50 Gifts for 16-Year Old Boys


Teenage boys are difficult gifts to purchase. It’s like their definition of cool and uncool changes by the hour.

Check out these 50 top-selling gifts for 16-year-old boys.

For 16-year-old boys, gift ideas


For Burrito Lovers: Jorbest Tortilla Blanket

Double-sided, this blanket looks exactly like a tortilla and is an essential item for serious burrito fans. The soft texture is perfect for cuddling up and the eco-friendly dye means it will last a lifetime.

toilet golf game

You can make your toilet time more productive: Barwench Games Toilet Golf

If he’s going to be sitting on the toilet all day, he might as well make it count. It’s a funny gag gift idea for your teenager boy. It comes with a putter, two golf balls, a cup & flag, a putting green, and a Do Not Disturb sign.

cravebox care package

You can satisfy their cravings for a snack: CraveBox Care Package

They won’t be rummaging through the pantry anymore! This CraveBox Care Package includes 45 of your teenagers’ most beloved snacks like chips, candy, crackers, and granola bars. Give them snacks to bring a smile to their faces.


For Pizza Lovers: Pizza Socks Box

Trending now: Socks! Not only are teenagers wearing socks, but they’re tucking their pants in them so that you can still see them. Make your teenager’s face light up with this novelty sock box.

You can fold the socks up to look like pizza slices, which makes it even more funny.

spikeball kit

For them to go outside Spikeball Kit

Spikeball is what’s new in outdoor sports. It’s like volleyball meets four square, and kids are flipping over it. The standard Spikeball package includes three balls and a net that folds down. It also comes with a carry bag with drawstring for transport.

card game

For Game Night Enthusiasts: Kids Against Maturity Card Game

This hilarious card game can make game night your favorite memory. It’s a guaranteed way to get them off of their devices, a refreshing change to the regular games you may play, and an easy way to get them talking.

laptop backpack

So They’ll Keep Up With Their Stuff: Herschel Little America Laptop Backpack

The trendiest backpack by Herschel is a must-have for teens. It’s becoming the most sought-after gear among all teens. Because of its classic and simple design, it is the ideal accessory to any outfit. It also has many compartments that make organization easy.

bath and body gift set

So He’ll Actually Smell Like He Took a Shower: Perry Ellis 360 Bath & Body Gift Set

Perry Ellis’ great gift set for bath and body will help you beat the funk. It’s a 4-piece gift set that comes with shower gel, deodorizing spray, and two bottles of toilette spray. For a pleasant scent, it has cedarwood and cinnamon notes.

Harry's gift set

To meet their shaving needs: Harry’s Holiday Gift Set

Help him get rid of that stubble with a beginner’s shaving set from Harry’s. The 3-piece set includes a razor and shave gel. Each product contains Aloe vera gel for gentle first shave.

men's skin care system

Acne-Prone Skin Tiege Hanley Men’s Skin Care System

Tiege Hanley offers a high-quality, affordable skincare solution that will remind him of the difference between body wash and face wash. This includes both a daytime and nighttime moisturizers, a face wash and an exfoliator. The level 1 system prepares him to take care of himself continuously.


For Athletes: CrazyDog Flex Tanktop

CrazyDog’s funny tank top will make your teenager obsessed with his muscle definition. You can buy this hand-made, high quality t-shirt in 8 different colors to make sure your teenager has one for every day.

coffee lovers collection

So They’ll Stop Drinking Your Coffee: Keurig Coffee Lovers Collection

The 60-count variety pack includes single-serve cups in single-serve sizes. This is the perfect gift for any caffeine addict. It includes 20 different flavors, so if you’re looking for a way to keep them out of your coffee stash, consider this.

water bottle

You can keep them hydrated: Iron Flask Sports Water Bottle

Iron Flask Sports Water Bottle provides next-level hydration. This brand uses 100% non-toxic, BPA-free stainless steel. He can also choose from 24 different color options and three different lids to customize his hydration experience.

outdoor man gift box

For Outdoorsy Types: Boxzie Outdoor Man Gift Box

If your teenager loves everything outdoors, he’ll be thrilled to have the Boxzie Outdoor Man Gift Box. You will receive a Rambo knife as well as an insulated tumbler and soap. This is the perfect gift for any little survivalist.

