Funny 60th Birthday Poems for Sister


Because they face so many obstacles, it is believed that this is the most difficult age for women. If your sister turns 60, it is a good idea to send her inspirational birthday wishes. These will inspire and empower her, as well as wish her a happy birthday.


Think about it, you probably shared the same tummy with your sister, and even if you do not, you share the same siblings’ feelings. After all these years of childhood jokes and pranks that you fed off each other, adult battles that never ended and more, who knows what’s next? There are many choices: there are good ones and bad, crazy ones and common ones. Even with all these options, it is still possible to be with your sister. These funny 60th birthday wishes for sister will give you that special feeling of celebrating her. It’s the best way to express your love for those who matter the most. This list comprises both funny rhyming poems for sisters as well as non-rhyming poems for sisters if you’re looking for different options.

So, don’t hesitate to use these collections below.


Funny 60th birthday poems for your sister


Sisters are the very marrow in our bones
This allows us to keep our heads high.
Sister is a word that’ll be heard for quite many years,
And will never be forgotten even when we’re so old.
It’s always fun to share those memories on our birthdays.
Your sister, happy 60th birthday.


1. This is the best day of your entire life!
You are sixty-years old.
It’s the beginning of your higher level
Never forget that you will always be younger
Dear sister, Happy 60th Birthday!


2. I hope you have an unforgettable party
Particularly on your 60th Birthday.
Let’s celebrate your life well-lived.
Don’t count the candles on your cake.
They are less than your actual age.
I love you sis.

3. Family and friends are the most important thing in life.
We’re celebrating your 60th birthday.
I hope you enjoy your favorite meal.
You will party like no one else!
All the people you love can be found here
Happy Birthday! You are loved, sis.

4. Dearest sister
I hope you find something to celebrate today.
Because you’re 60 years old
For all the amazing things you’ve done in life.
The amazing moments we share
You have my best wishes for a happy birthday.
I love you sis.


5. Your 60th Birthday
I hope you have an unforgettable party.
Dance to the beat of the music
Be mindful of your waistline
You are 60 years old today
It’s not a 25-year-old woman.
Dear sister, Happy Birthday


6. You’ve got the life, and you deserve a special party.
Let’s celebrate your 60th birthday in style.
I can’t wait to party with you on this special day.
I wish you a happy sixtyth anniversary.
All your hopes and dreams may be fulfilled.
You are my sis.

7. We love you and can’t help but celebrate your life
Cheers to sixty more years of happiness and love.
If you want to be told that you are young
Then you will realize that you are old enough
I hope you have a great birthday party.
Happy 60th Birthday to you.

8. Happy 60th birthday sis!
You are the most amazing person I know.
Thank you for everything
I wish you an unforgettable party
Never stop growing and never falling
You are my best friend!

9. I hope you have a great 60th Birthday!
This is because you have plenty time
Spend time with your loved ones.
You deserve great times!
Especially after everything you’ve accomplished in your life.
Your best years yet
Happy 60th birthday, sister


10. It’s your 60th birthday
Celebration and relaxation.
The labor of many years
It was hard work over many years.
You have the right to relax.
I wish you lots of time
There’s more to celebrate, happy birthday

11. Time to spend time with loved ones
It’s time to reminisce about the wonderful memories
For someone like you
You are a diamond age and you deserve it all
Get the most out of your life
My sister, Happy 60th Birthday.

12. A sister for her 60th Birthday
60 years is a significant milestone.
You’ve done so much in your life
And I hope you will do more
Because that’s exactly how you want it.
Now, however, you’re retired.
Happy Birthday!

13. Dearest sister
It’s your 60th birthday
Like a blossom that blooms
Just a quick wish for a wonderful time.
Because you deserve it!
Have fun


14. Joy makes the heart happy
Like wine does, but even more
I hope you have a wonderful 60th birthday celebration.
Would they have received the respect due to them?
People you love are all around you
In the future, we will keep going
Happy 60th birthday, dear sister.

15. Your principle was hard work
Your sermon was humility.
You have been so dedicated.
Overcoming many difficulties over the years.
Now, it’s time to reflect on all the good things
Get up and move with a smile.
Dear sister, happy 60th birthday!


16. Happy 60th Anniversary!
You are the best sister in the entire world.
I’m glad you still have all your teeth intact
You smile might be more attractive
Celebrate this wonderful occasion with your friends
I know you’ll have a great time today.

