of David Replica

Gentlemen with a dedication to the arts might not feel satisfied with many of the $500 gifts we’ve presented here. But they could fall in love with this replica of Michelangelo’s David statue.

Standing at 4.

8ft (1.46m) tall, it’s one of the grandest and most impressive polyresin statues available for less than a thousand dollars. This classic artwork will transform your living space, garden and front porch into a luxurious oasis.

Imagine how delighted your gift receiver might feel when they unwrap their gift and see this amazing recreation. These daydreams will make you smile and you’ll know that this gift is the one to buy.

BBQ grill and smoker

This is for the decadent meat eater: Outdoor BBQ Grill and Smoker

A high-quality BBQ grill is essential for outdoor cooking. The experience is incomplete without a wood-based barbecue smoker, as every BBQ King knows. Combining the ASMOKE smoker and grill is the perfect combination to impress anyone who grills.

The compact size of this grill/smoker (less than 2 feet, or 60.96cm long) allows you to smoke and grill meat simultaneously. This reduces clean up and increases efficiency. It can hold six full pork butts. This will allow your grill man to create a great meal for you both and the neighbors.

$500 Gifts for Men: A Brief Buyer’s Guide

Now that you’ve got plenty of gift ideas from which to choose, it’s time to take a moment to consider why selecting a $500 gift might be a good idea. It’s also crucial to think about what aspects make or break a luxurious gift.

This way, you’ll be sure to choose the perfect gift for your special someone.

It’s better to choose a more expensive gift than a budget one.

A $500 gift is a better choice than a $5 gift for many reasons. The first is that pricier gifts can be more useful and memorable. Although money can’t buy you love, it will show that you are still thinking of them.

When you choose to spend $500 on a special gift for your favorite guy, you’re showing them that their happiness is worth the investment. You’re also letting them know that you listen to them and take their interests into account.

Remember, the most important gift is the one that suits their interests.

What is the best $500 gift for men?

To choose the best possible $500 gift for men, you’ll need to consider your specific gift recipient’s interests. After all, if they’re an amateur astronomer, it’s better to give them a high-quality telescope than several budget-friendly star-related gifts.

If you are familiar with their tastes, it is easier to find the right gift for him. Some men have it all. In this instance, it’s a good idea to consider what expensive items they already own but might need replacing.

They would like to buy something for themselves.

A great example is a classic suit. If you’re not sure which gift your man will enjoy the most, go ahead and ask about their interests and needs. In most cases, they’ll be more than happy to share their greatest desires and wishes with you!


There are many $500 gift ideas for men that will make him smile. Your man’s interests will determine the best gift. Share this article online if you liked it! Did we miss a significant $500 men’s gift idea? Leave us a comment below to let us know what you think!

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