Christening Gifts In 2021: The gift of joy

A baptism is a great celebration of faith. You can give your baby a personal keepsake or a practical item like a custom blanket for the baptism. These are great gifts for both girls’ and boys’ baptisms.

1. Scripture Swaddle

It’s thick and makes a great christening gift. This gift will be treasured by a family for a lifetime. Available in four different designs with meaningful quotes to remind children of God’s love, guidance and help. It arrives beautifully packaged in a gift box. You can give it as a gift to baby baptism, baptismal ceremony gift.

2. Customized Star Map

This personalized star map print is the ideal piece to commemorate any life event. You can see your night sky exactly as it was at the moment you changed your life. This star map poster for home decor will show exactly the stars for that day and time.

3. Noahs Ark Playset

Removable plush animals. These sound effects include giraffes, zebras (squeaks), elephants (trumpet sounds) and lions (“roar sounds). Over 30 years of experience in designing and manufacturing high quality plush products.

4. Little Golden Children’s Bible

This book is a simple retelling of the most famous Bible stories. This book is a warm and rich experience that parents and children can share with their young children. This book is perfect for a baby’s first library.

5. Personalized Book

This personalized keepsake book is perfect for all occasions, including baptisms, christenings and naming ceremonies. Describes the loving presence of God in nature and reminds the child that he or she is a special creation of God. A personalized dedication page with the sender’s initials can be a unique and meaningful gift.

6. Noah’s Ark Piggy Bank

This Noah’s Ark bank features a cute pair of animals sailing safely and unharmed across the ocean. You can see the waves lapping against the hull at the bottom of the ark. This little piggy bank is made of porcelain and hand-painted.

7. Malden International Designs Baby Memories Love

Whenever you look at them in the frame, you will be reminded of those precious moments. Its modern and simple design allows you to combine it with other frames for a unique look.

8. Guardian Angel Statue

This figure uses gestures to convey an emotion or mark a moment. These willow tree sculptures represent the good life of love and closeness.

9. God Bless You and Good Night (A God Bless Book)

This sweet one will remind your baby how much you love them. This book can be read aloud to parents at bedtime and your child will love it. You can also write a personal message inside to make it a lasting gift that they will treasure for many years to come.

10. God Gave Us You

This baptismal gift is often one of the first books parents read to their children. It is a creative story that will introduce children to their spiritual foundation once they are old enough. This will be a gift that will last and can even become a family heirloom.

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