Crystal Gifts In 2021 [Gifts Guide]

You are looking for a gift for your loved one and our gift guide can help you come up with a compelling idea. If you are buying a gift for someone who loves crystals, then they will only want one crystal gift. We’ve put together all the best crystal gifts in this gift guide.

Best Crystal Gifts

1. Purple Crystal Tree

Purple Crystal Tree

These handcrafted crystal trees are made from naturally crushed stones. Crystals are believed to enhance healing powers and focus energy. Many people use them as a focus for meditation and find them to be visually calming and help raise your soul to a higher level.

Crystal Bonsai Money Trees are known as “wishing trees” and are feng shui bonsai trees that bring wealth and prosperity to your house or office and are also great for home decor. Each crystal tree includes a velvet bag + black box, which makes it an ideal gift for any occasion.

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2. Crystal Glass Flowers

Crystal Glass Flowers

Roses are a very beautiful way to simply say “thank you”! Crystal Glass They look amazing and have deep meaning in their soft blooms. A beautiful gift for the special crystal fan and crystal collector, making it an ideal gift for any occasion. It can be set on a LED lit rotating display base with light passing through it, which is my favorite and the best looking.

Red roses symbolize happiness, strength, beauty and love for each other and this gorgeous rose is made of top quality K9 crystal glass. Place this rose near a window in your home to catch direct sunlight on any wall. The crystal will split the sunlight and create a gorgeous rainbow in your house, creating a sense of harmony and romance.

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3. Clear crystal pendant

Clear crystal pendant

GOLDENHAITAI has its own factory with more than twenty years of professional experience and several patents for crystal sun protection technology. However, the brand’s other necklaces are equally outstanding, offering quality materials and fine craftsmanship, this one with clear heart shaped K9 crystal 1.77 inches + stainless steel chain 7 inches.

Their crystal bracelets are a sleek, modern design with iridescent reflections and beautiful crystals that emit a rainbow of colors when exposed to sunlight.

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4. Car decoration crystal

Car decoration crystal

Add some sparkle to your car’s interior with crystal BLING RING badge stickers and decorate your car with glittering vehicle decor accessories that reflect your personality. These crystal, gold glitter rings represent elegance, style and get your day started. Blinking ignition starter, blinking rings can be mounted on the round drive starter button and key starter ignition parts.

Will make your car stand out from the crowd with glowing crystals, shiny zinc alloy metal and includes safety tape. Made of rust-free silver chrome alloy and sprinkled with bright sparkling crystal rhinestones. Use on all standard size keys or push button ignitions Also perfect for decorating car buttons with 3M tape backing for peel and stick.

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5. Crystal Butterfly

Crystal Butterfly

A crystal butterfly will make a lovely decoration for your workplace. When the sun rises to catch the light, it shimmers throughout the butterfly’s glass. A lovely gift for a friend or to decorate your home, home. This piece is polished crystal in beautiful pink shades with exquisite details.

Lovely to decorate, this lifelike figurine will add more fun when you place it in your living room, bedroom and crystal collectibles can bring brightness to your living room or studio. There are also Copper Gifts and Personalized Gifts.

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6. 3D Crystal Ball

3D Crystal Ball

3D crystal ball with special 3D design, the solar system crystal ball will add a touch of elegance to any room, ideal decoration for living room and office. He has seven colors of illuminated base to make the solar system crystal ball more beautiful in the dark. With a crystal ball diameter of 80 mm (3.15 inches), you can hold the solar system in your hand.

Editor’s comment, I absolutely love this clear crystal ball that displays our model of the solar system inside. It rotates on its crystal base and is fun to watch, and the fact that it rotates slowly instead of having a red color option makes it a cool and fun gift.

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7. Crystal Cross

Crystal Cross

The clear crystal cross shines brighter than a glass cross and will make a beautiful decoration for you. Placed on a table, the modern design of this crystal cross fits any style of interior decor, plus the simple design of the crystal cross will enhance your decor in your home.

Standing 7.5 inches tall and 4 inches wide, this well-designed crystal standing cross stand will be a sympathy gift that anyone who has lost a loved one will love.

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8. Moon Crystal

Moon Crystal

The moon crystal button adjusts 3 levels of brightness, choose the level you like to spend time with you. Multi-color variable, 3 brightness modes, click the metal button to enjoy 4 monochrome modes and 7 breathing lighting modes, 3D laser engraved clear moon planet. Made of high-end K9 crystal to make the sphere more transparent and shiny.

Editor’s Note: I really like this one, it looks great and he has multiple colors of light to choose from. The buttons are more like touch sensitive buttons and the moon is laser engraved on only 1 side with excellent detail. All the planets and text are very visible and clean, and the color choices for the lights are nice. The only downside is that it has to be plugged in and requires a USB port adapter.

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9. Personalized engraved 3D crystal photos

Personalized engraved 3D crystal photos

A meaningful photo engraved on crystal is the ideal gift for a traditional and charming memory. Impress your partner or friend. Professional 3D engraving and optional text evoke amazing memories of special moments by giving that special someone a special gift.

Editor’s Note: If you’re looking for a unique gift, this is the best gift to give. If you want something as special as it is totally unique, the art looks great in the extra 3D effect!

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