For the woman who wants nothing, 40 gifts of something

Santa is rejected by her. Cupid tells her to take his arrows elsewhere. She’s the woman who doesn’t want or need gifts, and she’s one of the most difficult people to shop for, especially when she refuses to give you even a hint about what she might like.

Fortunately, you don’t have to show up to the party empty-handed. It’s enough to think smartly and be thoughtful when shopping for gifts. These are some gift suggestions for women who want nothing.

40 Gift ideas for the Woman Who Wants Nothing

The present of nothing box

A sense of humor is a sign that she’s sociable The Present of Nothing Box

“This gift is proof I listen,” says the top of an elegantly wrapped box with a white ribbon curling around the tag. This box looks just like what she said to you. Not to buy… but when she opens it, she’ll reveal a completely empty container! “This box contains nothing,” it says, “exactly what you wanted.

” It’ll be a hilarious gag gift for a lady who loves to laugh.

house slipper sneakers boots

Kitschy Cute: Warm Winter Women’s Indoor House Slipper Sneaker Boots

These slippers will be perfect for cold mornings, when her feet are numb and she is afraid to put them on the floor. These slippers provide full foot coverage and protection for your ankle. They also have anti-slip tread on the bottom.

These sneakers look great! She’ll love their goofy appearance even as she luxuriates in their toasty warmth. You can buy multiple colors for her to have a variety of styles!

sink dish drying rack

Minimalists: Over the Sink Dish Drying Rack

Some people say “I don’t want any gifts” when they really mean “I don’t want any more useless clutter in my house.” If you suspect that this is the case with your own gift recipient, try giving her an organizational tool like this kitchen rack.

It’ll get Everything Her countertops are stocked with dishes, sponges and soaps as well as towels, cutting boards, plates, etc. There’s even a basket for holding fruits and veggies! This gift will be a dream for a woman who’s been watching Marie Kondo.

shower steamers

Spa Day at Your Home Cleverfy Aromatherapy Shower Steamers

Bath bombs can be more trouble than they’re worth. To make your shower experience more luxurious, you can infuse them with any kind of aroma oils and scents.

This particular set is meant for sinus relief with a mix of eucalyptus and menthol, but if she’d prefer a different aromatherapy experience, you can find many other shower steamer varieties.

cloudliving experiences for her

For her to be Senseless Indulgent Experiences From Virgin Experiences

It’s always fun to get a taste of the high life, and Virgin experiences will take her away from her troubles and let her live like royalty for a few hours.

She can enjoy five-star dining, spa days and chocolate tours. Many of these experiences are also available in unusual settings. You can offer wine and cheese to her on a New York City cruise; you can have cocktails while she takes an aerial tour through San Francisco. Black-jacket waiters can also be available during your Napa Valley train ride. Virgin has endless options!

snack sampler box

Diet Destroyer Elite World Snack Sampler Box

She’ll curse you for this one, but she’ll love it, too. There are almost two pounds of cookies, cakes and candies in this box, and they’ve traveled the globe before coming to a stop in a gigantic multicultural sampler pack.

There’s chocolate biscuits made in England. In Argentina, there’s sour-gummy gummies. And there’s pixie stick from Japan. She’ll be able to walk the world even as she’s kicking up her feet and enjoying a well-earned snack.

super 3D pen

Doodlers or Dreamers Super 3D Pen

You don’t need an easel to be an artist. In fact, you don’t even need brushes and paints. You can even create 3D artwork from air with this 3D pen! It’s a budget-friendly model, so it doesn’t come with all of the bells and whistles of an actual 3D printer, but it’s still equipped with the basics of speed, temperature and precision control.

It’ll be more than enough for casual creativity, and if she’s always wanted to try out 3D technology, this will be a way to get her feet wet without having to invest in the big stuff.

desktop perpetual flip calendar

Freshly squeezed Lemon Desktop Perpetual Flip Calendar

You can turn lemons in life into an adorable calendar. This self-standing desktop prop has different columns for the month, day and weekday, and since they’re unmarked by any year, they can be used over and over again.

The last column has a small lemon emoji. You can choose different expressions depending on your mood. If you know a girl who hates clutter but loves cuteness, she won’t be able to resist this gift!

