30 Unique Dragon Gifts for Dragon Lovers (Gift Guide)

Dragons have fascinated humankind for a long time. These mystical creatures possess some capabilities; that’s why people love these creatures. In most countries like Japan, and China Dragons are used as a symbol of power. These symbolic creatures nowadays are used in ornaments and toys. Kids especially love these creatures. Most of these dragon gifts are made of resin, and skilled workers do the detailing such as polishing and finishing.

dragon gifts for her

1. Folding Fans (Dragon & Phoenix)

Folding Fans (Dragon & Phoenix)

During the Traditional Japanese festivals, men and women present their Kungfu and dance skills while holding folding fans. This Dragon printed folding Fan is the best gift for the person who loves kung fu and dance. Apart from that, these fans can be used for decoration purposes as well. The fans have got a soft and smooth fabric, and it comes with a case. The best thing about this gift is its lightweight; each unit is around 29 grams.

2. Dragon Wine Pourer

Dragon Wine Pourer

Wine is considered a traditional drink in most countries around the world. People across Japan and china use it on different occasions and festivals. This unique dragon wine pourer is the best fit for wine lovers. It comes along with all sizes of wine bottles, and it is made up of good quality material that will not ruin the taste of wine. At the same time, it will also enhance the flavor of wine by mixing it with fresh oxygen. It can be a perfect gift for a dragon and a wine lover. Its length is around 4.5 inches.

3. Office decoration sculpture

Office decoration sculpture

What’s better than a table decor like this silver Dragon,This incredible piece of art is made up of resin with hand-coated paint. It comes with a blunt sword, which could serve the purpose of a letter opener while adding an extra touch of desktop or table décor. It will be a unique dragon gift for an art-loving person, while kids will also love this.

4. Dragon Toys

Dragon Toys

Gifts are important for everyone, especially for children. Dragon ornaments and toys are given as gifts to children. These seven-headed dragon toys are also a unique gift for kids’ birthday or Christmas. This toy is made of suitable quality plastic. The good thing about this toy is that it can perform some realistic actions.

5. Leather Journal

Dragon Leather Journal

The lovely crafted double Dragon on the outside of the journal makes it a perfect gift for a dragon lover. It has got a smooth leather cover on the outside with a front of Dragon, making it more interesting. While inside, it possesses high-quality pages that serve the best purpose of writing. It can be the best dragon gift for a person who is fond of writing.

6. Ceramic Cup

Dragon Ceramic Cup

If you are a coffee or tea lover, these ceramic cups are the best fit for you. These cups are made of high-quality ceramics. Gifts that can serve the purpose of home decor while they could be used as utensils are infrequent to find. These cute dragon gifts can serve the purpose of home décor while they can also add texture to coffee or tea lovers. It could be the best dragon gift for your partner.

7. Men’s decorative gifts
Decorative gifts for men Dragon knife

Since the beginning, statues are being used as a symbol of pride and power; Japanese and Chinese people keep figures of Dragon and other stuff. This handcrafted unique dragon statue is a good gift for dragon lovers. From the way, it looks like a dragon is waving its flame within the knife. The art is merely fascinating, while the real artist knows its worth.

8. Dragon egg statue
Dragon egg statue

This beautiful handcrafted and polished resin-made dragon egg with the baby inside is the epitome of beauty. For a dragon fan, this could be the perfect dragon gift. It could add color to your desk. At the same time, these cute creatures will be joyful to watch. Aquarius will love this gift as the bluestone represent the month of March, which features the star of Aquarius. It also comes with different gemstones.

9. Dragon Orb Statue
Dragon Orb Statue

What could be more appealing than a dragon sculpture holding a ball of light? This piece produces a soothing light from the orb that can be used at night. It is the best dragon gift for your partner or girlfriend, and they can use it to decorate the house.

10. 16 colors of night light

16 colors of night light

If dragons are alive, what could be better than that? These 3D lights will create a 3D dragon animation, which will bring joy to the children. This is a perfect dragon gift for adults, and especially for kids. It can be on any event, such as Christmas or New Year. And you can adjust the brightness and color.

