35 Gifts for 17-Year-Old Boys

17-year old boys are ready to become independent, and they’re just figuring out what they want to do with their adult lives.

Getting them gifts that reflect their interests and giving them things that’ll help them transition into adulthood is always a sure bet if you don’t want to get them another gift that they’ll roll their eyes at.

35 Gift ideas for boys aged 17


The Notable Guys Moleskine Notebook

Moleskine notebooks are known as the best notebooks in the world—and your teen boy is sure to think so too! With a premium leather cover, thick non-bleed pages, and a secret pocket at the back to store receipts, business cards, notes, and more, there’s no better way to encourage boys to write than to give them one of these.

portable waterproof speaker

A Guy Who Rocks JBL Go 3 Portable Waterproof Speaker

17-year-old boys usually aren’t the most careful with their belongings, so why would you get them something that would break? The JBL Bluetooth speaker and wired speaker are waterproof and dustproof and will last many years no matter what adventures they go on.

The clip can be used to blast your child’s music wherever they are.

wooden ballpoint pen set

This is for the classy homeworker Renawe Luxury Wooden Ballpoint Pen Set

It will instantly make any teenage boy feel valued and respected. This pen comes with a sturdy, 2-tone wood grip and a luxurious box which makes it a perfect pen stand. It also has extra gel refills.

outdoor survival kit

The Survivalist’s Guide: VerifyGear 17-in-1 Outdoor Survival Kit

A kit such as this is essential for boys who want to be independent. It will give them everything they need for their next adventure.

The kit includes: a water bottle clip with waterproof cover, a tungsten fountain pen, flashlight and two screwsdrivers.

first aid kit

This is for the risk-taker: First Aid Only 299-Piece First Aid Kit

Whether your guy is just starting to drive on his own or is accident-prone, this first aid kit is a must for any teenage boy who’s getting ready to leave home. The kit contains everything they need, including band-aids and burn salve. It also comes in an easy to transport package that fits easily in either a car or medicine cupboard.

mini projector

Visionary Dr. J Professional HI-04 Mini Projector

It’s great for watching TV at parties and casually, and your teen is sure to enjoy sharing the projector with his peers for movies or games. With the ability to plug any phone, streaming device, or computer into it, it’s a perfect way to give a guy a TV without actually giving them a TV.


The Guy who Likes to Hangout: Eno Doublenest Hammock

Enos are some of the most popular hammocks in the nation since they’re so portable, durable, and comfortable. They’re the perfect gift for anyone who likes to hang out at the park, read in the backyard or go camping since they’re so easy to shove into a backpack and set up anywhere.

An Eno is there for your man no matter what he does.

spikeball game set

Men who need to exercise: Spikeball Game Set

Buy a spikeball kit for teens who are constantly on the phone. This game is loved by teens, college students and adults alike. It has a simple four-player format and easy rules that make it great for your guy. He can spend quality time with his buddies while also getting exercise and fresh air.

The net is small enough to use indoors or outdoors, and since the balls are so small and lightweight, there isn’t much risk of breaking anything.

key finger piano with pickup jack

The Musicians Finether 17 Key Finger Piano With Pickup Jack

The perfect gift is this rocking guitar kalimba equipped with an amplifier pickup. He will receive a kit that includes finger protections, a tunesticker, a storage bag, an amp pickup, a songbook and audio lines.


A Remarkable Man: Sovereign Gear Leather Bookmark

These bookmarks can be a great addition to your teenager’s reading habits. Since they’re pure leather, they’ll last him a lifetime.

These bookmarks will spice up your gift.

juvale corkboard world map

The Wannabe World Traveler Juvale Corkboard World Map

The perfect gift to give to a man who enjoys traveling or plans on a worldwide tour is this map. It comes with push pins and screws so that he can mark off all the places he’s been and all of the areas that he wants to go, helping him set goals and show off his love for traveling.

docking stand

A Great Guy is: Peraco Wooden Docking Stand for Men

When you’re 17, it can be hard to keep up with all of your new responsibilities, and this docking station makes it easy to keep track of everything your teen needs to start the day smoothly. The organizer/phone stand includes spots to store keys, glasses and watches, as well as a wallet and pen.

The stand also features a hole that can be used to hold a smartphone charger.

