30 Best Cigar Gifts for Cigar Lovers and Smokers

Cigars are loved by people worldwide. It is part of many western cultures and traditions for celebration on many occasions. Cigar smoking can be a messy and tedious thing while having it in an unorganized way. Proper cutting, punching, lighting, and holder all are necessary to have fun and smooth smoking. This gift list contains several accessories required for cigar smoking like; cutter, cigar puncher; cigar holder, cigar keeper, and many more. It allows you to have a wide range of choices to have for gifts to your loved ones. All the items are durable, stylish, multitasking, and practical. Each Cigar is different in taste and flavor, while people use Cigars on many events and occasions.

Unique Cigar gifts

1. Cedar Wood Lined Cigar Case
Cedar Wood Lined Cigar Case

Traveling and smoking cigars at a nice fresh place is desired to add an extra level of coolness for a cigar lover. Carrying cigars in a backpack, pocket, to anything can be messy and damage your cigars and fun. Amancy wood cigar cover is made for cigar lovers to take their cigars safe and sound with them. With dimensions of 7.9×3 inches, it can carry as much as five cigars.

2. Eyozka Whiskey and Cigar Set
Eyozka Whiskey and Cigar Set

Handling whiskey with a cigar is the best combination. Eyozka whiskey glass gift set is design with all the needed stuff for you to enjoy whiskey with a cigar. It comes with two whiskey glasses, whiskey stones, tongs, and a cigar cutter. All kept in a beautiful and stylish box, making it a unique cigar gift. These high quality and durable whiskey glasses are of the best size, and you can clean them easily. Nonsticky tongues, stainless steel cigar cutter, and whiskey stones, it contains everything you need to enjoy your evening with whiskey and Cigar.

3. Godinger Cigar Whiskey Glass
Godinger Cigar Whiskey Glass

handling your Cigar while having whiskey can be messy for many people. This Godinger classic style whiskey glass with a cigar holder is your choice to get rid of this problem. This classic style round glass is made of lead-free whiskey glass to give you pure drink. With its cigar holder, it can hold your Cigar while having a drink, hence makes it a practical gift for you. It is one of the best and unique cigar gifts available.

4. Men’s Crew Socks
Men’s Crew Socks

Do you have some friends who are crazy Cigar and whiskey lovers? Hot sox men’s socks with the design of Cigar and whiskey that would be love as a gift. It is made with a combination so cotton in 39%, polyester 38%, 20% nylon, and 3% spandex. These are super soft, comfortable, and durable. Stretchable and adjustable to a wide range of sizes, with great ease. These are the best gift for your crazy cigar lover buddies.

5. Tripple Torch Cigar Lighter
Tripple Torch Cigar Lighter

Are you tired of lighting cigars with a matchbox or light that lasts shorter? This Tripple torch cigar lighter is the most modern, safe, stylish, and durable gift that will last for decades. With dimensions of 31x23x79 mm and with a light weight of only 90 grams. This torch lighter made from thermal shock resistant insulating robust materials that will last for decades to come. Made with triple-flame technology is safe and sound to operate and a unique cigar gift for your buddies. It is of suitable size and easy to handle and carry.

6. Wine with Cigar Modern Wall Art Paintings
Wine with Cigar Modern Wall Art Paintings

Cigar and whiskey lovers love to have portraits and paintings for cigars and whiskeys at their place. These 12×12 inches modern wall paintings are best to beautify your room, café, and drinking place. A lovely print of the current state of the art printed on thick and durable canvas sheets and made of a rigid frame, with a knob to hang on the wall a. Set of four pieces with a different design on each. This ready to hang, stylish piece of art is a good gift for a cigar-loving person. While its design can make your room, place, or wall look cool and attractive.

7. Perfect Pregame Cigar Flask Gift Set
Perfect Pregame Cigar Flask Gift Set

Carrying cigars in the pocket of pants can be messy and reckless for cigars. It can damage cigars and ruin your mood as well. This Pregame cigar flask is a small and beautiful cigar holder to keep in the pant pocket and carry your cigars everywhere with ease. These are made of high-quality stainless steel, hence will keep your cigars safe and sound. A unique gift for your cigar-loving friends who used to travel a lot. With a cigar cutter and funnel, it is perfect for having a small and beautiful cigar keeper in your pocket or backpack during traveling and daily work.

8. Cigar Humidor, Handmade Cedar
Cigar Humidor, Handmade Cedar

When it comes to storing a large number of cigars at the home, office, or bedroom, it is a tough job. To keep that many cigars safe and sound for a long time is not easy at all. This Humidor handmade cigar keeper is made from a piece of super stylish, super classic wooden cigar keeper. It is made of hard and high-grade cedarwood with a genuine leather cover outside. With its huge capacity, it can keep 20 to 25 cigars safe and sound for a long time.

9. Portable Cigar Holder Outdoor Cigar Stand
Portable Cigar Holder Outdoor Cigar Stand

Cigars lover often loves to have a cigar while doing work, watching movies, or having fun with friends. It can be a tough job to keep Cigar organized while doing other works. This small, beautiful, and portable cigar holder is the best choice for persons who want to have a cigar while doing other jobs too. It is made of inert and durable ceramics, with a comfortable and friendly design. It shiny, smooth, and vibrant black color that suits your cigar party. Easy to carry and best cigar gifts with you while traveling, in the office, or on the beach to have a cigar with fun.

