41 Filipino Gifts To Make Them Gasp

The Philippines has a vibrant, multicultural past that spans everything from Spanish conquistadors to Chinese settlers. It is an exciting melting pot. It’s also a source of awesome Filipino gifts!

These are some ideas that will inspire you to think differently about fashion, food, music, and art.

Filipino Gift Ideas


You are a foodie? Pulutan! Filipino Cookbook

Everybody loves a bowl of good soup adoboAlthough it is possible to make Filipino food, it may be challenging if your experience doesn’t extend over decades. It helps to have some experience in these situations. Pulutan! Filipino street food, appetizers, and bar bites.

It’ll take you on an exciting culinary journey with things like corn-dogged quail eggs and grilled coconut-and-lemongrass shrimp, but just like the street vendors of Manila, you’ll be able to make them in a snap.

coffee mug

You can raise the decibel level by: I’m Not Yelling I’m Filipino 11-Ounce Coffee Mug

Maybe she’s your long-suffering Filipino mom. Maybe he’s your best friend who absolutely thrashes you at League of Legends. This coffee mug is perfect for gift recipients who spend a lot time using their lungs to 110% capacity.

Not only can it hold a whopping 11 ounces of java, but it’s also printed with the words, “I’m not yelling, I’m Filipino.”

travel poster

If They’re Old School: Manila Philippines Vintage Travel Poster

Originally printed in the 1950s, this vintage-style poster wouldn’t be out of place in a movie palace, but it’s advertising a destination rather than a film. It says “mabuhay,” which means “welcome” in Tagalog, and it depicts a cheerful couple traveling down a road in Manila in a traditional horse-drawn carriage called a kalesa.

Their yellow clothes are a perfect match for the sepia-toned palette of the poster, but despite its aged appearance, it’s printed on modern, high-quality paper stock with a smooth coasted finish. It’ll look lovely on a home or office wall.


Fashionistas: Philippines Sun Necklace

This necklace is beautiful and will make you shine just like Quezon City’s golden skies. It depicts the sun of the Filipino flag with the eight points that represent the eight provinces of the country, and it’s also available with and without the three stars that represent the three main island groups.

It can be ordered in either silver or gold, depending on the person’s preference. Regardless of its material, it’s sure to become a trendy, stylish piece in their jewelry collection.


An Offer They Can’t Refuse: The Ninong Filipino Premium T-Shirt

This is a gift that won’t make sense to non-Pinoys, but that just makes it even more special. You have to know that “ninong” means “godfather” in Tagalog for the design to make you say, “Ohhh, that’s why it looks like The Godfather.

” Best of all, you can gift the t-shirt to both godfathers and godchildren, so it’s a multipurpose item for all kinds of birthdays, christenings and just-because occasions.

mancala board game set

Multiculturalism at Game Night Mancala Board Game Set

It is also known as sungka in the Philippines, this board game dates back thousAnds and thousands of years, so it’ll provide both education and Filipino culture is a great source of entertainment. It’s easy to play: Just move colorful glass stones on a board.

It’s the strategy that makes it fun, and it’s the beauty and geniality that makes it an enduring feature of Filipino households.

hanging ornament

Spicier Christmas Jim Shore Filipino Santa Hanging Ornament

Part of the iconic “Jim Shore” line, this figurine comes from the Around the World collection that depicts different countries and cultures. It has a small, colorful Santa Claus with a wide-brimmed straw hat in place of his usual fuzzy red one, and he’s carrying a Filipino Capiz wreath while wearing a long red robe embroidered with motifs from the east.

He’s ready to celebrate Christmas with all of your Pinoy and Pinay relatives!

filipino snack pack

It’s better than Oreos! World Food Mission Nine-Piece Filipino Snack Pack

Are they familiar with prawn crackers and how delicious they are? Are they familiar with barbecue-flavored ribbed crackling or garlic nuts? Are they familiar with the benefits of ribbed crackling? chocolate-filled chips? These are just a few of the most famous snacks from the Philippines, and whether they’re an expat craving the taste of home or a Philippines culture enthusiast trying these exotic treats for the first time, they’re sure to have a blast making their way through this crunchy, colorful care package.

bottle opener

When They’re Feeling a Little Tipsy: Stainless Steel Bottle Opener

“I (Heart) the Philippines” can be found on many mugs, t-shirts and key chains, but this bottle opener does something a little different. It just says “love” on a black square with red and blue letters and a yellow sun for the “O.