scratch off maps poster

To Travel Lovers Wanderlust Scratch Off Maps

Wanderlust Scratch Off Maps include both a U.S. and world map. You can have your little traveler mark the locations as you go on adventures. He will then have a visual representation of where he’s been and where he’s going.

bean bag chair

The new Time Out Chair Chill Sack Bean Bag Chair

Chill Sack Bean Bag Chair looks like a very comfortable couch. It comes with a removable cover so that you don’t have to worry about persistent odors or stains. This chair is ideal for studying, gaming, lounging, and napping.

wearable blanket

For Lazy Bones: COMFY Wearable Blanket

Don’t let him use your nice throw blankets one more day. Comfy Original, a soft blanket you can pull up on your legs with is large enough for anyone to wear. You can wear it as a hoodie or as a backpack. The front pocket allows you to store snacks and other items.

interior car lights

For a more exciting ride: Govee Interior Car Lights

Govee Interior Strip Lights have become a rage when it comes car decor. They are flexible waterproof lights that can be easily installed and color-changed right from your smartphone. You can sync them to your music.

gaming chair

For Passionate Gamers: Shuanghu Gaming Chair

It is made to withstand the demands of even the most arduous gamers. It has the ability to recline between 90°- 150°, and sports neck and lumbar support for those extra long gaming sessions. This chair also doubles as a desk chair for when they’re catching up on their studies.


The Curious Astronomer: Celestron Portable Telescope

Show him the sky isn’t the limit with the Celestron Portable Telescope. The package includes a tripod, telescope and accessories. This great deal also gives you access to Celestron’s astronomy software app.

drawing set

For aspiring artists: Norberg & Linden Drawing Set

The Norberg & Linden Drawing set is one of the most highly rated sketch kits because of its great quality and reasonable price. The kit includes graphite pencils and charcoal pencils as well as a 100-page sketchbook. Sharpeners and erasers are also included.


You’re the Stylish Ones BarbedRose Hoodie

The graphic t-shirt and the hoodie are combined in this graphic t-shirt. It is the ideal choice for teenage boys because of its vivid colors and abstract design. The fabric is fade resistant and will remain his favorite hoodie over the years.

LED strip light

You can lighten their lives: DAYBETTER LED Strip Lights

These DAYBETTER LED strips lights can be used for all kinds of decor purposes. They can be used to illuminate the wall behind his TV, to outline his furniture or to add color to his bedroom.

They’re easy to stick on, easy to remove, and have a remote control to change the color.


For the Latest Trends: Crocs Classic Clogs

Crocs are in fashion again, with so many colors to choose from as well as accessories. They’re a great choice for any informal occasion, from the gym to the beach. Even insulated models are available for those colder days.

men's roller skate

Roller-skaters Reewind Men’s Roller Skate

The Reewind Men’s Roller Skates are great for all skill levels, so whether your teenager is a beginner or a pro, he’ll love these skates. They have great ankle support, and they’re made to sustain a lot of impact and come in four great colors.

shoe organizer

For Sneakerheads: NEATLY Shoe Organizer

The NEATLY Shoe Organizer is the gift that your 16-year old didn’t know he needed! You get 12 clear organizing bins which you can stack or arrange to your liking. The grated back provides ventilation and storage.

100 books scratch off poster

The Bookworms’ Guide: Enno Vatti 100 Books Scratch Off Poster

As a bookworm, it’s pretty tough to find new books to read. With this scratch-off poster from Enno Vatti, he won’t have to worry about that for a while. This poster features 100 life-changing books in all genres.


For their mental health: Mindfulness for Teens Journal

He’s in a very transformational time in his life right now. With this mindfulness journal from Jennie Battistin you can help him to cope with life and remain calm. This mindfulness journal contains a variety of activities that take approximately 10 minutes each.

basketball superstar cards collection

This is for all you basketball lovers: 40 Basketball Hall-of-Fame & Superstar Cards Collection

These vintage cards will make your basketball enthusiast lose his mind. These cards come in a 40 pack and include some of the most prominent basketball players of the NBA.

lightning reaction shocking game

You’ll literally shock him by this game Lightning Reaction Shocking Game

Lightning Reaction party game will thrill your guests. Its objective is to test the player’s reaction time, and those with the slowest speed get zapped! For added entertainment, you can also adjust the shock level.