10. Cigar Punch Tool
Cigar Punch Tool

Cutting and punching your Cigar is an essential job while preparing Cigar. As wrong, cutting and punching can ruin your Cigar. This high-quality, beautiful cigar puncher is a modern, easy tool to punch your Cigar with great precision. It is made of stainless steel and Aluminum. It is gorgeous and shiny. It comes with a cape to keep it safe from contaminations. With perfect and sharp prongs, it can prepare your Cigar with great care. If you are planning to give a cigar gift to your cigar-loving friend, this could be the best choice for you.

11. Whiskey Stone Gift Set
Whiskey Stone Gift Set

Because you have to organize a lot of things like ashtrays and glasses, this cigar gift box set allows you to do it all in one organized place. It contains whiskey stones, with a stainless steel cigar cutter. It also includes a compartment for the ashtray. Enjoy your Cigar while having whiskey. It can manage all your stuff in one place and allows you to enjoy your evening without having any trouble handling things.

12. Smoke Cigars Smoker Shirt
Smoke Cigars Smoker Shirt

Cigar lovers always try to keep their stuff around them designed in their taste. This smoke cigars t-shirt is designed for crazy cigar lovers. It comes in a variety of colors with high-value materials in different propositions. It contains pure cotton and polyester. It is available for both men and women, while it comes in various sizes. Can one of the fun cigar gifts for your buddies.

13. Cigar Holder
Cigar Holder

People often have trouble holding cigars while driving, working, and doing other activities. This Perfecto cigar holder is designed in a way to overcome this trouble. It is portable, and with a clip, you can attach this to a table, car deck, chair arm, or other places. It is made from high-quality heat-resistant nylon that will not burn, melt or get tarnish, or discolor. It is one of the best cigar gifts for a husband, as it will allow trouble, less driving, desk work, or fun while having a cigar.

14. Multitasking Cigar Lighter
Multitasking Cigar Lighter

Having a relaxing cigar is the job of many things and stuffs like punching, holding, lighting. All these jobs are done with many items that create trouble in holding and managing. XIII cigar lighter is a multitasking cigar light that will perform you’re needed jobs and allow you to have fun, organized, and troubles cigar smoking. It is made of high grade thermal resistant metal with a blackish attractive and beautiful cover. It contains a lighter, cigar puncher, and cigar holder, which will make it a unique cigar gift for your pals.

15. Gentlemen’s Blend Beard Pack
Gentlemen’s Blend Beard Pack

Having a fine, thick, and well-managed beard is a modern trend. It makes you more stylish and good looking. While managing a good beard can be a tough job for many. This Grave beard balm is made to give your beard a nourishing, shiny, and attractive look. It is made of natural oils with butter, which will not harm your beard. It comes with an excellent cigar fragrance due to its Bourbon scent content. Apply before the shave and have a healthy, thick, and shiny beard.

16. Neck and Shoulder Back Massagers
Neck and Shoulder Back Massagers

Working hours in an office, or driving for a long, reading, studying, and many other activities always create muscle pain and strains. Shiatsu Neck and shoulder back massager is a modern techno product that is the perfect cure for your neck and shoulder pain. It works with infrared heating technology that will warn your neck or shoulder and will provide relief to your strained muscles and cure your problem. With proper size, it can you can adjust this around your neck and shoulder easily.

17. Cigar Cutter and puncher
Cigar Cutter and puncher

Having an old, bulky, and tarnished cigar cutter can be embarrassing in gatherings, parties, or offices. XIII cigar cutter is an attractive and coolest cigar cutter ever. It looks unique in black and yellow colors. It is made of high-grade steel. It works with string, requiring significantly less effort. Your cigar-loving friends will love this cigar gift. It also has a cigar puncher that you can use to create perfect and precise punches in your Cigar.

18. Special watches
Cigar Printed Watch

This classic and casual watch with a unique design of Cigar is one of the best cigar gifts for guys. It is made of lightweight aluminum alloy with premium leather belts. Its dial has a 3D cigar print design that looks amazingly real. With a 33mm size and strap of 120mm, it can be the best fit for anyone. With its cigar design and universal look, it can be wearing on any occasion, either official or a party.

19. Cigar Draw Enhancer Tool & Nubber
Cigar Draw Enhancer Tool & Nubber

Several tools are required to smoke a cigar, which includes a cutter, nubber, and puncher. Most people have trouble while making a cigar with a conventional stick. PerectDraw cigar draw enhancer is an accessory for making your Cigar with precision and for best taste. It is universal in design, and one can use it for any cigar. Made from high-grade steel and comfortable plastic handle. Easy to operate and perform is one of the best small and useful cigar gift to your cigar lover friend.