” If you don’t know Filipino culture, you might not even recognize its significance, but natives instantly will.

family sunflower sign

To Grandmother’s House We Go: Welcome to Lola’s Place Household Family Sunflower Sign

Painted on a rustic wooden sign with sunflowers, this message is plain, warm and welcoming… just like your Lol!. You can place it on the wall in your kitchen, while you prepare Sunday morning soups or Wednesday night hotcakes.

It says “welcome to lola’s place” with the hours of operation listed as “weekends, weekdays, whenever,” so it perfectly encapsulates the love and generosity of a Filipino grandma.


How to Takeover Their Dining Room Table Philippines Baguio 1,000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

Baguio is a place that anyone can enjoy. What number of people could put together the 1,000-piece puzzle of colorful colonial-era homes? Blue walls, red roofs with white fences, and green grass are some of the features. To create an idyllic view of the city, everything is neatly stacked up on top of a hill.

You will have to be a good employee. Make it happen That city is created by adding every little, intricate detail until you have a complete postcard-like photo.

escrima T-shirt

The Warrior’s Guide: Arnis Kali Eskrima FMA Filipino Martial Arts T-Shirt

Filipino martial arts (FMA), has survived over the centuries because it was a fighting technique that people of low or middle class used, rather than wealthy aristocrats with military-style training. Because of this, FMA has many loyal, fierce practitioners around the world, some even from other countries, who love its spirit and cool stick fighting demonstrations.

You can help a FMA fan by buying them a T-shirt.

mini rice cooker

For two: Dash Mini Rice Cooker

This isn’t a gift for Pinoys alone, but if they cook a lot of rice-based dishes, it might be a godsend for their kitchen. It’s a mini rice cooker that can whip up a single or double portion in 30 minutes or less, so it’s perfect for college students, amateur cooks and anyone else who doesn’t feel like slaving over a hot stove all day just to make some arroz caldo.

It even has a “keep warm” function so that you can just dump the rice and water in the pot and continue with your day. It’ll automatically shut off when the rice is cooked and keep everything warm and ready.

vintage map of Philippines

This is the history buff’s guide: Vintage Map of the Philippines

The Philippines is recognizable on maps by most people. It might surprise and delight them to find out what the Philippines looked like in 1734. Landscapes and borders are not the same thing. Every detail is done in an elegant, old-fashioned way that makes it look like someone drew every line on a scroll.

You are looking for something different for someone who is passionate about Filipino culture? This is what they will be proud to display.


You can wrap them in your home. Philippines Flag Fleece Blanket

The blanket features a soft, fleece-like material that will make you and your loved ones feel warm. Not only can it be used as a cuddly compliment to beds, couches, patios and picnics, but since it’s decorated with the colors of the Philippines flag, it’ll also be a proud tribute to their heritage.

It could be used as a blanket or hung up as an ornament on a wall. It measures 80 x 50 inches, so it’ll be nice and big for all kinds of purposes.

bright face kit

You can brighten their entire day! Nathina Bright Face Kit

Korean skincare has arrived! The Philippines has been entering the beauty game with everything from hydrating creams to exfoliating scrubs, and the Nathina Bright Face Kit is just one example of how they’re taking self-care to a new level.

They can be used to lighten, brighten, moisturize, and many other functions. Kojic acid is their main ingredient. However, they also contain a variety of well-known skin ingredients. This beauty kit will help them make their faces beautiful like Filipinas.

iPhone case

Tisoy is the Tisoy of Your Life iPhone American Filipino Flag Case

The phone case itself is amazing with its hyper-realistic colorings, shadings, and contouring. It’s also an amazing cultural token for those with a mixed American/Filipino heritage: It depicts the Philippines flag beneath a tear ripped into the American one.

This phone case is a wonderful way to show Filipino patriotism while also displaying American pride.


