30 Gifts to Make Someone Feel Better When S/he’s Feeling Blue

Human beings all experience moments when life is not perfect. aren’t good. Perhaps we have just had surgery, or that we are suffering from an illness. Maybe we’ve lost a loved one because of death or divorce, or perhaps we lost a beloved pet or a job we really enjoyed.

We might have spent the past seven months in our own homes due to an epidemic that has swept across the world.

No matter the reason, we all feel down from time to time. Here are 30 gifts to make someone feel better no matter why they’re sad.

For someone who is looking to make them feel better, here are 30 gift ideas.

warm hugs combo set

Ultimate Care Package KURITIAN Warm Hugs Positive Energy Combo Set

Sometimes the best gift you can give to someone who isn’t feeling well is the gift of comfort and relaxation. That’s what this gift set provides. The set includes a 100% microfiber plush blanket that’s super soft and covered in positive, uplifting messages of healing and joy.

There’s also a pair of warm, fuzzy socks, a neck pillow and an eye mask. Everything comes in a handy carrying tote, and the pillow and the tote are covered in the same peaceful messages to help brighten your friend’s day.

rainbow roses bouquet

You’ll feel great! Farm Direct Fresh 12 Rainbow Roses Tinted Flower Bouquet

Flowers are one of the most traditional gifts for someone who’s suffering, is in recovery or has recently suffered a great loss, but just because you want to get your friend a traditional gift doesn’t mean it also has to be boring.

The stunning set includes 12 roses and has been colored to look like rainbows inside a vase. Also included is the clear glass vase. These roses have a stunning appearance and are exceptional in quality. The roses can be personalized with a personal note and sent directly to you loved one.

first aid cabinet

The Manly Recovery Kit MyGift Wall-Mounted Metal First Aid Cabinet

If you want to buy your friend a “care package” to help him feel better but want to give it to him in something a little more unique and manly than a basket, buy him this awesome metal first aid cabinet instead.

You can stock it with all his favorite things – beef jerky, chicken noodle soup, word search puzzles, etc. – lock it up and give it to him in one great package. Once he has cleared out his junk, he will be able to hang it in his shop or home and fill it with first-aid supplies.

It’s a gift that’s both creative and practical.

outdoor steel chaise lounge chair

Give Him Some Time in Nature: Outdoor Hanging Curved Steel Chaise Lounge Chair

Time alone in nature is sometimes the most effective way to help someone recover. That’s what this amazing hanging chaise lounge provides. The lounge features a 46 inch removable shade and a sturdy steel frame.

It is filled with foam cushions measuring two inches in height and has a removable headrest. It is beautiful and feels incredible. You can use it to support up to 265 pounds. It comes in six colors.

88 piece art set

The therapeutic benefits of art can be immense 88-Piece Art Set in Portable Wooden Case

If you have a creative, artistic friend, buying her high-quality art supplies that’ll allow her to vent her feelings through art can be an amazingly therapeutic and highly appreciated gift. It is beautiful and has two drawers. The space-saving design of the case makes it even more useful.

Two sketchpads, four boards, numerous brushes, pencils and paints will be found in the friend’s case. She’ll have everything she needs to create beautiful art and chase her blues away.

heating pads

You can soothe all your aches and pains with this soothing treatment: Hmech Heating Pads for Back Pain and Cramps

Sometimes, making someone feel better is as simple as easing their pain. Homech’s therapeutic heating pad can do exactly that. You can wear it as a vest for pain relief, soreness, and soreness around the neck and shoulders. Or she can place it across her stomach or on her legs.

It’s soft and comfortable to wear, and it has six heat settings that can be controlled via a digital controller. The safety shutoff is for two hours in the event that your friend falls asleep wearing it.

sleep white noise sound machine

You can create a calm, healing atmosphere: SHARPER IMAGE Sleep White Noise Sound Machine

Whether your friend is suffering from anxiety or a lack of a good night’s sleep, this white noise machine can help. It’s small and easily portable. You can charge it with AA batteries, or by using a USB cable. You can choose from 16 audio tracks, 5 brightness levels, and 20 volume controls.

He can even set it on a timer so that it turns off after he’s sleeping.


Do not give up! Dear Ava Inspirational Gift Necklace

A simple and sweet necklace could be just what your loved one needs to help her cope with difficult situations in her life.

It’s classy and elegant and comes in an inspirational gift box with a thoughtful, inspiring message and a black velvet bag. You can also get a piece of beautiful blank cardstock to help you write your personal message.

You get the 18 inch chain and the 2-inch extender.

bible verse wall decor

An indication that someone bigger has it under control: Designs Farmhouse Style Bible Verse Wall Decor

If you have a Christian friend who’s struggling, this simple, lovely piece of wall art is the perfect gift. It measures 5.5″ x 9.5″ and is printed on high-quality MDF wood, which is both attractive and durable.

