31 Best Going Away Gifts, very cute gifts.

We’ve all had good friends or family members move away, and it’s a good idea to give them a fun and thoughtful going away gifts on their way out, no matter how far they have to go.

Best going away gifts, Send friends and colleagues

1. Stainless steel red wine glass

Stainless steel red wine glass

The hot and cold drink tumbler from Fancyfam comes with a unique gift packaging package, BPA Free transparent splash resistant sliding closable lid, which helps to maintain the ideal temperature for your drink. A metal straw and a gift with a metal brush are also available. This imperishable mug is all perfect for wine, coffee, tea, juice, or whatever you want to enjoy.

2. A few of our favourite memories

A few of our favorite memories

These books are the best way for you to record memories. You have to take a few weeks to think about the funniest, most unforgettable memories and write them down instead of exchanging cards with a hurried little note. Each book is tailored in this way and meant so much. On your last day at work, it is remarkable to take the book home and read all the funny and heartfelt stuff your friends wrote about you. These books, being loved by everyone, have the best quality, worked well for all, and still have plenty of room for adding your memories. Thus, it is the best going away gifts for a crony, for boss for colleagues, and desk partners.

3. Icon Travel Shirt

Icon Travel ShirtThe most stylish and inspiring T-Shirt is made exclusively for travel enthusiasts with travel icons. Lightweight tailored tees are more durable with 50 per cent polyester and 50 per cent cotton, machine washable, stuff. For several icons with various categories pictured while travelling overseas, point your finger at the one you like. It is a magnificent gift for individuals who have crave to fly but have language difficulties. Travel icons are easy to read, ranging from accommodation, transport, food, and much more. With this fun style, let the travel vacation adventure begin.

4. 10-inch digital photo frame

10 inch digital photo frame

The high-resolution TFT-LCD panel includes a transparent and independent display for the audience. Easy to work, detach the memory card from your camera and place it in the frame into the allocated slot, and your images are ready to be exhibited immediately.

5. Best Friend Gift Keychain

Best Friend Gift Keychain

Gifts show your affection and love for your near ones, irrespective of the prices. These show how much you care for them. Best Friend Gift Keychain is the perfect pick to present love for your friends. Real Friendship Means No Space. Best Friend Gift Keychain is the ideal present to prove that a relationship knows no distance, not only for birthdays but for any memorable moments.

6. Carson Home Accents Music Box

Carson Home Accents Music Box

A beautiful package as a present for your loved ones is a going away gift. This Music Box leaves your goodbyes unforgettable. The music boxes from Carson are lined with velvet, have a hand crank music system, and play a famous tune. It is possible to substitute all sentiment cards with a personal picture. Surely this beautiful package would inspire those around you.

7. Waterdrop Personal Water Filter Straw

Waterdrop Personal Water Filter Straw

To fulfil all of your outdoor water requirements: cycling, camping, domestic and overseas travel, emergency preparedness, this straw is a perfect choice. It can eliminate 99 per cent of toxic materials. The use of activated carbon fibre with high-grade coconut shell reduces odour and flavour, guarantees water quality, and offers an improved drinking experience. Use with water bags or connect to water bottles to filtrate drinking water.

8. Homesick Scented Candle

Homesick Scented Candle

It offers a unique aroma, is known as a sedative so, it makes you fall asleep. It produces an exciting and pleasant odour when Homesick Scented Candles are burned. It smells pleasing and can eliminate undesirable odours that can persist in the kitchen, bathroom, basement, kids’ rooms, or sports rec room when used in the house. Since Scented Candle is a natural product, its use as a space freshener is much better than commercial chemical products.

9. Collage hanging picture frame

Collage hanging picture frame

This one comes with a brown gift package. For engagement, graduation, wedding, Halloween, Christmas, and Mother’s day, this is the ideal pick! Made of rustic solid wood, shabby chic theme, high definition glass, a sweetheart, and live laugh love added to each box, hanging with a cord on the wall. This hanging frame had carefully crafted for the wall decor of the home. With the hanging string, it is easy to hang the picture frame comfortably on the wall. Each frame comes with clear opening tabs on the back to make it simpler to adjust the image.

10. Sculpted Hand-Painted Keepsake Box

Sculpted Hand-Painted Keepsake Box

Within, like a secret find, the bottom of the package exposes a sign of love and friendship. It is available in a box ready for gift-giving. The sentiment is written inside the box: “Forever true, forever friends’’ Its elegant colour makes your place beautiful. Craft lovers keep a keen eye on different craftworks. We are confident to say that Sculpted Hand-Painted Keepsake Box is more than an art, hand-painted.  It is a fascinating art piece and quite suitable for decorating your office desk, living room, bookshelf, and anywhere you want, bringing fun to life.

11. Customized spoons

Customized spoons

The special spoon having love wishes a perfect gift for coffee lover friends. For any event such as marriage, engagement, marriage, promotion, birthday celebration, or any occasion, the custom design makes the best present. This exceptionally sophisticated, stylish silverware spoon is suitable for daily use as a coffee spoon or ice cream spoons, soups, teaspoons. Its silver colour is eye-catching. Hurry up to order this steel spoon.

12. Fashion Pens

Fashion Pens

The Christian Art Gift’s rich navy Trendy Classic Pen in Matching Gift Case for Males and Females is beautiful and inspiring. The Jeremiah 29:11 navy writing pen for boys and girls is both functional and trendy. It has a convenient diamond pattern rubber grip, a retractable medium point black ink pen, and a similar carrying case with the words; The Plans in gold script.