When They’re Always Hungry: Keep Calm and Pass the Pancit Philippines T-Shirt

They’ve slurped ramen in Japan. They’ve dug deep into pho bowls in Vietnam. It’s time to try a new type of noodle, and that noodle is the Filipino pancit. Once they’ve enjoyed its many, many varieties, they’ll definitely relate to the sentiment on this t-shirt: “Keep calm and pass the pancit.

” As a bonus, they’ll be instantly recognizable to other fans of Filipino cuisine!

strong woman T-shirt

For her empowerment: Filipina Pride Strong Woman T-Shirt

Many people know Rosie the Riveter, a picture of Rosie the Riveter showing off her biceps to show that she is a strong woman. The t-shirt puts an oriental spin on a classic western tee. The woman has dark skin and eyes, and she’s posing in front of the Philippines flag with the word “Filipina” in big, bold text.

If you know a girl who’s taking on the world one challenge at a time, this t-shirt can be a source of both national pride and personal strength.

mongo hopia pastries

A Sweet Tooth is when they have one. 4-Pack Fresh Mongo Hopia Pastries

These delicious pastries are made to order and will take your beloved one to Davao City. Their crispy, flaky layers hide a center of yellow mung bean paste, and they’re baked with all-natural ingredients that contain absolutely zero additives or preservatives.

There are five to every container and four containers to a order, so you’ll receive 20 pastries in total. They must be given within five working days.

Philippines songs CD

Casanova The Best of Philippine Love Songs CD

Sung by Jun Polistico, known in his home country as “Mr. Golden Voice,” this CD collects some of the best and most popular love songs from the past three decades of Filipino music. You will love the mix of modern songs and traditional ballads. Lol! nostalgic.

If you’re shopping for someone from an older generation, this is the CD for them!


Sugar Addicts: Lumpia Queen Funny Filipina Throw Pillow

Is she able to live on? Lomia? Is it necessary to drag your daughter to the table in order to give her actual fruit and vegetables? The pillow could be the perfect thing for her bedroom. In addition to being soft and cozy with its spun polyester fabric and plump filling, it also says “Lumpia Queen” in a funny nod to her favorite snack.

It’ll be suitable for any Filipina lady in your life, including wives, daughters, mothers and more.

decal sticker

Dual Heritage and Dual Flags Philippines American USA Flag Sun Star Filipino Decal Sticker

This decal, which combines American pride and Filipino allegiance, is a great gift. It’s primarily intended for cars but can also be applied to any flat surface that is non-metallic. It can be stuck on windows, doors, lockers and laptops. This beautiful, multicultural gift is wrapped perfectly in the Philippines sun.

baby bodysuit

When There’s a Bun in the Oven: Baby Bodysuit Made in America with Filipino Parts

The gift will make anyone laugh. It’s a baby onesie that says “made in America with Filipino parts” along with a land map of the Philippines in red, blue and yellow.

Since it can be ordered in sizes ranging from newborn to 24 months, it’ll be perfect for expecting moms and dads as well as couples having baby showers or first birthday parties. In addition to being versatile, it’s also just plain fun!


For the Dad Who’s Always at the Grill: Philippines Flag Unisex Apron

Let’s be honest: A lot of Filipino gifts are cheesy, especially ones that involve big, splashy and patriotic flags. If you want something that’s classier, you’ll need to look at gifts like this one. It’s a black apron with the Philippines flag on it, but it’s done in an understated style that incorporates and wraps around the front pockets.

Additionally, “Philippines” in spelled out in curly white text that cuts off at the top and bottom. It gets the message across, but it’s a little more elegant while it does it!


The Nuts and Bolts Genuine Tropical Brown Tiger Kukui Nut Necklace

The necklace, handcrafted by Filipino artisans, is stunning in its beauty, creativity, and craftsmanship. This necklace is made from everyday kukui nuts, and transforms them into fashionable jewelry. It’s available in sizes from 18 – 36 inches, so your gift recipient can choose how long to wear it or if they want to have double layers around the neck.

