The 13 Best glasses nose pads of 2020

Most glasses nose pads are foam or silicone. Different materials can have different effects on your skin. Silicone nose pads are very soft and can keep your glasses in a better position, but they can also leave oils and cosmetics underneath, which may cause irritation. Foam nose pads are thinner and more oil-resistant, but they are really slippery and may need to be replaced frequently.

Soft Silicone Eyeglass Nose Pads

Soft Silicone Eyeglass Nose Pads, PTSLKHN Upgraded Air Chamber Eyeglasses Nose Pad, 5 Pairs of 15mm Screw-in Glasses Nose Pad Set(with Micro Screwdriver and Screws)

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His nose pad material is made of super-soft silicone, with anti-slip function, very light and elastic, Nose Pads With Air Chamber There is a small hole at the bottom of each silicone nose pad, that is for reducing the pressure caused by the frame and protecting your nose bridge. Reducing pain or discomfort.

A nose pad with an air chamber helps to share the pressure on the bridge of the nose. In life and sports, it can effectively reduce the impact on the nose bridge. The nose pads have a plastic skeleton that supports the eyeglass frame and fixes it on the nose bridge.

90 days money-back guarantee and one year warranty
Made of silicone

Silicone Adhesive Eyeglass Nose Pads – 20 Pairs of Nose Pads for Eyeglasses

Silicone Adhesive Eyeglass Nose Pads - 20 Pairs Nose Pads for Eyeglasses

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These glasses nose pads are made of high-quality silicone, D-shaped silicone can effectively reduce the pressure on the nose bridge, soft and comfortable to touch, durable and easy to use, Just peel and stick these self-adhesive nose pads on your eyeglasses, and you’ll no longer be irritated with glasses slipping down your nose.

How to use, please wipe the application area of the mat with alcohol before wiping the mat, and let it dry completely, suitable for a variety of glasses, sunglasses, board sunglasses plates, plastic frames, etc.

90-day money-back guarantee
Made of silicone
Suitable for a variety of glasses

10 Pairs Adhesive Soft Silicone Air Chamber Eyeglass Nose Pads

10 Pairs Adhesive Soft Silicone Air Chamber Eyeglass Nose Pads, Comfortable Air Bag Nosepads for Eyeglasses Glasses Sunglasses, 2mm

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Made from soft, high-quality silicone, the nose pads are comfortable, This anti-slip adhesive airbag nose pad not only helps keep glasses in place, it provides increased comfort for your nose bridge while still providing sufficient support. The airbag design helps reduce stress from the weight of the glasses and supplies for a rebound, improving your comfort.

Tips: Before use, please clean the nose pads of the glasses thoroughly. This will help improve the adhesion and durability of the product.

high-quality silicone

Silicone Eyeglass Nose Pads

Silicone Eyeglass Nose Pads Adhesive Silicone Anti-Slip Nosepads for Eyeglass Sunglasses 12 Pairs 2.5mm Black

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There are 3 sizes to choose from 1.8mm 2.5mm 2.8mm, which can be used with different styles of glasses. Ergonomically designed, it is more suitable for the contour of the nose bridge and improves the wearing comfort. This nose pad is widely used. Stick on eyeglass nose pads are suitable for plate optical frames, TR-90, board sunglasses plates, plastic frames. Works perfectly with eyeglasses, glasses, sunglasses.

Application and Care instructions
Wash your hands before removing the mat from the backing. Utilize a dust-free cloth or paper towel and denatured or isopropyl alcohol to clean any dust or oils in the surface of glasses. It’s important to remove any trace oil on eyeglasses for the best adherence.

30-day money-back guarantee
Ergonomic design

45 Pairs Soft Foam Nose Pads

Gejoy 45 Pairs Soft Foam Nose Pads Self Adhesive Eyeglass Nose Pads Anti-Slip Eyeglass Nose Pads Thin Nosepads for Glasses Eyeglasses Sunglasses (Skin Color)

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Made of soft foam material, self-adhesive adhesive, just peel and paste it on your glasses, suitable for plastic frames and metal frames, suitable for a variety of glasses styles, a total of 45 pairs of soft foam noses Care, enough to meet your daily use and replacement needs.

the nose pads size is approx. 1.6 x 0.8 cm / 0.6 x 0.3 inch, with 1 mm / 0.04 inch thickness, portable and easy to carry.