17. Speak S-IXT-Y.
I wish you and your guests a wonderful time
There are no dull moments when you’re with us
Celebrate your 60th Birthday.
You are getting younger
We all want to lie.
Dear sister, Happy Birthday


18. White reflects lily’s beauty
Think of everything you’ve done till your special birthday.
The beautiful roses glow in red
Consider the friendships that you have made up to now
Take your joy from them
Scream at the top
It’s your 60th birthday, dearest sister.

19. Dear sister
Beautiful people are so quick to make time.
Your diamond age can be found here
Happy 60th birthday!
You are the epitome and embodiment of kindness
And the happiness you’ve brought to others
You will always be my friend

20. Your hard work and generosity.
Many people’s lives have been transformed for the better.
I know you’ve worked hard in your life,
But today, it’s your time to celebrate.
All appointments and schedules should be made with rest
We celebrate 60 memorable year today.
Happy birthday, darling sister.

21. Hard work is the key to all your accomplishments
Your love for perfection almost drove everyone crazy
Many people look up to you as a source for inspiration and love.
If I could only choose one aspect about you
Your eyes would see it.
Happy 60th Day to you, my sister.


22. If you could tell me one thing about yourself today, what would it?
Your kind words and your sense for humour
You are a darling made of heaven
My beautiful sister, happy 60th birthday
You may live long.
Send me my cake, or I’ll get my poem.

23. You deserve a great time
It’s a time to look back on the remarkable past
Today, bring a smile on your face.
So we’ve gathered up some birthday discounts
So you won’t have to buy on credit today
For more years, cheers!
Happy 60th Birthday to you.

24. Your 60th Birthday is a special occasion.
You can look at the seasons and ages.
God’s praises and thanksgiving are due
Your life and your time here on earth
You are more beautiful when you’re angry
Happy 60th birthday, my dear sister.


25. Dearest sister
I hope you have a wonderful time at your party tonight.
Tonight is an exception
We are in violation of your rules
Today, lights out won’t hold
We want to party until dawn
Happy 60th Birthday to you.

26. Also, I hope that we can have some time to chat afterwards!
Let’s reason together
Reminiscing on 60 years is a good time to reminisce about the past and find them again
You must not forget anything before you begin to forget.
Recall, I wanted you to know that I was thinking of you
Happy birthday to your 60th birthday
Cheers, dear sister.


27. Happy birthday, my dear sister!
We are throwing a party for you.
We want to surround you with people who love you.
You will always treasure diamonds.
For you are the diamond league elders
Happy 60th Birthday to you.

28. A happy 60th birthday to my funny and sweet sister!
I hope it’s full of the most delicious cake
Even if you’re not active anymore, your taste buds will still be alive
She is happy when she is surrounded with amazing people
We would be glad to help you.
Your new age will be full of dancing and adventure.

29. My amazing sister, Happy 60th Birthday!
Like champagne. I wish you a lively day.
All year round, it is full of adventure.
It’s the beginning of your walk into paradise
I hope you have the stamina to take a long, strenuous walk.

30. Here’s to my fabulous sister
Happy 60th Birthday!
If I could, it would be filled with many bottles
Waste of money, you’ say
There are a million more adventures.
Waste of strength, you’d say
You are actually getting older.

31. My wonderful sister, Happy 60th Birthday
I wish you happiness, health and success.
Happy 60th birthday! Here’s to your continued fabulousness
Your 30s may be your competition in your new age
All the adventures you have!
Recommendations are welcome.


32. Cheers to 60 wonderful years
You are my favorite sister
It’s possible to live a life that seems endless.
Happy milestone years and happy birthday!
Enjoy laughter and fun.
It’s great to see that you are moving backwards.

33. Happy 60th anniversary!
A life of happiness and success.
The blessing of family time.
Always give your best
It’s not just about talking
We wish you a happy future, my dear sister.

34. Sending love and best wishes to my sweet and dear sister
Happy birthday to all!
Happy 60th! That’s the sound in the air
Here’s to a bright future for a sibling!
You are more important to me than you are to me.
Happy Birthday!

35. Happy 60th birthday, my favorite sister!
I can’t wait to dance you around the kitchen
Your dancing moves I will be watching from afar
And know if it’s still in you
We wish you a bright future.

36. A new age to rejoice and sing together.
I wish you a day filled with love
Joy and friendship are important too.
My favourite day of the year is your birthday
This is your 60th birthday.
I want to let you know how much I appreciate you.
Dear sister, Happy Birthday


36. From a sister, to a sibling
Thank you so much for making me your sister
Many thanks for being a friend.
Happy 60th Birthday.
We wish you a wonderful day with all of your loved ones.
I would love to have my cake sent to me electronically.