Most importantly, though, it’ll reaffirm what she already knows she should be doing – praying about everything and worrying about nothing. The quote comes from Philippians chapter four, verse six, and it’s the perfect Bible verse for any Christian who’s going through a tough time in life.

It’ll help remind your friend that God’s got her.

chubby plush pillow

You can make everything better with seals Bunbunbunny Chubby Blob Seal Plush Pillow

The perfect gift It is amazing. It’s a fat, adorable, totally realistic seal plush that’s stuffed with down cotton for extra softness and extreme cuddlebility. (That may not be a word, but it’s also the Perfect Say hello to this adorable little guy! He’s over a foot long and looks so real, it’s almost like an actual seal is lying on the floor.

He doesn’t do anything, and he doesn’t have any hidden magical powers, but he’s a fat, adorable seal, and that’s enough to make Anyone Just by snuggling up to him, you can feel more relaxed.

A monter calls book

For the Friend Who’s Grieving: A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness

If the friend you’re trying to cheer up is suffering due to the sickness or loss of a loved one, this short book may be just what he needs to help him come to terms with what’s happening. It’s marketed as a young adult book, but the story it tells and the themes within it will definitely resonate with anyone, old or young, who’s losing or has lost someone dear to him.

The story tells of a boy who loses his mother to cancer. Unable to deal with his feelings about his impending loss, he seeks the help of a magical tree, who comes in the boy’s moments of greatest stress and destroys things all around him.

It’s a powerful, heartbreaking book, and your friend is sure to identify with much of its story.


For the Friend Who’s Feeling a Little Homesick: Homesick Scented Candle

These 13.75-ounce, all-natural soy candles are designed specifically for the loved one who’s suffering from a terrible case of homesickness. In fact, that’s exactly what they’re called – Homesick candles.

There’s one for every state, and each one features its own unique blend of scents that perfectly encapsulates what it’s like in Alabama, Illinois, California, Texas or any of the other 46 states. They last between 60 and 80 hours.

capsule message in a glass bottle

100 reminders to keep going: 100-Piece Capsule Message in a Glass Bottle

This may look like an odd little gift at first, but if your friend is going through a tough time and needs a little extra reminding about why she’s so amazing, this gift can give her that. The gift includes a 100-count fake pills capsules and a glass container.

You will find a small, folded piece of paper in each capsule. This you can use to write something kind, encouraging, and reaffirming about your friend.

Either you fill out the paper and make sure to replace it, or she can have her friends fill in a capsule and send her sweet words of affirmation and love.

She can then open the capsule to read a special message that is written for her whenever she feels like it.

368 terrible DAD jockes- book

Laughter is the best medicine 368 Terrible Dad Jokes by Bryce Atkins

The old adage says, “A good thing is a bad thing.” Laughter is the best medicine. If you have a loved one who agrees with that sentiment, he’ll love this book of 368 super corny, eye-roll-worthy dad jokes that also somehow manage to be hilarious despite how terrible they are.

Your friend won’t know whether to laugh or groan after reading most of these, but either way, they’ll definitely take his mind off things for a while.

open the toy feel better gift for kids

This is for the little one in pain: Open The Joy Feel Better Gift for Kids Age 4+

If you’re looking for a ‘get well’ gift box for a younger child, this is a great option. The gift contains lots of great stuff that can help him forget his disease, pain, or recovery. There’s a painting set, a cuddly stuffed animal, some clay, an activity book, playing cards and more.

All of your goodies come in a handy carrying case that allows you to take them with you if you have to move.

affirmation cards with empowering questions

The Affirmations Box: 60 Affirmation Cards with Thought Provoking Empowering Questions

Sometimes all that is needed to make someone feel better about themselves and get some support from friends or do some self-reflection/hometherapy. This card will give your friend both. Each card has a unique, double-sided design.

On one side, there’s an empowering quote telling her she’s strong, beautiful, kindhearted and all kinds of other positive, inspiring things.

On the other side, the card asks her a serious, probing question such as, “What three words define who I am?” to guide her self-reflection.

They’re small, lightweight and easily transported as well, so she can carry them with her for use anytime she needs reminding of how wonderful she is.


When he Needs It: YnM Weighted Blanket

A blanket that is weighted can feel like a mother snuggling you at night, or a hug when you need one. This blanket has more versatility than others and it is not an exception.

