31 Unique Chemistry Gifts for Science and Chemists

We’ve found some quirky gifts for chemistry teachers, chemists. From glassware to costumes, these ideas are practical, fun, and unique. Here are some chemistry gift ideas.

Best Chemistry Gifts

1. Whiskey Glasses
Greenline Goods Whiskey Glasses

Giving a pair of stylish and unique whiskey glasses as gifts is one of the best gestures to show love and care. These old-fashioned classic design glasses are made of high-quality glass. The unique feature of these glasses is that they are lead-free. These are break-resistant, and hence these are durable.

2. Opps Mini Artificial Plants
Opps Mini Artificial Plants

These days the trend for artificial plants is also increasing throughout the world. Plants make your home look more beautiful. Oops, the mini artificial plant is three mini sizes cute, beautiful plants. These plants are contained in high-quality steel containers, while the leaves are made up of PE material with pebbles inside. These are designed with great detail that makes them look real to every eye. It is the best chemistry gift for your loved ones. Economical and time-saving as it requires significantly less maintenance regularly.

3. Gift wrapping paper
Mad Scientist Beaker Gift Wrapping Paper Roll

Best gifts require the best packaging. When you are planning something for a chemistry lover person, packing should be of a chemical theme. Mad scientist beaker gift wrapping roll is one of the best packaging choices for chemistry gifts.

4. Special lanyard
Periodic Table Lanyard

Have you seen your teachers and classmates or anyone wearing those boring, faded color lanyards? A rainbow lanyard with a superior design of chemical elements and periodic table can be one of the best chemistry teacher gifts. Its 100% polyester material and high-grade fabric make it last long without having color getting dull and tarnish away. With its 1.5-inch metal clip, it’s a stylish and practical choice to hold cards. It comes in a suitable size of 36 inches.

5. Insulated water bottle
Periodic Table Water Bottle

This chemistry themed gift is made up of high-quality food-grade steel that keeps your food safe from any contamination. Its double-wall provides your tea, coffee, and cold drink long-lasting double insulation. With the fully packed design, it is free from any leakage or spill.

6. Model kits
Organic Chemistry Model Kit

Shiny colors give it a great look. It is one of the best chemistry student gifts. It makes your kids learn in a better way and yield better results in marks and practical life. One of the cute chemistry gifts for your little future scientist.

7. Chemist Keychain
Chemist Keychain

When choosing small and cute gifts for your science lover, nerdy friends, boyfriend, girlfriend, or family member,This Feelmem chemist keychain could be the best fit for them. This little super cute and shiny keychain is specially designed as one of the best chemistry gifts for adults.

8. Wine glasses
Periodic Tableware Shot Glasses

These stylish and beautiful glasses with elements carved on them are best to have a drink with your nerdy buddy. Their pure, high-quality borosilicate glass materials make these glasses long-lasting and durable. With the dimensions of 8.82 x 3.5 x 2.48 inches, it is best to fit for shots.

9. Unique earrings
Caffeine Molecule Earrings

With their attractive and unique design of caffeine molecules, these are the best gifts for your nerdy girlfriends, sister, friend, or daughter. It is made of high-quality Zinc alloy with Rhodium plating. It is 100% lead and Nickle free, making it an eco-friendly and safe gift for your loved ones.

10. Cookie Cutter Model
Science Cookie Cutters

A science cookie cutter is specially designed to shape your cookies like laboratory instruments and apparatus. It makes your cookies more interesting that kids will love to have. It is made of high-quality food-grade steel that makes cookies safely without any contamination in food. It is consisted of four pieces to make different types of exciting shapes.

11. Coaster set
Funny Science Coaster Set

This set of 6 signboards is designed with attractive colors that are easy to read and understand. Every piece has dimensions of 4.5 x 2 x 4.5 inches that makes it a suitable size. It can be used in your class, lab, office, and other places as signboards.