37. Dear sister
Today, you have given the world the best possible gift.
Another decade full hope
I hope you have as much fun with the big 6-0!
I hope they make lots of cakes for your birthday party.
Many happy returns to this day.

38. Let your 60th anniversary be as exciting as it can be!
As exciting as you are.
May there be plenty of fun!
Even today, unwind and flex.
Your party will be a success if you share your cake
Your words should be as succulent as your mouth.
Happy 60th birthday, my dear sister.

39. My special sister
I hope you have a great birthday celebration
You are just as unique as you.
I wish you many joyous returns.
Keep up the great work
Never forget that 60 is a longer time.
Happy Birthday!

40. You are charming and sweet.
Dear sister, I’m awed that you are super-talented
You deserve a super-fun birthday!
I hope you don’t fall too quickly into momentary memory loss.
I hope you get a big layer cake from someone.
Let’s share with your friends and family.


41. Dear sister
It’s your 60th birthday
I wish you a happy birthday!
It’s a milestone along the way.
I hope that your legs can carry you many miles.
Cheers to many more years.

42. 60 is the new 30.
And you’re the kind of person
It takes energy and motivation to do so.
I wish you a wonderful birthday!
My dearest sister, happy birthday
Your 60th Birthday.

43. You’re the kind of person
A person who has the motivation and energy to do so
To show that 60 years are not just numbers
As far as I’m concerned, you are thirty years old.
With over 30 years of experience.
We wish you a great birthday!
Dear sister, Happy Birthday

44. I hope you remember that your 60th Birthday is coming up.
It’s only the beginning.
You’re the kind of person who
Is a great inspiration and has the energy to do so
To motivate many people.
You’ve got many years to prove that.
Your 60th birthday is proof.
Happy birthday, dear sister.

45. This sounds corny.
But it’s absolutely true:
60 is the new 20. Happy birthday.
This is a prime example: You!
I wish you a happy birthday filled with joy and excitement.
My dear sister, Cheers to a better future.


46. You’re not 50 anymore
But that doesn’t mean you’re 80.
You have the motivation and energy to continue working.
To live your life as you wish.
I hope you have a great birthday.
Happy 60th Birthday to you.

47. Dear sister
Happy Birthday, keep up the good work.
Let’s make it a memorable one.
After all, it’s your 60th birthday.
Enjoy life; it’s your 29th birthday.
We wish you many more wonderful years.

48. You’ve got more energy than lions.
You are able to conquer difficult tasks
The ease and speed with which you handle everything
And the fact you’re not afraid to take risks
This makes you the perfect one.
Now that you’re 60, rest more.
Happy birthday, dear sister.

49. Dear sister
Happy 60th Birthday to you.
Everyone sees you as the brightest light in their lives
It’s time you make others your apple.
You have the strength and determination of a younger person
My dear sister, I wish you many happy returns.

50. You didn’t just sit and wishes for success
You took the chance and worked hard
Plus, you can keep your own!
It’s all about meeting new people
That’s makes you more special.
Happy Birthday, Ironwoman at 60.
Happy birthday. Sister.


52. Dearest sister: Happy birthday
You have proven that there’s no reason
You don’t have to wait for the big 6-0 in order to have a blast.
It’s your time to celebrate.
You’re finally 60, my sister.
It’s hard to believe;
You don’t look a day over 40.

53. Congratulations, dear sister
I wish your birthday was nothing less than spectacular
Happy Birthday to my sister
You will always be my big sis.
You are my secret weapon.
But I hope you don’t forget them.

54. I’m so excited about your 60thbirthday.
I can’t wait to share a drink with you. We love you!
You have the motivation and energy to make a difference.
Even though you are 60 years old, your heart can still be 20 years old
To the best sister of the world
Happy birthday @60 years

55. She is my big sister.
She is 60 years of age today
Filled with grey hairs, but a young heart.
Someone I will always love and admire.
To whom I can speak anything
I’m so excited for this special day!
Happy 60th Birthday to you.

56. You’re the best sister in the world
We are so fortunate to have you.
You’re always there for us,
Your unwavering support and love.
We can’t wait to celebrate your 60th birthday.
We love you so much!


57. Birthday girl! Happy 60th, sis
Here’s to 60 more.
We will always love you if you are the best that we know.
Love you always.
You are still young, even though you are grandma
Do not forget that you are already older.