20. Boveda Cigar Holders
Boveda Cigar Holders

Keeping Cigar in changing seasons or humid days can often damage your Cigar and ruin its quality. This Boveda cigar cover will keep your cigars safe and sound from humidity. It is made with hardwood with all the needed technology to control moisture and keep your cigars fresh always. It can carry a large number of cigars. It is a stylish, beautiful, and unique cigar gift.

21. Stainless steel folding rack
Stainless Steel Foldable Cigar Stand

Cigar holder has a unique significance to the cigar lovers as it can provide you trouble-free, easy, and smooth smoking. This stand is made of high-grade stainless steel, with thermal resistant properties. It is foldable. Hence you can carry and keep it in your pocket and backpack. It does not get warm due to its high insulation materials. Due to its attractive design, your friends can use this cigar gift to make their desk look cooler, or they can place it on the table as well.

22. Cigar Box
Cigar Humidor and Cigar Case

If you are fond of traveling to different places, you might be aware of the things which you should take on your journey, cigar lover’s pleasure can be double with proper organization of accessories. This CiTree multitasking cigar case and the humidor is made to perform. You’re all the necessary jobs of having a cigar. With stiff wooden internal and attractive leather surface, it is practical too. It contains a stainless cigar lighter and cigar cutter.

23. Finger Brown Leather Cigar Case
Finger Brown Leather Cigar Case

This AMANCY leather cigar case is small, portable, and stylish. It can hold up to 3 cigars while You can carry this easily in your pocket and backpack. The hard cedar wood interior and more pleasing color make it more attractive, and the durable leather outside makes it look nice. It comes with a small slipper side pocket that could be used to carry a cigar cutter. It also had a high-grade stainless steel cigar cutter with it. Ready to give cigar gift to hold their cigars.

24. CigarzUp Cigar Holder
CigarzUp Cigar Holder

CigarzUp cigar holder is your best pick when you want to have a cigar with a cold beer. As it can be messy and troubling to manage both. It can be attached to a beer bottle and will make your mood while having the joy of both of them. It is made of super-durable materials; it can last longer and can withstand heat. It has got some vibrant color, which is long-lasting and will not tarnish away. Attach this with your beer bottle and have a relaxing bear on the beach or give this cigar gift to you, buddy. He will indeed like this.

25. Cherry Wood Folding Cigar Ashtray
Cherry Wood Folding Cigar Ashtray

Having an old, dirty, and dumb ashtray can be a disappointment to smokers. Mantello cigar ashtray is one of the stylish and multitasking ashtrays to make your cigar smoking more comfortable and relaxing. Its cover is made of hard cedar wood with smooth finishing. Detachable stainless steel pot inside to be used as an ashtray. It has a lighter and stainless steel cigar cutter to perform all the necessary jobs so that you can enjoy your smoking to the maximum. This ashtray would be a unique cigar gift to cigar smokers or cigarette smokers.

26. Free Engraving, Groomsmen Zippo Lighter
Cherry Wood Folding Cigar Ashtray

This lighter is one of the best fantastic cigar gifts available. This super beautiful and stylish lighter is all you need to make your smoking cool and unique. You can engrave your personal or favorite quotation on it to make it a pleasant and memorable cigar gift. Made of suitable quality materials, it is a necessary accessory for smokers. With its windproof design, it allows you to light your Cigar anywhere with ease. It can be placed in a pocket with ease and carry around.

27. Holder Clip
Cigar Holder Clip

Cigar holders are usually heavy, bulky, and cannot be placed everywhere with ease. This cigar holder clip is a practical modern cigar accessory. It can be attached to the edge of a table, desk, chair, or anything and keep your Cigar with ease. It is made of heat resistant plastic material that will not melt, discolor, or tarnish away. Its vibrant fresh color looks excellent everywhere.

28. Personal diary
Cigar Dossier Personal Cigar Journal

Cigar making and selling is a million-dollar industry. Worldwide thousands of people are engaged in this business while before the Cigar is packaged and delivered. It goes from multiple processes like size, taste, flavor, and many more things. This Dossier personal cigar journal is the best cigar gift for a person who likes to keep track of small cigar details. It is classic and beautiful. It has enough pages to write for months. It has a premium quality hardcover with yellow lines.

29. Cufflinks for Men
Cufflinks for Men

Men’s dress is incomplete without having a pair of stylish and beautiful cufflinks on it. Viilock cufflinks are super attractive cufflinks designed for cigar lovers and anyone. It is made of high-grade copper materials with smooth finishing to make it stylish and beautiful. The blue surface of cufflinks with shiny white lines sparks and gives your dress more beautiful. These are easy to attach and detach. A smooth surface will not damage your clothing.

30. Cigar Aficionado Custom Shadow Box
Cigar Aficionado Custom Shadow Box

There are thousands of cigar brands around the world. Some people are stuck to a single brand, while others love to try different brands. Cigar brands are also of great importance as the taste and flavor vary from brand to brand. This Cigar Aficionado cigar box could be a valuable cigar gift for cigar lovers who love to collect stickers of different brands. Its box is wooden, while the center is made of glass so that the guest can have a look at it. It contains various bands, each with a shiny and beautiful design and color. Attach these to your Cigar and made it look cool and beautiful.

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