Don’t let them forget about the brown satin ribbon that can be tied in a bow as a finishing touch!

refrigerator magnet

You Can Make them Laugh Philippines 3D Refrigerator Magnet

You can send them goodies from the airport if they visit the Philippines but forget to buy a souvenir. You can find more information here This 3D refrigerator magnet will help you do it. It depicts a straw hut and a tropical tree like any good vacation trinket, and it says “Philippines” below in embossed letters.

It’ll serve as an amusingly tacky memento of their time abroad!

extra rice T-shirt

Because every grain counts: Extra Rice Philippines T-Shirt

“Exercise? I thought you said extra rice!” If you know a Pinoy or Pinay who can easily eat their weight in sinangagThis is their t-shirt. The shirt pokes light fun at the Filipino love of food, while showing their pride in being a national.

You can place the flag on the front of the shirt and make it stand out by choosing different styles, colors, and cuts.

mini flags Philippines

Declare Your Sovereignty: 25-Pack Handheld Mini Flags Philippines

These miniature flags can be used at fairs, festivals and mock UN events as colourful touchstones for Filipino culture. Each one is 8.2×5.5 inches and rests on a 12-inch wooden stick.

They can be used to decorate walkways, halls, conference areas, food stalls and fairgrounds as well as parade stops. There are many options!

survivor Philippines blu ray set

It can only be one: Survivor: Philippines Blu-Ray Set

If they’d like to witness the beauty of the Philippines islands in high definition, Survivor: Philippines This is an amazingly effective way to go about it. The show’s 25th season takes place right on the sandy, coconut-strewn beaches of the region, and the tribes are named in Tagalog for local animals.

There’s “tandang” (rooster), “matsing” (monkey) and “kalabaw” (water buffalo). Congratulations! Now you know three Filipino vocabulary words.

christmas ornament

Filipino style and holiday spirit: Maligayang Pasko Christmas Ornament

Maligayang Pasko! It means “Merry Christmas,” and with this ornament, they can say it to everyone who visits their tree. It has other, more traditional motifs like bells and reindeer as well, but its heart and soul is pure Pinoy, so it’ll make a great gift for someone who is away from home this year but still wants to keep their memories of the Philippines close.

gold crown wedding with 13 coins set

Lovebirds Elegant Gold Crown Wedding Arras With 13 Coins Set

Is the couple getting married in the Philippines Consider the traditional gift of a wedding bell if they are getting married in the Philippines. las arras. It’s an imported custom from Latin America where the bride and groom receive 13 gold coins that are inscribed with various virtues, including love, loyalty and fidelity.

The set also includes a luxurious, gold-covered crown that is made of fabric. It can hold all the coins as well as serve to be a wonderful housewarming gift.

pinback buttons

Globetrotter Creanoso Motivational Pinback Buttons

They might dream about honeymooning in the Philippines. Maybe they’ve already been to Manila or Makati, but they can’t wait to go back. These buttons and badges will speak volumes about their fun, adventurous spirit.

“Travel far enough and you’ll meet yourself.” “The Earth has music for those who listen.” “The most beautiful thing in the world is the world itself.” If any of these maxims sound like something they already have written down and pinned to their mirror, it’s the right gift for them!

license plate frame

The Truth is Hard: I’d Rather Be in Philippines Aluminum Alloy License Plate Frame

Refreshingly honest, this license plate doesn’t pull any punches. It outright says “I’d rather be in the Philippines” with two small Filipino flags flanking the text. You can put it on your car and hang it in the garage.

The possibilities are endless as long as they’re brave enough to admit that Palawan is better than Pittsburgh!

tin sign

Sending love from the Philippines Mahal Kita Vintage Replica Tin Sign

Another great vintage-style gift, this one says “Mahal Kita” on a tin sign that’s been aged to look like an old, waterlogged and sepia-toned letter. “Mahal Kita” means “I love you,” so it’s just as romantic as it is stylish.

To show your love, give it your girlfriend. Give it your boyfriend prior to he travels overseas to keep in touch with his heritage. It can be hung anywhere, so it’ll be a very versatile present.

coffee mug

When They’re Just Too Attractive For Their Own Good: Sexy Filipino Coffee Mug

“I hate being sexy, but I’m Filipino, so I can’t help it.” This hilarious coffee mug is sure to be a talking point among friends and colleagues, so if they don’t mind delivering a few winks at work, you’ve just found the perfect gift for the office professional! To really make the message stand out, the thumbprint design is included in the Philippines flag colors.