11. Salt and pepper shakers
Dragon Salt and Pepper shaker

Ancient mythical creatures are defined as guarding humans against unknown dangers. This unique dragon gift looks from first glance like a dragon protecting a pepper salt shaker. The Dragon is composed of handmade resin, while the container it holds is made of glass.

12. Trinket Box
Dragon Trinket Box

The Dragon is said to be the guardian of the treasure. The Dragon is guarding the books, and the treasure is in them. This would make a perfect table or bookshelf decoration. And the secret compartment inside could be used as a box to hold things. This could be the best dragon gift for adults.

13. Sculptural Magnet
Sculptural Magnet Dragons

Attaching magnets on the fridge is a fun thing for kids, while they can also be used to hold the notes and pages. For a dragon fan, these high qualities and amazingly crafted magnet dragons could be the best dragon gift. The best thing about this gift is that it comes with four dragons with each different color and a different stance.

14. Dragon Stapler
Dragon Stapler

An average person spends most of his time working in an office, and this beautiful Dragon stapler gift can add a little joy to your collection. Decor items and arts are things that make your home a beautiful living place while it adds additional beauty to your office desk. People all around the world work hard to make their living standards high. They are straightforward to handle and can use standard pins within. It could be an excellent addition to your office desk.

15. Decorative Bottle Stopper
Dragon Decorative Bottle Stopper

Wine is used in many traditions and festivals worldwide. People use it as a traditional drink. If you are a wine and dragon lover, you will love this Dragon Bottle stopper. They will surely add a unique appearance to the wine bottle. It is straightforward to use. You need to insert it within the bottle. It could be a dragon gift for adults, which they can use on various occasions and festivals to cover the wine bottle.

16. Decoration supplies
Hanging Dragon Decor

Suspended by chains, this hanging Dragon would be an exciting addition to your home décor. It holds the orb in its claws, which can be illuminated, giving Dragon a very bright look. This whole thing is simply a piece of art in addition to the details of dragon scales and wings. It could be a unique dragon gift for a dragon lover, while it can also hang in the kid’s rooms. Kids will be more fascinated with this.

17. Backflow Incense Burner
Dragon Backflow Incense Burner

For dragon lovers, this is a beautiful gift. It can be used as a decorative piece anywhere in your home, while it will add an extra touch of silence to your house decor. For yoga and meditation lovers, this dragon incense burner is a perfect gift. At the same time, this unique dragon gift can also add a touch of color to your home décor.

18. Dragon Socks
Dragon Socks

All sort of people always loves trending Clothes and accessories. If you are a dragon lover, you will indeed like this pair of socks. These durable socks are made up of high-quality material with dragons printed all over on them. It will provide you with not only warmth but also comfort. It could be the best dragon gift for a dragon lover. At the same time, kids will also love this.

19. Dragon eggs and candles
Dragons Socks with Dragon Egg Keepsake and Candles

Who is not familiar with the excellent tv show Games of Thrones. The mother of Dragons socks could be a perfect dragon gift for a fan. It comes with a high-quality egg-shaped case.
These high-quality dragon eggs Candles will surely remind you of games of thrones. These hands-made candles comes in various colors while the finishing on detailed scaling merely is adorable. Candles are among those things which can enhance the romantic mood. If you want to give your partner a surprise gift, these dragon egg candles are the perfect match for you. These egg-shaped candles can also be used as home décor or ornament.

20. Coaster Holder
Dragon Coaster Holder

Besides the fact that these beautiful dragon coaster holders have a dragon printed on them, dragon fans will love it. The best thing about these holders is they come with a beautiful dragon holder. It seems like the Dragon is protecting these holders. It could be a unique dragon gift for a dragon lover.