12. Cushion cover
Chemistry Cushion Cover

Your night buddy pillow needs to be soft, comfortable, and sweet to make you have a sound sleep. This science pillow cushion is designed to make your pillow more unique and exciting. With 16 x 16 inches size, it can fit any regular square size pillow. It is made from high-quality polyester and a zipper at the top for easy opening and closing. You can give this chemistry gift to your friend or professor. It is waterproof. Its color is always fresh and vibrant, as it is waterproof and will not let paints tarnish or fade away for a long time.

13. Good looking necklace
Rosa Vila Caffeine Necklace

If you are a science love having a nerdy science-loving girlfriend or spouse can make your life more exciting and fun. Gifting her something of her interest is always a sweet gesture of love and care. The rose vila caffeine necklace is the best choice as a chemistry gift for her. With its shiny color, quality material, and dimensions of 2″ x 1.5″ x 19″, everyone will like it.

14. Funny sweatshirt
Chemistry of Bacon Hoodie

This chemistry of Bacon hoodie is one of the best chemistry themed gifts. It is made of 100% pre-shrunk cotton that makes it long-lasting. With its relaxed, vibrant color and quality materials, it can last a long while, making you look cool and stylish. It comes in a wide range of sizes and colors. It is washable with handwashing and a machine without damaging prints on it. Due to above all qualities, it is the best gift for your friend or family member.

15. Silk Tie
Men’s Chemistry and Science Silk Necktie

Ties are worn on many occasions by men to look more relaxed and smarter. This silk necktie with a chemistry design could be the best chemistry gift for your teacher or professor. With its 57.5 inches of length, it adjustable to everyone. Its high-quality silk material will last long without having its shining faded away.

16. Wall Clocks
Periodic Table of Elements Wall Clock

This regular table wall clock is fascinating, beautiful and pushes students to learn over time they look at the clock. It is noiseless and of big 12 x 12 inches size. At the same time, it could be placed in homes and offices as well and could be given as a chemistry gift to your friend and professors.

17. Good looking scarf
Science Scarf by DiCapanni

This scarf comes in a fresh, light color and includes a variety of scientific instrument designs. It is a silky, light, and soft scarf for your loved one. It is handmade with great details and eco-friendly techniques.

18. Periodic Table of Elements Banner
Periodic Table of Elements Banner

This 45 inches XL jumbo periodic table could be the best fit for your class. With its shiny black color, big size, and digital state of the art printing, it looks impressive in your class, bedroom, or home. It is attractive and catches everyone’s eye that makes students learn with interest.

19. Photo Card Holder
The Photographic Card Deck of the Elements

Card deck games are popular, especially among adults. It is played with family or friends. When you want to play a deck with your nerdy and curious friend, this deck is your best choice. It has well printed all the elements on it. With interactive images of different parts, it attractive to all the people. It is made of high-quality material and light in weight. It allows you to enjoy the game and learn while having fun. This chemistry gift is a perfect match for a nerdy card lover or your teacher who loves to play cards.

20. Spice rack set
Spice rack set

When you want to gift something interesting to your science-loving wife or professor, this Wink chemist spice rack will be a unique chemistry gift for her. It contains 14 laboratory apparatus shaped beautiful pieces. With different sizes, it can include various types of spices. With dimensions of 10x 5 x 16 inches and a weight of 0.05 pounds, these are the best choices for any kitchen. Its 16 x 10 inches circular spice rack is made of high-quality steel to hold these pieces in one place in an organized manner.

21. Chemistry Terrarium Kit
Chemistry Terrarium Kit

Having small plants, greenery, and a natural environment always makes you feel fresh during your hectic days in the lab. This small portable planter is made for science-loving geeks who love to have nature around them. This flask contains layers of activated charcoal, sand, soil, pebbles, and an air crossing system that makes it a perfect mini-ecosystem. You can grow your favorite plant in this mini-ecosystem. Professors or your friend working in the lab will love this chemistry gift.