It can be ordered in either 11- or 15.-ounce quantities depending on the amount of java they prefer.

printed oil painting

Beautiful View: Tall Green Trees Tower Printed Oil Painting

Although it might not immediately be recognised as a Philippine souvenir, visitors can ask questions about the gift and discover the history of Bohol.

It’s a beautiful and tranquil island destination with tall green forests as depicted on this three-panel set. One panel wasn’t enough to fully display their majesty, so they were spread across a trio instead!

collectible currency

No Metal Detector Required: Collectible Philippine Currency

These coins are great for hobbyists and can be used as a gift or part of larger collections of foreign currencies. Five rare and exotic coins are included in each order. They range from the sentimos The piso.

They’re real money as well, but tell your friend not to spend them; some date back to 1967 and have been out of circulation for years. They’ll be amazing collectibles for Filipino culture enthusiasts of all types!


Future Fluency Pimsleur Conversational Tagalog

Do they long to be able to speak Tagalog? Pimsleur is language-learning software that’s a lot like Rosetta Stone, but it’s more intensive and more in depth, and it comes with a higher price tag. It’s the kind of thing that your loved one might not splurge on for themselves but would enthusiastically embrace as a gift.

If you want to help them expand their vocabulary beyond “musta” and “kamusta ka,” try these eight-hour audio CDs with native speakers giving valuable lessons.


For the ultimate night dance: Singkil Dancers Vintage Travel Poster

Another great retro art print, this depicts the traditional dance. singkil. As noted on the poster itself, it’s an expression of “color, beauty and rich contrasts,” and it’ll be a nostalgic nod to the past even as it decorates a modern home.

It can be hung anywhere you like, with a splash of culture and color. You can find posters in many sizes, with different materials such as paper, canvas or bamboo.

history of the Philippines book

Cultural: An Illustrated History of the Philippines Paperback

This book is a wonderful, colourful exploration that takes readers back in time to the 1500s.

It’s called, fittingly, An Illustrated History of the Philippines, and it’s filled with photos, sketches and stories about everything from the Spanish occupation to the Marcos dictatorship. It’ll expand their knowledge of the country even as it keeps them enthralled with real-life facts and figures.

Filipino Gifts: A Buyer’s Guide

Filipino gifts range from silly t-shirts, to historical treasures. These are some of the most popular. Your gift recipient? You don’t know where to start. We have compiled a list of tips and tricks that can help you buy unique gifts from the Philippines.

You should consider their interest in Filipino Culture

Why do you think they’d like a Filipino gift? Is their enthusiasm about food, culture, films, music and language? Do they really hail from the Philippines? Are they able to share good memories of backpacking in a particular city? You can narrow the gift’s scope by asking your recipients to limit their travel experiences. “Philippines culture” to something more like “historic Philippines art” or “fun stuff that will remind them of their honeymoon in Boracay.”

Do Your Homework

Double-check any cultural gifts you buy. For example, if there’s Tagalog text on it, run the words through an online translator so that your “birthday” wishes don’t accidentally say “free chicken meal.” If there’s something that claims to be a vintage flag or old-school poser, make sure that it doesn’t depict any propaganda or colonizing powers of the time. Poorly researched gifts will not only look bad, but it can also be embarrassing. downright offensive.

You can use it!

If they already own a million coffee mugs, what’s one more going to do for them? If they don’t drink, why would they need a bottle opener? Don’t make the mistake of buying something impersonal or impractical just because it has the Filipino flag on it. Be sure to ask yourself whether you are comfortable with the purchase before making a commitment. Please enter your email address It would be a pleasure to use, and I’d love it. Your country’s name on it.


Here are some Filipino gifts for someone you love who has San Vicente at their heart. We’re always open to receiving suggestions and cultural tokens or cool gifts that you might not have thought of. We’re always open to new ideas! Salamat!

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