21. Dragon Lidded Treasure Trinket Box
Dragon Lidded Treasure Trinket Box

From the ages, it is believed that dragons were the protector of treasures. The dragons used to sit on the treasures while protecting them from the intruders. If anyone tries to steal the jewels, it would have to face the fierce Dragon first.
This fantastic Dragon lidded trinket box features a dragon trying to protect something valuable. Jewelry is the weakness of any woman. In contrast, they will try their best to protect it as well. This trinket can also be used to store jewelry.

22. Table Lamp
Dragons Table Lamp

This excellent bedside lamp features two dragons holding a holy light. Made of resin, this lamp is the perfect dragon gift for art lovers for various occasions such as Christmas and New Year.

23. Stationery pen holder
Dragon Orb Stationery Holder

An average working person spends most of his/her time while working on a desk. For a person who spends most of their time on the desk, this could be a perfect addition to his desk décor. A stationary holder is featuring a dragon made from resigning, ideal illustration to the details. It could be a unique dragon gift for a fan of dragons. From the looks, it seems like the wings of dragons are folded, creating a space in between to hold the stationary.

24. Dragon Necklace
Dragon Necklace

In any relationship, gifts are important. Giving your spouse a beautiful or unique gift can nurture your partner’s feelings and strengthen your relationship. For a stay-at-home wife, she spends most of her time at work. This could be a perfect anniversary, Christmas, or Valentine’s Day gift for your partner who loves dragons. Be a perfect dragon gift for your daughter-in-law. A high-quality dragon necklace will make anyone happy.

25. folding knife
folding knife

This dragon folding knife with dragon print on the handle is well made and printed splendidly, with various features overlaying each other at different depths. Very comfortable to hold. The scales on the blade are well engraved. A knife-loving person knows the real worth of this masterpiece. It could be an excellent addition to your knife collection, and it could be a unique dragon gift as well.

26. U-shaped pillow
Dragon U-Shape Pillow

Millions of people travel by air every day. Air travel around the world has increased a lot since the last decade. Most of the time, an airplane seat is not very comfortable if you feel the need to sleep. And sleeping in a bad position can cause pain in the neck and shoulders. This soft and fluffy U-shaped dragon pillow can be a resting place for your neck; it is soft and delicate and is the right sleeping companion when traveling.

27. Bedding Sets
Dragon Bedding Set with two pillowcases

These zipper bedding set with Dragon printed on it. It is made from a high-quality material that will keep you warm and comfortable at the same time. The best thing about this is that it comes with two pillow covers as well. It could be an excellent addition to your room decor, while Kids will love this new addition. The quality material of the sheet and pillows with dragon print will not fade during washing.

28. Shower Curtain
Dragon Shower Curtain

An average person spends 15 to 20 minutes while showering. These washable shower curtains could be an excellent addition to your bathroom décor. These are made of high-quality material, and the color of the curtain will not fade while washing. Make your shower more fascinating with this beast curtain. It could be a beautiful dragon gift for Christmas and new year as well.

29. Coffee Mug
Dragon Coffee Mug

Coffee is one of the most favorite drinks worldwide. Americans are the top consumers of coffee. Most of them like the design and print of the mug in which they are taking drinking their coffee. For years people give mugs as a gift to those who love coffee. This dragon cup with two fascinating dragons printed on it could be the best birthday dragon gift for a coffee lover and dragon fan. The best thing about this cup Is that it is durable, and the detailing to work is adorable. If he likes other animals, there are cute penguin gifts here.

30. Leather Dragon Bracelet
Leather Dragon Bracelet

People of every age love to wear bracelets, mostly women love bracelets more compare to the men. Bracelets are used as jewelry these days. Jewelry is a weakness of any woman. This adorable leather bracelet with Dragon printed on it could be a beautiful dragon gift for your partner. They will love it. This is purely handmade and durable.

31. Crystal Pendant Set

Crystal Pendant SetA unique and intriguing design with an orb necklace pendant. This minimalist design is classic, elegant, and uses natural stones with clear carved texture. They can be worn for a considerable period of time and are both sturdy and beautiful. Suitable for men and women to wear the necklace alone or with other necklaces.

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