There are many colors to choose from, plus there are more sizes in terms of both weight and dimension. The glass beads inside the blanket will gradually heat up over time, providing your friend with a warm, comforting embrace and the best night’s sleep he’s had in a long time.

soft toy

The Monster that Eats Her Troubles Schmidt Junior Molly Worry Eater Soft Toy

This is another great option for the child in your life who has a little too much worry, although, to be fair, there are plenty of adults who’d appreciate the gift as well. This little plush is what’s known as a “Worry Eater.

” It’s cute and super cuddly, and your friend can write down all her worries and “feed” them to the Worry Eater through its zippered mouth. You friend can feel a lot more relaxed at night because her Worry Eater will eat all her worries.

(If a parent comes in at night and removes the written worries from the Worry Eater’s mouth, the plush is even more effective.)


The One You Love Story Collection Women Bracelet

Some people need affirmations when they’re feeling lonely and sad; others need distractions to help them take their minds off things. Other people only need to feel loved and cared for by someone they trust.

The simple and elegant bracelet made of metal will help your friend remember this fact. It’s shiny, lovely, silver in color and engraved with the phrase, “I love you so much.” It’ll help your friend remember how loved she truly is.


A Comprehensive Guide: What I Love about You Fill-in-the-Blank Gift Journal

The best gift ideas are those that have personal touches. This journal allows you to fill in all the blanks with things pertinent to your and your friend’s relationship. It’s a relatively small book measuring 4.

5″ x 3.25″, but it’s packed with 112 pages that’ll allow you to tell your friend all the reasons you love, admire, respect and appreciate him. Because it’s customizable, you can make it sweet, heartfelt, hilarious or even a little naughty – whatever you think your friend would enjoy most.

yogi tea relaxion 5 pack

Enjoy a Relaxing, Calming Evening Yogi Tea Relaxation Variety 5-Pack

The five-pack includes five varieties of teas. This will help a loved one who is experiencing anxiety or has trouble relaxing. Every flavor is delicious, unique and contains no caffeine.

All are organic and infused with herbs. You can choose from kava or honey lavender to relax your mind and get calming tea. The packs contain 16 tea bags, which yield 80 cups total of relaxing and soothing tea.

ceramic ring dish

The Empty Nester’s Guide: Ceramic Ring Dish Decorative Trinket Plate

A parent’s worst nightmare is losing a child. No parent wants to have to live through that, and some can’t quite manage it at all. Watching a grown child move out of the house isn’t nearly as traumatic.

In fact, a child growing up and being able to live on her own as a successful, happy adult is cause for celebration, but it doesn’t mean that the parent doesn’t still get sad and lonely after that child is gone and her “nest” is empty.

If your mom is going through a hard time and feeling a little lonely, get her this sweet, gentle trinket dish to remind her that no matter how far away you are, you’ll always love her. It’s lovely and well-made of high-quality glazed ceramic, and your mom will feel a little bit better every time she looks at it.


For all her thoughts: She Believed She Could, So She Did Journal

It can be difficult to be a woman. However, it can be much more challenging to be a woman who is a success with her dreams and goals. If your friend is feeling the pressures of her job, aspirations or life in general, get her this nice, faux-leather journal that’ll give her a place to write down what she’s thinking and get some of her thoughts off her mind and onto paper.

Its inspirational quote will remind her how powerful and strong she truly is, every time that she takes it out to write. You will find 176 lined pages. There is a bookmark ribbon and cover pocket. The elastic band closes the book securely.

foot soak

Sweet relief after a long day: Tea Tree Oil Foot Soak with Epsom Salt

Even the worst days can be made more bearable by a relaxing foot soak. The unique combination of soaking salts used in this bath includes sea salt, epsom, rosemary, salt salt, salt salt, salt salt, salt salt, salt salt, salt salt, salt salt, salt salt, salt salt, salt salt, salt water, salt salt, salt salt, salt salt, salt salt, salt salt, salt salt, salt salt, salt salt, salt salt, salt and salt salt.

It’s all-natural and will have an amazing effect on your friend’s feet. This will not only feel great, but it may also be beneficial for many foot problems. It will help to remove any dead skin from the feet and revitalize them.

light therapy lamp

Brighten Up Her Life: Light Therapy Lamp

This lamp is among the most affordable on the market. It has four levels of brightness, two lighting modes and touch controls. It features soft, adjustable light that mirrors the full spectrum of the sun’s rays, and it’s an amazing option for friends who suffer from seasonal depression and get really upset when they can’t spend enough time in the sun.

It’s UV-free and totally safe, and the timer will allow your friend to bask in the glow for up to 60 minutes without interruption.

wine tumbler

Have a good time with humor: I Wish I Could Take Your Pain 12-Ounce Wine Tumbler

This durable, attractive and BPA-free wine tumbler is perfect for your wine-drinking loved one who’s in pain but has a real sense of humor about it all. The message on the tumbler – “I wish I could take your pain.