The spirit infusion kit

The Party Girl The Spirit Infusion Kit

This gift will never stop giving: the Spirit Infusion Kit. It’ll let her create her own cocktails and cosmopolitans with whatever fruits that her heart desires! The box contains everything she will need, such as a funnel, strainer, and filter disc.

There’s also a mason jar and a serving bottle with a corkscrew top. Last but not least, a recipe book can guide her hand to create everything from spiced apple cinnamon vodka to pineapple-and-coconut rum!

workout dice

Buns that are better: Skywin Workout Dice

Are they trying to shed weight? Are they unable to leave the house and go to the gym regularly? These colorful dice are a great gift idea. You can choose from the green or yellow one. The orange has different numbers; while the yellow is for different exercises such as burpees, lunges, burpees and jump jacks.

When she tosses them together, she’ll get a ready-made workout plan, and it can be completed right in the comfort of her own home!

drawing game

For a fun night of gaming: Mythical Creatures Drawing Game

Mythical Creatures might be a good choice for her if she is bored of playing Monopoly and Scrabble. It’s a fun, imaginative game for all ages, and with its near-limitless card combinations, it’ll have replay value for years to come! Players draw different cards for “subject,” “habitat” and “detail,” and their job is to combine these wacky elements into a single drawing of a made-up beast.

From horned underwater butterflies to fire-breathing elephants in outer space, this game will be unlike anything that she’s played before.

hercules tuff charging station

For her to stay connected: Hercules Tuff Charging Station

A charging station is something that everyone wants. This one has a dozen cables so you can charge six devices simultaneously. They’re compatible with everything from smartphones to handheld video game consoles since they include both regular and micro USB cables.

There are three options for colors on the charging platform: blue, silver and pink. This allows you to match your style with it. She’ll love both the fashion and the function of this versatile power bank.

indoor herb garden starter kit

For Tasty Pizza: Indoor Herb Garden Starter Kit

For city dwellers, fresh herbs are difficult to find. This indoor herb garden kit allows her to grow herbs with just water and some sunlight. The box contains all the tools you need, such as pots, soil discs and seeds.

Even if she’s a complete novice to growing things, she can follow the instructions and sprout thyme, basil, sage, cilantro and parsley. To help keep her garden organized, the kit includes small wood-burned marker pieces for plants.

wall clock

For Chronically Tardy People: Whatever I’m Late Anyway Wall Clock

Although you love her, her time management is not perfect. This sounds familiar? Give her a wall clock to embrace her. laissez faire Attitude towards appointments. The numbers are scattershot around the clock face rather than being in a traditional circle, and the text says, “Whatever, I’m Late Anyway.

” Despite this, the hour and minute hands Do functional normally, so she can use it to realize just how behind she is when she’s rushing around her apartment in the morning!


You can spoil her a little: Beautyrest Brushed Long Fur Electric Throw Blanket

It’s the product people will give as gifts, but not for their own use. It’s a long, luxurious blanket made with “brushed” fur that feels decadently soft to the touch, and there are three different heat levels that can be controlled via remote.

It’s also available in multiple sizes and colors to ensure that it’s the perfect match for your gift recipient. Whether she’d like a small, sassy leopard print or a gigantic chocolate brown couch cover, you can find a blanket to keep her warm this winter.

wood slab serving board

For Your Foodie Friend: Three-Piece Acacia Wood Slab Serving Board

She probably has cutting boards or cheese platters if she is a fan of the finer things. Are her serving trays designed to look like tree trunks or are they a set of trays? They are stunningly detailed, right down the the raw exterior bark and the brown rings at the center. These serving trays might be considered genuine pieces made from freshly-carved timber.

They’ll add a lovely natural element to nuts, cheeses, crackers and other fresh foods.

empowering questions card deck

You can reflect and react: Empowering Questions Card Deck

“What advice would my old self give to my current self?” “What kind of recurring situations or people do I attract?” These are just a few of the thought-provoking prompts that you’ll find in Empowering Questions, a series of gentle, beautiful and colorful cards that are meant to promote mindfulness in everyday life.