58. It is an incredible milestone to reach 60
You can also call your baby sister “Baby Sister”
I know you’ll have the best time
This amazing event can be celebrated with everyone
We love you so much
You are still the comedian in the family
Happy Birthday!


59. Your 60th Birthday
I promise to keep my fingers crossed for your happiness.
I hope I don’t forget this promise
Just like you forget many of your promises
I will be the best version of you
I will continue to support you!
Happy Birthday!

60. We are thrilled to celebrate this milestone with all of you.
We are also grateful for your inspiration.
We celebrate your success with you and others.
Today, it is 60 years old.
I hope that your smile remains as wide as possible.
As you were when you were younger
Sister, be young forever and happy 60th anniversary

61. The best to save for the end
I hope you enjoy these birthday wishes
Make your 60th birthday memorable and enjoyable.
You are a fun loving sister
You can’t be stopped.
Happy birthday to your best sibling.


62. Maybe your 70th birthday will bring you some good news
For a true indication of your age, add more white hairs
Now, we wish that your years are filled with laughter
More adventure and more friendship
We are all inspired by you!
Happy 60th birthday, sister

63. Happy 60th Birthday!
You can be as funny and wonderful as you like.
If laughter is your best medicine, you will find it.
You may experience a few days of hiccups.
We wish you all the best
Happy 60th birthday to my beautiful sister

64. Your birthday is an important day.
For those with a large heart
You may not get my wishes.
A gift that is exactly what you would expect
You’d be able to smile at it.
Happy 60th Birthday to a beautiful sibling.


65. Every moment of this age should be celebrated
Send love and care to blow you away
Don’t worry about the rest!
You will live for many more years.
Your life should be filled with mercy
With a group of love, joy, and all their friends
Happy 60th Birthday to my beautiful sister.

66. Dearest sister
The same womb as you
A great honor
This is the day you turn 60.
I celebrate the goodness you bring to my life
My dear sister, laugh all the way
Happy 60th Birthday to my beautiful sister


67. Dear sister
I wish I could do more for you
Because you deserve to be treated well
But who would pamper a sixty-year-old woman?
You should not be the only one. Well, let’s do this
60 years is a good age for you
My beautiful sister, happy birthday

68. Doubt can be the opposite of hope
May your hopes remain alive
This is the day you turn 60.
I wish that you have many more years.
For the next 60-years,
May the light shine upon you
Happy Birthday, my sister.

69. Happy 60th Birthday!
Sister, you’re worth more than diamonds
Today, no cupcakes.
Because now you are officially
Above and beyond,
Sister, happy birthday
You are loved beyond measure.

70. Happy 60th Birthday to a sister
Your life will be filled with the greatest joy
Your age speaks volumes on paper
But it will be our little surprise
You are now 60 years old.
Happy Birthday!

71. You are the joy of every day
We share our happiness with you
You are now 60 years old
You will live in perfect peace for all eternity
Enjoy our cakes!
My dear sister, Happy 60th Birthday


72. Happy Birthday, my dearest sister
The calendar might tell its own story
However, we are aware that you are younger than us.
Your birthday rings a bell
Your vibes are still there
We are grateful for your kindnesses and care.
Happy 60th Birthday, sister.

73. Happiness is all about living a happy life
I’m glad you’ve sown 60+ years into that.
Everyday, the meaning of your life is revealed
Once the purpose is determined
Then everything makes sense.
I look forward to celebrating you at your century
Happy 60th Birthday to my beautiful sister

74. Everyone is amazed by the expanse of the sky
We all know that even the most important things start small.
How does 60 years look?
Your years of experience are right at your fingertips.
Glows in wonder.
You can never stop spreading positive vibes.
Happy 60th Birthday, my sister

75. To me, you are more than gold
Like a flower that doesn’t wither
So, you are. Even at 60.
Happy 60th birthday!
Keep soaring higher
Happy Birthday, sister.

76. The myths of life have been discredited
We discover why we were born.
Dear sister, you are one package.
It is full of beauty and love
Peace be with you in this new age
May your beauty never be lost
Your children will be more beautiful if they are younger.
You are still special. Happy 60th Birthday.

77. You have a sister like her
Who can be both a relative or a friend?
It is bliss. It is a river flowing with gladness
With your beauty span of 60 years
Everything you see shines and reflects.
My sister, happy 60th birthday!


78. A sister like none other wishes you a happy birthday.
Your smile is angelic.
To begin a task, one must have enough glucose
God and man are very special about you
You have had a greater impact at 60 than you expected
Happy Birthday, my sister.