You can wow your music lover by using these tips: FullLight Tech Bluetooth Beanie

Hats and headphones usually don’t mix, but with the FullLight Tech Bluetooth Beanie, you can serve two purposes with one product. To keep him warm and comfortable while out, this beanie has upgraded HD speakers.


For him, a meaningful gift that lasts is: Mealguet Inspirational Bracelet

Mealguet has created this bracelet made of stainless steel that features an ingenious quote. It will remind your teenager boy how much you care. Its simple braided design will compliment any outfit, and it’s resistance to rust and corrosion makes it a perfect lifelong keepsake

solar boomerang

Fun Lovers will love this: Solar Boomerang

The Colorado Boomerangs’ solar boomerang is an awesome new take on the classic toy. The boomerang uses solar energy to alter its color, and each purchase includes a guide to how to use it properly.

shower speaker

You can enhance his shower concerts by: ASIYUN Bluetooth Shower Speaker

ASIYUN Bluetooth speakers are versatile and can be used in any situation. The waterproof design makes the speaker a great addition to your shower. However, it is also ideal for meeting and phone calls.


He needs to be rescued from his mind Keri Smith’s Wreck This Journal

Whether he’s new to journaling or not, this journal by Keri Smith will make him reconsider everything. It’s chock-full of unconventional prompts that will help him get out of his comfort zone, get creative, and, best of all, relax.


You can give him something to commemorate this moment: Vintage 2005 T-Shirt

There’s nothing like being 16, but he probably doesn’t know that yet. The vintage 2005 T-shirt serves as a reminder. You can choose from 10 different colors, and it is 100% cotton.

LED skateboard lights

This is for skateboarders Board Blazers LED Skateboard Lights

This LED Skateboard light will make your skateboarder go wild. The lights are available in six colors, and can easily be attached to their undersides to make a spectacular underglow. Unlike other lights, they’re built to outlast even the gnarliest tricks.

3D moon lamp

You can trade their lamp out: Mind Glowing 3D Galaxy Moon Lamp

A galaxy moon lamp makes a great alternative to the traditional lamp. It will amaze your child. He’ll have the ability to change the colors via remote control and can be dimmed or brightened according to his liking.

remote control airplane

You can give him something that will make him obsessed: Top Race Remote Control Airplane

If he loved remote control cars growing up, he’ll definitely love the challenge of flying his very own remote control airplane. Top Race has built this airplane to last. It comes equipped with a simple controller as well as extra parts.

board water painting

To Help Him Relax: The Original Buddha Board – Water Painting

Original Buddha Board is a board for waterpainting that helps you to meditate and practice calmness. It is a very relaxing way to create masterpieces, and there’s no cleanup because your art disappears as it evaporates.

nike men slide

Get him new favorite shoes Nike Men’s Air Max Camden Slide

These Nike slides are some of the most comfortable lounge shoes that you’ll ever find. They’re cute and functional, perfect for after-gym wear or day-to-day activities. The shoe has excellent heel support and five vivid colors.

pokemon card binder

This is for Pokemon Card Collectors Geecow 4-Pocket Pokemon Card Binder

Geecow has created a 4-pocket binder that can accommodate up to 400 Pokemon cards. It is waterproof and has plastic sleeves that repel dirt. You can also carry it with confidence thanks to the thick wrist band.

military style hoodie

For Die-Hard Naruto Fans: Ripple Junction Naruto Shippuden Military Style Hoodie

This hoodie in the Naruto Military style will be a hit with Anime fans. It’s perfect for cosplay and his friends will definitely geek out over it. Ripple junction is a brand that is loved by fans. This product is high quality.

magnetic levitating globe

This is for your future geographer MOKOQI Magnetic Levitating Globe

Whether he enjoys studying the world or saving the world, he’ll definitely be fascinated by this incredibly magnetic levitating globe by MOKOQI. It comes with a lighted stand and a globe and when turned on it rotates 360° for up to 25 minutes.

chevy camaro scale model kit

Make it a rewarding project: AMT 1968 Chevy Camaro Scale Model Kit

A car building kit makes the perfect gift for car lovers. Not only do they get to take part in building a phenomenal model 1968 Chevy Camaro, but they’ll also always have a visual representation of their hard work.