The best gifts are often intangible ones, so if you don’t know what else to get her, get her the gift of affirmation.

floor pouf

The Home Decorator’s Guide: Urban Shop Round Knit Pouf

This cute and chunky “floor pouf” will be perfect for everything from dorm rooms to dedicated yoga spaces. It’s made with a soft, hand-woven cotton knit, and it can be squished and squashed to her heart’s content.

It can be placed under her feet or stuffed behind her back. She can also cuddle up on it while watching a movie or playing video games. It’ll become a beloved household item with its fun range of possibilities!

wooden sign

This is for the Type A Person: I’m Totally Flexible Rustic Wooden Sign

“As long as everything is exactly the way I want it, I’m totally flexible.” If you know a take-charge go-getter who embodies this sentiment, you can poke gentle fun at her with this wooden box sign. It can be displayed everywhere from desks to walls to bookshelves, so it’ll be a versatile decoration for homes, offices, dens, libraries and studios.

She can warn everyone coming into her cubicle that she isn’t one to suffer fools!

vacuum bottle stoppers

Don’t Let That Bottle Go to Waste: Wine Saver Pump With Four Vacuum Bottle Stoppers

If she loves red wine but can’t always finish the bottle during her marathons of Grey’s Anatomy, this “wine saver” will become her new best friend. It’s a stainless steel pump that will suck the air out of the bottle in preparation of a vacuum-sealed stopper, and it’ll keep the wine fresh for another 7 – 10 days without any loss in taste of texture.

It’ll be an absolute godsend for parties, brunches and late-night Netflix binges!


For her to lift her spirits: Customized 14K Gold Plated Lotus Blossom Necklace

Is she struggling recently? Let her know the story about the lotus blossom. Despite growing in dark, muddy swamps, it’s able to push through the muck and emerge with beautiful blossoms, so it’s become a symbol of perseverance during difficult times.

To give her strength, the necklace includes a little, gold-plated lotus bloom pendant. The initials of your letter can be personalized by personalizing it with your initials. It’s also pinned to a quote card with an inspirational message of strength and resilience.


Bookworm 9-Shelf Tree Bookshelf

The benefit of this bookshelf is that it isn’t like others that she might have already. Its unique, L-shaped “tree” design gives it a decorative flair This organization efficiency is very practical. Since it stacks vertically, it won’t take up a lot of room in her home, but it’ll be a fun and eye-catching way to show off her book collection.

Perhaps she will return for more, to build her library forest.

pencil holders

Working from Home is the Best Option for Her: Screen Attached Pen and Pencil Holders

You don’t know what to buy the woman with everything. Let’s see if there is a way to make her happy. Organise everything? Office supplies aren’t exactly a sexy gift, but if she’s the practical type, she’ll definitely get some use out of these.

They’re transparent pencil holders that can be attached to the edge of any desktop monitor, so she’ll never have to worry about knocking over a pencil cup, and she’ll always have a writing tool handy to jot down a quick note or phone number.

kit kat box

To Longingly Glance at Hungry Afternoons In Case of Emergency Break Glass Kit Kat Box

This shadow box contains a Kit Kat bar, which will make it both delightful and terrifying for chocolate lovers. It says “In Case of Emergency, Break Glass,” which is a rescue that anyone with a sweet tooth can understand, but the challenge will be staring at it every day Without Not giving in to the temptation.

Can she do it? Find out by wrapping this present!

scrapbook DIY photo album

You will find beautiful and wonderful memories here: Scrapbook DIY Photo Album Creative Explosion Box

With a name like “Creative Explosion Box,” this gift has a lot to live up to, but it manages to pull it off! Instead of a square scrapbook layout, this book arranges photographs in a floral-like form around a central container of roses. There are also glittering fairy lights scattered around the photos.

The end result will be a beautiful, one-of-a-kind presentation that’s instantly selfie-ready.

bad people party game

To Destroy Lifelong Friendships: Bad People Party Game

“Whose funeral will have the smallest attendance?” “Who’s the most likely to run into a former lover and not remember their name?” These are just a couple of the questions to be found in Bad People, a card game that values brutal honesty among people who should know better.