The perfect gift is this all-in one station.

poncho towel

The Guy with a Robe-ust personality: Catalonia Microfiber Poncho Towel

The ultimate in loungewear, this loose-fitting robe can be worn as a casual or formal robe. It makes the perfect after-shower robe, travel towel, or coverup, but it’s also fantastic for hanging out around the house. With its absorbent, but loose and soft microfiber fabric, it’ll be hard to change into anything else when you’re wearing it.

drone with camera

The Guy Whose Head is in the Clouds ATTOP Drone With 1080P HD Camera

This amazing drone is bound to amaze any boy’s friends, and it’ll allow him to explore the world from a bird’s eye view. This easy to control flying robot will be loved by any teen interested in photography, filmmaking, engineering or other technology.

I mean, who wouldn’t love to take pictures from 100 feet (30.48 meters) above the ground?

LED strip lights

The Best For Men With Colourful Personalities GUSODOR 50 Feet (15.24m) LED Strip Lights

17-year-old boys want to express themselves and develop their own space, and there’s nothing better to help them do that than these programmable, rainbow-colored lights. This light is a wonderful gift that any techie can enjoy.

professional yo yo

The Tricksters MagicYoYo Professional Yo-Yo

The professional yoyo is a step above the rest. The durable, stylish yo-yos have amazing designs that teens will enjoy. They’re perfect for learning new tricks and showing them off.

The Yo-Yo is a fidget spinner but more practical. Give this gift to any man who loves to use his hands, or to learn a new skill.


Gaming: JBL Quantum 100 Gaming Headphones

JBL is one of the most trusted speaker and headphone brands, and they‘re known for being tough enough to withstand the wear of even a 17-year-old boy. With great sound, comfortable memory foam earpieces, and a high-quality microphone, this gaming headset is perfect for any gamer—or any high school student who has to attend online classes.

portable charger

This is for the powerful guys: Anker Portable Charger

Today’s teens like phones, and many parents use them to keep in touch with their teens while they’re out of the house. The slim Anker Portable Charger, small enough for him to carry around in his pocket, backpack or purse, is a great gift that will allow him to check his emails, call Mom, and play online games while on the go.

This power bank also works well with Bluetooth headphones and more, so you can’t go wrong with this gift.

pocket knife

The Happy Campers Victorinox Swiss Army Climber Pocket Knife

Swiss army knives are the most classic pocket knife, and they’re one of the most trusted brands for their reliability and versatility. You can rely on this pocketknife to get your guy through any situation, including cutting ropes or food while camping.

Get this pocket knife for your teen to make sure he is ready to face any challenge in adulthood.

necktie set

For Young Professionals: Silk Necktie Set With Pocket Square and Cufflinks

The elegant, silk necktie sets are perfect for boys to wear to their proms, church or as a way to get ready for the future. You can find one that suits your teenager in a variety of colors and designs.

Nothing says adulthood like professional-looking clothes, so giving your guy a classy silk necktie is sure to tell him that you’re confident in his success.

amazon basic 131 piece tool kit

Handy Man Amazon Basics 131-Piece General Tool Kit

17-year old guys are excited to move out of the house, but they’ll need some things to ensure they can take care of everything independently. They will have everything they need for assembling furniture, hanging art and fixing up the house.

He’ll love that he can use this toolset when he moves out on his own, and when he does, everyone will want to borrow his tools.

reading pillow

You can also find loungers here: Milliard Reading Pillow

A reading pillow is a must for any high-school or college student, and it’s sure to get many years of use. The gift can be used to support yourself while you read, watch TV or play games.

It’s also machine washable, which will help prolong its life, no matter what your teen puts it through.


For the guy who’s always late: Neff Men’s Daily Watch

When you’re just starting to get adult responsibilities like driving, a job, college applications, and school, it’s essential to keep a schedule. If you know a teen boy who’s always late, this watch is the perfect gift for him.

Neff watches have a trendy and comfortable silicone band that will impress all his friends.

They’re also water-resistant, so they can withstand any hard wear that teens throw at them.

music gaming system

Men Who Are Bored by Women Hasbro Gaming DropMix Music Gaming System

Teens enjoy hanging out with friends and it’s important to stock your home with exciting new board games if you wish to continue the fun. Dropmix is the modern board game for modern teens that’s sure to bring game nights to the next level.

It’s compatible with an app, and when you drop down cards on the playing mat, it plays some of the most popular songs in the nation.


To be a champion: Champion Men’s Powerblend Pullover Hoodie

Every teenage boy needs a comfortable and versatile hoodie, and with Champion’s trendy designs and cuts, you can’t go wrong with this one. A cozy hoodie that keeps you warm and stylish is what every guy should have.