These nose pads are helpful to reduce the noise burden effectively, can be applied to fix your glasses steadily and make your nose feel comfortable.

GTULIFE 20 Pairs Eyeglass Nose Pads

GTULIFE 20 Pairs Eyeglass Nose Pads and 4 Pairs Eyeglass Retainer Sticky Pads Silicone Glasses Nose pad Stick on Eyeglass, Reading Glasses, Sunglasses, Adhesive Silicone Nosepads

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Easy to use. To stick these self-adhesive nose pads to the glasses, please clean the application area of ​​the pads with alcohol and dry thoroughly before applying the glasses nose pads. Hold for a few minutes to ensure the adhesion of the adhesive pads. The package includes 20 pairs of eyeglass nose pads in transparent or black colour and 4 pairs eyeglass retainer.

The glasses nose pad stick on and eyeglass retainer can decrease the distance between the nose and eyeglasses frames. The nose pads for glasses Can’t only increase the elevation, which makes the glasses fit you longer, but also prevent slide,

These Eyeglass Nose Pads are silicone material in”D” shape in the size of 1.9 x 0.8 cm/0.75 x 0.31 inch, with 1-millimetre thickness.

Silicone material
Money-back guarantee

Glasses nose pad with storage box

Eyeglass Nose Pads Sunglasses Ultra-Soft PVC Nosepads 15 Style 150 Pairs with Storage Case

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15 different style size nose pads, each style 10 pairs, a total of 150 pairs ultra-soft PVC nose pads.

Material Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) The vast majority of polyvinyl chloride PVC nose pads are made from a soft firm plastic material that offers comfortable support of eyeglass frames over the nasal place. Like nose pads fabricated from any material, nose pads will need to be suitably adjusted so the nose pads fit flush against the skin, otherwise, the burden of the eyeglass frame can leave pressure indentations on the skin.

Premium Grade, Non-slip PVC Nose pads
Comfortable and practically weightless
Allergy-free, barely noticeable when worn
Very easy to put on and remove
Available in many different sizes
Washable, long-lasting

Non-slip silicone glasses nose pads

GMS Optical® 2.5mm Anti-Slip Adhesive Contoured Soft Silicone Eyeglass Nose Pads with Super Sticky Backing for Glasses, Sunglasses, and Eye Wear - 5 Pair (Clear)

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It is made of silicone. The soft silicone helps to make your glasses safer. It is very easy to use. The contour design increases the viscosity of the frame, which helps prevent the frame from sliding onto your face while making the glasses wear It is more comfortable.

Made of silicone

5 Pairs 15mm Push-in Soft Silicone Nose Pads

5 Pairs 15mm Push-in Soft Solicone Nose Pads for Eyeglasses Glasses with Glasses Cleaning Cloth

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Made of ultra-soft flexible nipple-grade silicone, safe and non-toxic, not easy to turn yellow and hard, it can also prevent glasses from slipping, make glasses feel better, sit better, and eliminate any pain or discomfort, suitable for all kinds of glasses, a wide range of uses.

safe and non-toxic
Not easy to turn yellow and hard

SMARTTOP Eyeglass Nose Pads

SMARTTOP Eyeglass Nose Pads,10 Pairs Soft Silicone Thin Anti-Slip Nose Pad for Eyeglasses Sunglasses Reading Glasses (1mm,Clear)

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The soft silicone nose with ergonomic D-shape design is used for a long time. Wipe the application area of the cleaning pad with alcohol, and then peel off and paste these self-adhesive nose pads on the glasses. It is specially designed to prevent the glasses from slipping during work or entertainment.

Silicone nose
safe and non-toxic


Why do my glasses nose pads leave marks?

You need a wider nose bridge. Adjusting the nose pads can compensate for the size of the bridge of the nose. If the glasses do not have adjustable nose pads, try to tighten the temples.

The frame of the glasses is too large: If the frame is too heavy, the glasses may leave dark marks on the nose, reducing the burden on the glasses and making your face feel more comfortable.

Glasses are too small: If your glasses are too small for the face, before troubleshooting the size of the glasses, check that the eyes are in the middle of each lens, not the left and right sides, Appropriate, and the frame is not wide enough, then it is best to match a pair of new glasses.

How to Adjust Nosepads