The inventors actually call it “the party game you probably shouldn’t play” since it’s so filled with relationship-ruining potential! If you know someone who isn’t afraid of hard truths, however, this is definitely a gift to liven up a social gathering.

jewelry holder

Fly for Free Birds and Tree Standing Jewelry Holder

Uniquely gorgeous, this jewelry stand will bring together all of those bracelets, necklaces and earrings that are scattered around her vanity table, and it’ll do it with a beautiful design. From a rectangular jewelry dish, a metal tree is formed. Birds are placed at different places on the branches.

The available colors are silver, bronze, and cyan. It’ll be an excellent organizational tool as well as an elegant piece of home decor, so it’s a gift that no jewelry collector will be able to resist.

bacon candle

The BLTs She loves: S&M Candle Factory Bacon Candle

If she isn’t the type to enjoy the usual vanilla-scented candles, consider rocking her world with something completely different. The aroma of hickory-smoked bacon will permeate the atmosphere. It burns from three wicks, so there’ll be no mistaking the mouthwatering smell of a hearty breakfast, but it comes in a glass jar for safety.

All together, it’ll burn for 80 hours, so she can enjoy days and days of bacon with none of the associated calories.

wind chimes>

Below the Sea Handmade Fishbone Wind Chimes

This gift is so unique that she’ll want to display it right away. It’s shaped like the skeleton of a dearly-departed fish! It’ll fit right in with everything from dark gothic decor to quirky natural gardens filled with creative art pieces.

It’s a genuine wind chime, too, so it’ll sing a gentle song whenever a breeze passes by the porch. After receiving a keepake such as this, she might start her own collection.

water filter

When She’s Channeling Lewis and Clark: LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

This is another item that people tend to waver on buying for themselves, but when they receive it as a gift, they’re thrilled. It’s a water purification tool that they might not need right away, but they’ll be glad to have it on a camping, hiking or backpacking trip as an emergency preparedness item.

This can be a great way to introduce your girl to the outdoors if she is interested in it. Both some peace of mind when she’s trekking through the wilderness on her next great adventure.

shower curtain

If she doesn’t have enough time: 17-Pocket Shower Curtain Liner

Innovative shower curtains have already put “pockets” in their linings to hold soap and shampoo. These pockets can be waterproofed to keep soap and shampoo in place. They are also placed outside the curtains so they can store e-readers, phones and tablets.

It’s possible to watch the news, cram for last-minute tests or review project notes. It’ll be a new and surprisingly efficient way to multitask.

coloring poster

The Ambitious Artist’s Guide: Mandala Madness Giant Coloring Poster

The stress-relieving properties of coloring books for adults are well known. You can go bigger with this large-format coloring poster. It has all of the swirls and sunbursts that you’d expect from a mandala design, but they’ve been blown up to epic proportions, so they can offer a full-body coloring experience.

It measures 22×32 inches in total.

hot sauce sampler gift set

To Set Her Taste Buds Alight: Flavors of the World Hot Sauce Sampler Gift Set

Although they may be small, these hot sauce sample packs a big punch. From the mild “Garlic del Fuego” to the blazing “Budapest Fire” and “Hawaiian Lava,” your gift recipient can enjoy the peppers, chilis, jalapenos and habaneros of multiple countries.

They can be sprinkled on eggs, or used as toppings for chicken wings and burgers. This is a gift with endless possibilities… as long as her tongue can handle it!

lump of coal

This is Your Favorite Grinch Lump of Coal in Two-Inch Glacial Blue Box

The coal lump is packaged in a blue box with a white fuzzy tuft. This gift will be a hit and it’s sure to please her. This gift is strikingly similar to Tiffany boxes, thanks to its white ribbon.

Give it to someone who hates jewelry and watch her crack up when she realizes what’s Really inside! For bonus points, it’s a genuine piece of washed anthracite coal; it isn’t the cheap plastic imitation that you see in most gag gifts.

It’s the real deal.


Never be Alone again Two-Set Long Distance Friendship Lamps

Though they’re marketed as “friendship lamps,” these lamps could just as easily be given to a mother, sister or girlfriend. They’re for any long-distance duo that wants to stay connected. Simply touch the lamp you want to lighten; the lamp whose owner is matching will do the same. The colors will merge in harmony.

You’ll always know when she’s been thinking of you!