The fabric is unbelievably soft, and it’s super durable with double-stitched seams and anti-stretch fleece. The hoodie provides years of style and comfort to your man.

wireless charging station

The Guy who Hates Being Ground: Hoidokly Wireless Charging Station

He can use this wireless charging station to charge two smartwatches as well as AirPods. With all the convenience and ease this practical gift provides, he’ll never have to deal with a dead battery again!


To find the new driver: Allett Sport Wallett

This slim wallet is the perfect way to make your teen feel like a responsible adult, especially if they need a good place to put their brand new driver’s license and debit card. With its durable and simple design, this wallet is one of the best men’s wallets out there.

It’s small enough to fit in his pocket comfortably and durable enough to last him for the rest of his adult years. It’s a good way to prepare your man for adulthood by gifting him this wallet.

disc golf starter set

Park Player Westside Discs Disc Golf Starter Set

This disc golf starter set includes five popular sizes and is perfect for teens who love to play with their friends. He and his friends will have fun playing frisbee outdoors, at school or back in their yard with this set.

A mini disc is included in the set, which can be packed into a backpack and used for playtime after school.

deluxe art set

This is for the artist: US Art Supply 82-Piece Deluxe Art Set

This great art set is perfect for any man, artist or not. The set comes with colored pencils. Oil pastels. watercolors. Mixing trays. Sketch pencils. An eraser. A pencil sharpener. Pencil pads.

So, whether he’s a beginner or a seasoned artist, this kit will provide him with everything he needs to refine his skills and make beautiful art.

LED flashlight

This is for the guy who brightens your day: Maglite ML25LT LED Flashlight

It can be scary sending your teenage boy off in his first car, but ensuring that he’s prepared for anything can make it easier. Maglite flashlights are some of the most reliable portable flashlights on the market, and they’re perfect for beginner drivers, campers, hikers, park-goers, and, basically, anyone.

This flashlight is so durable and long-lasting that he’ll be prepared for anything and will never have to rebuy a flashlight, even into his adult years.

key finder

The Guy who Loses All: Cube Key Finder

Know a teenage boy who is constantly losing his keys, wallet, phone or jacket? The Bluetooth waterproof tag can be used to locate lost items. This Bluetooth waterproof tag can be used to locate lost items.

You can find them later on in your cube app.

These tags are great for finding all types of stuff. The batteries can only be changed once per year so that the cube will always find what he lost.


The Cool Guys Carhartt Beanie

Carhartt beanies have become a favorite hat because they are durable, easy to wear, and provide maximum comfort. These hats come in a wide range of colors and can be adjusted to any head size, so they make a great gift.

LEGO architecture New York city

This is the city slickers page: LEGO Architecture New York City

For any man who is passionate about building models, New York City or design, this lego set will be a great choice. This set has 598 pieces so teens can be engaged for hours.

NERF N-elite disruptor

It was time to celebrate: NERF N-Strike Elite Disruptor Twin Pack

For all ages of children, nerf guns have a lot to offer. With tons of foam and suction-cup “bullets,” these nerf guns are perfect for staging mock battles in your home. The range of these guns is up to 90 feet (22.7 m).

43 meters) and the best thing is they come in a pair so that you don’t have to invite anyone to join your party.


The Guy who is Always at Key Otomatone

Otomatones, which are cute and simple synthesizers, look almost like music notes. An Otomatone plays music when you place your finger on its neck. You can also slide your finger down and adjust pitch to play any song.

You can also squeeze your Otomatone’s cheeks to adjust your music’s volume, pitch, and bass.

Tips on Buying Presents

17-year-olds have started thinking about their future goals, college, romantic relationships, and friendships that’ll last them a lifetime. They’re constantly vying for independence, which can be scary for them and their parents.

As they grow up, 17-year-olds desire to feel loved and supported. They are looking for gifts that will recognize their strengths, support them as they transition into adulthood, or help them to get close to their friends.

As they begin to explore adulthood, it can be comforting for teens to know that their parents are there to support and care about them.

They will feel better prepared for the future by having practical items such as watches, wallets and tech tools.

Parents and their children may have to make difficult decisions about how much time their 17-year-old sons spend with their friends.

You can encourage them to be closer to friends through outdoor and other activities. It will also help to build trust and respect between their families.

It is a great idea to train teens to drive and live alone.

It can make them feel valued and prepared to tackle the world by giving them basic items like flashlights and first aid kits.


It can be difficult to find the right 17-year old boy, however this guide will help you get some ideas. I’d love to hear your thoughts and suggestions!

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