This book includes everything you need to complete the task, along with detailed instructions.

laser tag set

Make Memories with Friends Squad Hero Rechargeable Laser Tag Set

He will never lose his passion for play. You get four laser tags vests, four guns and a refill station. Every gun has the ability to be adjusted for a different setting: rocket, pistol and automatic.

It keeps track of the score on both vests and guns thanks to an LCD screen.

money maze puzzle box

You Can Make them Think Trekbest Money Maze Puzzle Box

Gift them money or gift cards if you don’t want them to give cash. It makes gift giving fun with The Money Maze PuzzleBox. Simply drop your gift and close the lid.

Or, he must direct the ball through the maze to the finish.

mini projector

How to Transform Your Bedroom into a Theatre: PVO Mini Projector

This mini projector will transform any space into his personal theatre. It features full HD and natural resolution for a better viewing experience, and it’s so tiny it can fit right in their pocket.

You can connect it to your video game via HDMI.

punching bag with stand

You can blow off some steam: Protocol Punching Bag With Stand

Protocol Punching has the ideal punching bag for teenagers. It’s great for beginners and comes with a punching bag, adjustable stand, a pump, and a pair of boxing gloves.

Guide For Gift Giving for Teenage Boys

Contrary to popular belief, teenage boys are multi-dimensional, meaning they’re more than just video game-playing couch potatoes. They’re growing not only physically but also socially and emotionally. They’re at the early stages of high school; chances are they’re still figuring all of these things out.

So buying a gift that’s tailored to them will be all the more meaningful. Be sure to consider these things before you rush out to buy your next gift.

Which amount of money should you budget?

In general, gift-giving can get pricey if you’re not careful. But when you’re buying a gift specifically for a teenage boy, the options are more scarce, driving the price tag up very quickly. Set a budget before you go. There are so many occasions for gift-giving throughout the year; you shouldn’t break the bank on just one.
How do you choose the right gift?
Once you’ve figured out your budget, now it’s time to address the kind of gift you want to buy. There are so many gifts to choose from, how do you know which gift is right for your 16 year old? Below are some examples of common gifts that teenage boys will like.

Electronics. The first thing you might think of is electronics when thinking about a present for a 16 year old boy. They are a generation that thrives on everything electronic and digital. So if you’re looking for this type of gift, then just know there are tons of options to choose from.

Apparel. Apparel is a must-have. Though it may not always be apparent, a teenage boy’s wardrobe is just as important to him as anyone else’s. Quality clothing is a gift that will make him stand out from the crowd, or blend in.
Food. Gifts of food are timeless and never out of fashion. It’s no secret that 16-year-old boys love food. A personalized gift box containing their favourite snacks can be a great way to help them keep out sticky fingers for a bit.

How do 16-year-old boys feel about themselves?

Which topic is he most interested in? What lights his eyes up? Imagine if he can talk endlessly about the same subject, no matter if anyone else has an interest. This might be your insight to help you find the right gift for him. Below are some ideas that might interest your teenager.


Many teenage boys enjoy sports. It is important to give sports fans gifts that support their active lifestyle. They might be in desperate need of something, such as odor-resistant socks. You might find something completely unexpected such as sports memorabilia.


One of the most pressing things on a 16-year-old boy’s mind is getting behind the wheel. If they’re lucky enough to have their own car, they might appreciate some decor to personalize their ride, like seat covers and interior lights. You can gift them amazing car-themed canvas art and a kit for building cars.

Video Games

There is increasing evidence that video games have benefits. But if your teenager spends hours in his room glued to his video games, you’re probably heavily questioning that. But it’s true; video games can make them learn faster and improve their mental health. You can find great gift ideas for gamers like controllers, headphones and storage.


Teenage boys love anything outdoors. Imagine that he is interested in activities such as bird-watching and camping. You can purchase gear to support these interests. Many items are available, including portable grills, survival kits and tents.


At 16, boys can be complex as they’re trying to figure themselves out, but gifting them something great doesn’t have to be. How do you think your teenage boy would like it? Let us know in the comment section, and don’t forget to share this post with your family and friends.

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