Giraffe Desk Lamp

Giraffe table lamp and was attracted to it. But, I must ask, why is it green? If your glowing head was made of the same ash wood as your body, you would look more like a giraffe. Use a material that is not too dark to diminish your giraffe resemblance.

The giraffe table lamp is adorable, despite the lampshade. You can see that his legs are attached with screws that bend their hip joints in the photo gallery. This allows you to place the giraffe table lamp in a variety of standing positions, as well as some lying down positions.

The Giraffe Table Lamp uses a 6W LED chip that emits a warm, white light that can be dimmed. A gift for a girlfriend? The Giraffe Table Lamp is ready for you.

The stylish design animal giraffe shape is specially designed for animal lovers. This table lamp can also be used as a wooden giraffe toy. The lamp’s joints can be turned 180 degrees, and the legs and tail can be adjusted 360 degrees.

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Giraffe Desk Lamp
Giraffe Desk Lamp

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