..” – starts out incredibly sweet and seems like it’ll be a heartwarming, loving sentiment. The ending of the message, though, tells another story entirely by following up with, “…and give it to someone we both really hate!” It comes in four different colors and holds 12 ounces of wine.

It’s a great tumbler that’ll allow you and your BFF to share some good wine and even better laughter.

care package

The Complete Care Package Get Well Soon Feel Better Care Package

While this may not be the most original gift in the world, if you’re trying to cheer someone up and help him to feel better, there are few better and quicker ways to do that than by providing him with a massive sugar rush.

This great ‘get well soon’ box comes with all your friends favorite 90s and 2000s candy including Starburst, Jolly Ranchers, wax lips, Mike and Ike, Twizzlers, wax soda bottles, Boston Baked Beans and more.

All items are packed in a nostalgic, cute box that reminds your friend to be well.

scented soy candle

Confidence boost: Hope 8-Ounce Highly-Scented Soy Candle

You can also get this candle for your candle-loving friends. The Homesick candles can be used to remind friends that they are missing their home towns, but this candle – YES YOU CANDLE – is perfect for someone who just needs some hope.

It comes with the inspiring message, “We can’t change what life hands us, but each of our lives is a gift. Find every moment you can to breathe hope into everything you do” printed on the label and smells delightfully of vanilla, sandalwood, lavender, orange and jasmine.

It’s sure to be a hit in any house where there’s currently a lack of hope and faith. Whether it’s because of the uplifting message or the enticing scent, your friend will feel a little better each time she burns it.

engraved rock

One Simple reminder: You Rock Engraved Rock

This gift is small and relatively inexpensive, but it’s great if you have a friend who shares your odd sense of humor and love of puns. It’s exactly what it appears to be – a rock that reminds your friend that he, too, rocks.

Each rock has been water-worn, is smooth and has had white ink engraved on it. It stands out well against its black color. It’s a small, sentimental gift that’s 100% environmentally friendly and 100% guaranteed to put a smile on your friend’s face.

pillow case

For the Loved One Who’s Missing You: Hug This Pillow Until You Can Hug Me Pillow Case

If your loved one is feeling lonely and sad because she’s missing you, give her this great pillowcase. It features double-sided printing that reads, “Hug this pillow until you can hug me.” It’s well-made of a cotton/polyester blend, and it’s soft, comfortable and machine-washable.

It features an invisible zipper that allows her to take it off her pillow and wash it easily but doesn’t detract from the overall look of the pillow when she replaces it. It’s a great way for her to ease the pain of separation until she can see you again.

Do it for someone you love

It doesn’t matter how happy and full of life someone is; everyone gets down sometimes. Whether it’s due to a great loss, an illness or injury or something else entirely, no one goes through life without having a few lousy times where they feel like poop. People who experience depression are more likely to feel like poop, regardless of the cause. 300 million people around the world, it’s very likely that someone you know or love may suffer from it at some point in his or her life.

It’s during those times when they need their friends, family and other loved ones the most. It can be enough to make people feel better and have a sense of purpose. It’s impossible to know what you might need. a single gift could change someone’s life, and if there’s even a chance that you could give someone you love a gift that could help the sun shine on his or her life again, then that’s absolutely something worth buying.

There are many ways to gift someone a feeling of well-being. There are standard “Get Well Soon,” “Sorry for Your Loss” and “Don’t Worry; Be Happy” gifts that are traditional go-to gifts for most people. You can choose from teddy bears or care packages, as well flowers and chocolates. Just because those types of gifts are traditional, though, doesn’t mean they aren’t still great gifts, and chances are, your friend would appreciate them very much.

It’s also a great idea to gift people gifts that allow them to pamper themselves. It is possible to make someone’s day better by giving them some pampering and taking care of themselves. Spa kits, manicures, spa kit, and at-home facials are some examples of these types of gifts. Another good option is a gift that helps take people’s minds off their troubles. You could choose to entertain them with music, books, movies or any other type of entertainment. Humor is also a good option.

Basically, it’s up to you to determine what type of gift would most help improve your loved one’s mood. You might have a secret joke that you can use to help find the right gift for your friend. Or maybe you are able to use his/her dark humor to get something amazing. Either way, you know him or her well enough to know what could put a smile back on that sad face, and chances are, your friend just wants to know you’re thinking about him or her anyway.


We appreciate you stopping by. Check out the comments section and let us know what the best gift you’ve ever received while feeling down was. Do you have a standard go-to gift for friends when they’re sick or upset, or do you tailor each gift to a specific friend?

We’d love to hear all about it, and please be sure to like and share this guide with others. Please come back soon to visit us!

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