22. Personalized chopping board
Cutting Board with the periodic table of elements

It is a perfect chemistry gift for your nerdy friend who wants to learn more and save time while doing other activities, like; cooking and chopping. When you are so eager to learn something and save your time, this high quality charry wooden cutting board is engraved with a periodic table. It is durable and large enough to let to cut your vegetables with great ease. Its periodic table allows you to learn elements while having fun cooking.

23. Molecular Formula Cuff Links
Molecular Formula Cuff Links

If you want to give your dress a slight touch of science, these molecular formula cuff links are made for you. These super cute and super beautiful cuff links are the best choice for your dress or a chemistry gift for your friends. With black shinny and attractive top and shining metal body, these are classic and beautiful. These are of 19mm size and two pieces. These are produced by state of the art modern electroplating technology, hence making them durable. Color and shining will not fade away and last longer.

24. Canvas handbag
Science Canvas Tote Grocery Bag

When you are a science nerd, you want everything around you styled scientifically. Grocery shopping is an essential part of your life. This science styled grocery bag is made for science lovers shopping more fun. It is stylish and practical in its design. Its large size allows you to carry all the items on your shopping list. It is durable and withstands the weight of your grocery and other stuff easily. Due to its stylish design, it can also be used for picnics, traveling, shopping, carrying your books, clothes, and so on. Giving this chemistry gift to your friends or teachers will make their shopping more attractive.

25. Science Experiment Kit
Science Experiment Kit

Every parent wants to get their kid well educated and learned. Having things around kids from which they can learn with fun is a need nowadays. This science experiment kit is made to make your kid learn while playing and having fun.

26. Men’s T-Shirt
Men’s Chemistree T-Shirt

It is made of high quality and durable cotton that makes it last longer with you. It comes in a wide range of sizes. Its black, shinny classic color, and attractive design make a nerd look cool and unique.

27. Glass Planter Bulb Vase
Glass Planter Bulb Vase

In modern homes, laboratories, schools, and offices, everything is stylish and beautiful. When you are a science lover, scientist, student, or teacher while you also love nature, this desktop glass planter is the best choice for you. It is super, beautiful, and stylish. With its strong and lightweight wooden stand, it has three glass vases of bulb shape. These glass vases are best to plant small plants and make your table and desktop fresh. It gives a new natural look and adds to the beauty of your office, lab, or home. This cute chemistry gift is made for nature lovers.

28. Wine glasses
Periodic Tableware Beaker Wine Glass

Wines are an essential part of any fun party and gathering. Having unique, beautiful, and durable vine glasses can make your hospitability stand more. Made from high-quality glass and long-lasting printing, it can last longer. With a capacity of 200mm and 0.37 pounds of weight, these are the best chemistry gifts for your science and chemistry loving buddies.

29. Laboratory beakers
Periodic Tableware Laboratory Beaker

These rocks glasses are best for science and chemistry lovers to have a relieving drink and enjoy. With massive, firm bottom and high-quality glass, these are durable and practical as well. It comes in a pair of two glasses. Easy to handle and of regular drink capacity with the design of chemical elements on it, these are beautiful and stylish glasses. Washable without doing any damage to its printing, and its shining color material is durable enough not to fade away for a long time. Owing to its unique design, it could be the best gift for chemistry grad students.

30. Leather coasters

Leather coasters

Prestone Prestige Funny Leather Coasters for Drinks Sets is one of the most popular coffee accessories. The set includes a beautiful stainless-steel mug, an insulated glass carafe, and a uniquely designed lid with a funny slogan on it. The exciting thing about this particular set is that the carafe’s design is different from all other versions, giving them a distinct look that many people find attractive.

31. Kitchen apron
Periodic Table Apron

This 31 inches long and 26 inches wide wall apron is a cute surprising gift for your science-loving spouse or girlfriend. It is made of high quality 100% pure polyester fabric. It is adjustable, and the right chemistry git for her. It covers your clothes and saves you from spills.

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