Listen to me Roar! Someone Amazing Women’s Graphic Funny T-Shirt

“Once in awhile someone amazing comes along… and here I am.” Give her the gift of confidence with this stylish, self-affirming tee. She can rock it in blue, yellow, purple, tie-dye and several other bright and cheerful colors, and it’s available in different cuts and sizes to ensure a perfect fit.

She could find the right thing to help her put her best foot forward!

vino marker metallic wine glass pens

For Tipsy Scribbles: Vino Marker Metallic Wine Glass Pens

This is a wonderful gift to give to a woman who enjoys wine. These markers are easy and can be applied on glasses, bottles, goblets, and other glassware. The ink requires just a few minutes to “dry,” and then it’ll stay on without smears or smudges until hot, soapy water is applied.

They can be used to write messages on gift boxes; they can also be passed around to guests during bachelorette parties or game nights for some raunchy entertainment. You have endless possibilities with this fun and creative gift.


Nama-Stay Away I’m Mostly Peace Love and Light Funny T-Shirt

Does she like the free-spirited? Is she a fan of yoga, meditation and reiki? This t-shirt can be worn with the usual gift of jasmine-scented candles and wicker bags. This t-shirt depicts a traditional zen woman wearing a classic. sukhasana pose with the words, “I’m mostly peace, love and light.

.. and a little go f*** yourself.” To add to the humor, the curse word is censored with a combination of peace signs and lotus blossoms!

towel rack

For her to remain happy and toasty Electric Heated Clothing/Towel Rack

Who doesn’t love a warm towel straight out of the dryer? With the help of this heated rack, your gift recipient can enjoy the feeling after every shower, and she won’t even need to trek to the laundry room to get it.

It’ll just stand in the corner of the bathroom and warm up her towels while she’s bathing. It can also be used as a quick-drying tool when she’s done! You can say goodbye to moldy growths or funky smells from wet towels that have been left behind in heaps. This rack will keep your items soft and fluffy.


For Years of Entertainment: Micro Pure White Hell Jigsaw Puzzle

If she’s the type to quickly bore of cheap or low-quality presents, get her one that she’ll be pouring over for Ages. It’s a 1,000 piece puzzle where every piece is pure white and shaped almost exactly the same! It’s aptly named a “Hell” puzzle because it’s so exceedingly difficult to complete that even grand puzzle masters have given up in the attempt.

If she’s able to get it done, she’ll have truly accomplished something.

The book of me-journal and scrapbook

The Gift that Never Stops Giving The Book of Me: A Do-It-Yourself Memoir

If you aren’t sure what to give her, consider giving her something unexpected: herself. The Book of Me is part journal, part scrapbook, and it’ll let her chronicle her life’s story in preparation of passing it down to the next generation.

You can find prompts that will help her get started, and lots of blank space for her to be creative. With this DIY memoir tool, she can draw, write, doodle, and even dream.

She doesn’t want anything: What Do You Buy?

She might already have everything. Perhaps she doesn’t have anything and likes that. Whatever her reasons for being a difficult gift recipient, you don’t have to give up hope of finding a present that actually makes her happy. Below are some suggestions to make your gift giving easier.

Gift her an experience or an emotion

If she isn’t the type to care about material goods, you might have better luck with a present that evokes a memory or offers an experience. You could give her a kit to make your own DIY projects, or fill her notebook with personal messages. This type of gift will be valuable beyond its retail price.

Take into account her needs

It could be that she is not want anything, but there’s probably something out there that she Needs. If practicality is your preference, you can buy a present that serves a practical purpose. Even if she has an existing item, you could buy it a revised version. Gifts don’t have to be flashy to be appreciated!

Figure Out Why She Doesn’t Want a Gift

You can find them here many reasons There are many reasons why she may be reluctant to receive a gift. For example, she might not want to add to an already-cluttered home, or she might have very specific tastes that other people rarely get “right.” If you can figure out why she doesn’t like receiving most gifts, you’ll get a better picture of what gifts that she’ll actually appreciate.


These are only a few ideas to gift the woman who has everything. She’s a tricky lady to shop for, but if you really set your mind to it, you can find something that she’ll like. When she opens the gift, it will all be well worth it!

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