glass chiller

A glass cooler that instantly and effectively cools wine glasses, beer glasses, champagne glasses and various other cocktail glasses in as little as 6 seconds. This not only enhances your presentation, but also ensures that your drinks stay cold. The ice cloud released when chilled with the bright LED lighting effect really sells the effect. It is ideal for pubs, bars or restaurants as well as hotels and can also be utilized in your home bar, man cave or even by the pool.

Easy to set up and effective, it can cool any glass in just a few seconds so you or your family can sip on a cold drink whenever you want. Make it easy to install on a counter or table. All you have to do is place the cooler where you want it and connect the canister to the CO2 and let it workEvery event the must-have CO2 glass frother is an absolute necessity for any bartender, professional or amateur! It features a plated finish and an aluminum construction that is 2mm thick to ensure long-lasting use as well as countless chilled glasses.

glass chiller
glass chiller
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