79. Welcome to the diamond league.
Our world is blessed by you, my sister
You can still scold like an educator
You remain, my darling sister,
This is my 60th birthday.
Resign from your scolding
Happy Birthday!

80. Dearest sister
I will remember you forever
It’s not because of spicy foods
Because you inspire hope
In the hearts that have been lost
You are a special part of the family
Happy 60th Birthday to my sister.

81. Do you still consider yourself a woman when you are sixty?
We need another tag, I believe.
But I wouldn’t call you aged
Because you still seem so young.
60 look great on you
You will always be my beautiful sister
Happy 60th birthday!


82. Happy 60th birthday!
Dear sister, your face shine brighter.
Even more than the sun.
Twinkle with the stars!
You will always be my love.
To the next seventy years of earth’s existence
In good health.
Happy 60th Birthday to you.

83. My darling sister
Happy 60th birthday!
Would I give a diamond gift?
But, you’re already a jewel
In your won rights
You deserve all of the attention in the world
Happy Birthday to my sister


84. Day by day
Month by month
Year after year.
The good news is that life goes on
But it can’t stop me from imagining.
You are blessed with women.
Happy 60th birthday, my precious sister.

85. Dearest sister
You have earned the right to compete for Miss World
Only the 60 categories above are eligible
I wish you abundant blessing
There are many more years to come!
My sister, happy 60th birthday.

86. Even though the stars may seem far away,
They reflect the beauty of the earth.
Even though you may be far away
I can sense your birthday in the sky
Happy Birthday, sister.
At 60 years old, you are much younger.


87. Although I wish you to be younger,
However, I want to see you age in grace.
The wealth of your experience is irreplaceable
Dear sister, happy 60th birthday!
I wish you a splendid birthday.

88. Your revolution equals 60 today.
You did it 60 times around sun.
I hope you can still jog as before
We also keep an ambulance nearby
Dear sister, happy 60th birthday!

89. Celebrations can be like a medicine
It makes your heart happy and free.
Today we remember you at 60
All the best for you!
It’s our turn to keep reminding you
One of the most important things you can do.
Dear sister, happy 60th birthday!

90. You won’t get any older
Although we all want that feeling for you,
You know that I will always be truthful
Happy 60th birthday, sister
You have a lot to look forward to in the new age
Happy Birthday to my sister

91. My message to you on your 60th Birthday is:
There are many reasons to be happy
60 years of memorable memories gone
In the realm of history
Have fun with your old photos
Because they give you a feeling
What length of time you’ve been around?
You are a dear sister. Happy Birthday!


92. Beautiful sister
Happy 60th Birthday to you.
Your value is more than a gram of gold
Although I have never received one from you
As a sister would, you’d always be there for each other
You are more than one thing to me.
You are my love.

93. It takes 60 years to reach 60.
What if you took a different route than the sun?
Happy 60th Birthday to you.
You are a darling. Keep shining.

94. The longer the years go by,
The more you are special, the better.
I hope you smile more today.
How does a smile after 60 years look?
I can stop that research with you
Dear sister, Happy 60th Birthday!

95. You haven’t aged a single day
You’ve clocked 30
Perhaps you’re 30 years old
But, with more than 30 years of experience.
Happy 60th birthday, sister
We are here to help.

96. Happy birthday, baby sister
60 years is considered an advanced age
But you still remain my younger sister
We wish you all the very best
I hope you can down your troublemaking
Because your age will come back on you.
Happy 60th Birthday.


97. To love a sister as no other
What is the sibling’s responsibility?
But you are special to us
I wish that you have more laughter
Laugh more, don’t mind the gossips
Happy 60th Birthday, sister.

98. Diamonds are not always available
You are, my dear sister
As we get older each year
Happy 60th Birthday, baby girl.
When it comes to shining, you are a match for the sun
Keep shining.

99. Your growth is unlimited
Your development is mandatory
Your expansion is compulsory
I wish you expansion in all areas
Other than your physical size
Dear sister, Happy 60th Birthday!

100. Let your blessings be like the rain.
Your favor shines like the sun
Your prosperity will blow like the wind.
Rejuvenate yourself in the new age
We might be able to get your opinion on what 60 looks like
Happy 60th Birthday, sister.

What do they have to say about poetry? They convey the right messages better than words. This list of 60 funny birthday poems for sisters will ensure that your sister receives both humor and birthday messages in one. These funny poems are guaranteed to make your sister’s day. Please share this article with your friends. We are inspired by your feedback.

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