13. Wine bottle labels

Wine bottle labels

The labels are high quality and look great on the bottle, making these the best going away gifts for the boss and coworkers. These exclusive Ritzy Rose wine labels are not for the faint-hearted, but this is utterly your chance to kick, are going away gift out of the park if you have a colleague with a decent sense of humour who is leaving the business. For a gift package, our eight bundles of peel and stick wine bottle tags are perfect and priced low enough to pick out the 2 or 3 that you believe your colleague would love the most (save the rest for potential quitters, I mean resigning people.

14. Dish Towel

Dish Towel

Great gift for friends. Well-made and look durable. The dishtowel is one of the best products as it is not an ordinary towel, the printed phrase, Good Friends Are Like Stars, makes it unique for your family members and neighbours. It shows your love for them. It enhances the grace of your kitchen. Its soft texture and durability are unbeatable. It is made from high-quality cotton mesh, its machine washable material.

15. Beautiful bracelets

Beautiful bracelets

The best gift for a colleague, a classmate, a close friend, or someone else you express your love too. Beautiful bracelet gift, high-quality copper makes it lightweight. Lead and nickel free, hypoallergenic, non-rusting, neither tarnishing nor discolouration.

16. Men’s Classic Leather Jeans Belt

Men's Classic Leather Jeans Belt

Finding the right present for a guy will feel like Mission Impossible as the holiday season arrives. We have great news that this Christmas you can offer beautiful leather jeans gift to your man. The leather belt for the men, manufactured of 100% authentic leather with an antique single loop buckle finish.

17. Women’s V-shaped wool sweater

Women's V-shaped wool sweater

You should purchase this sweatshirt because the hot pink colour V notch will surprise your lady. It is soft and comfortable and washes nicely with no pilling. It is available in different sizes. This shirt is made of 50% polyester and 50% cotton, makes it durable and unshrinkable after each wash.

18. Sterling Silver Necklace

Sterling Silver Friendship for Eternity Necklace

Best friends are a blessing of God. The signature, Friendship for Forever, makes the necklace a beautiful gift for sharing the everlasting bond of friendship with a lovely best mate, sister, or bridesmaid, going away Present, or for Besties. The 2-ring necklace won’t make your skin green or red or itchy. It is the best quality item you would feel proud to send as a gift.

19. Pea-shaped pea necklace

Pea-shaped pea necklace

A perfect gift for mothers, sisters, and best friends is this unique pea pod necklace! Sterling silver leaf charms engraved with your choice of initials are hanging with the pea pod pendant. This pea pod necklace is available in various beautiful colours. It is handmade, and the constituting material is safe to wear. The necklace looks very elegant and perfect in size. It came in a cute little box with a bow tied around it!

20. MLVOC Travel Pillow

MLVOC Travel Pillow

This memory foam travel pillow will help to fix your neck with the right curves form pattern, stops the head from slipping over, relieves neck pain during travel. You can change the angle and height of the pillow at random with the added flexible rope lock, meeting various specifications for neck size, opting to provide protection and warmth, you need it. With breathable and ultra magnetic materials therapy cloth, millions of tiny luxury microplastic particles inside a self-developed sweat-resistant fabric, the foam pillow had covered with full comfort on your ride.

21. Travel plugs

Travel plugs

The perfect worldwide travel Adaptors, in comparison to other adaptors, comes in one piece. You can simultaneously charge more than two devices, one camera, and two phones. When you press the pins to sink into the Travel Connector, press it into the socket. Don’t you hate it? This Universal Travel Adapter locks the eight pins tightly into their set positions and unlocks them. It is not an inter-voltage transformer. Ensure that the voltage on the socket is consistent with the appliances used, or this connector includes a voltage converter. Thus, it is easy to handle. The adopter is equipped with modern technology to comfort customers.

22. Wall Mounted Photo Organizer

Wall Mounted Photo Organizer

Ideal for dormitories, bedrooms, dining spaces, courtyards, offices, living quarters, cafes, etc. It is the perfect choice to present as a wedding or housewarming present. To remodel your custom wall art and to renovate room decoration at any time, delete or install pictures with disposable wooden clips. Although, it functions as not only a picture organizer but also an art piece to decore your home. Each cord had manufactured by hand. To show off your happy memories, merge life and painting.

23. Coworker Leaving Gifts for Women

Coworker Leaving Gifts for Women

Women love craftwork. Such bags are great gifts that are simple and exceptional. To ensure high-quality images that will remain colourful with daily use, double-sided printed, water-resistant coating. The right place for holding all your skincare products! Colour: natural beige, with a silver pull on the sleek black zipper. The bag gift will be a great surprise for a co-worker leaving the job or promoting to a new firm with best wishes; Good Luck Finding Better Coworkers Than Us.

24. Bluetooth Portable Speaker

Bluetooth Portable Speaker

Great news for music lovers here we are presenting the best Bluetooth portable speaker to comfort your music sense. The louder volume enables you to enjoy. The speaker had featured with clear stereo sound, rich bass, an amazing wireless Bluetooth range of 100 feet, a bigger battery, and rainproof IPX5 approved. Battery life is good. Easy to recharge. It can connect to various devices, either Apple Database or PC, via booth.

25. Cosmetic Mirror

Cosmetic Mirror

The coworker Leaving Gifts for Women mirror is the best choice to present your love to your going away colleagues with best wishes printed on the back of the mirror. We are presenting mirrors of imaginative novelty with classic terms that render classic gifts for women, mum, sister in law, girlfriend, etc. A wonderful present to remind your affection and respect for her. This travel mirror had made of an environmentally friendly polishing substance of high quality. It is a beautiful mirror of a professional standard. Diameter 2.6″ diameter, 0.45″. It came in a delicate gift case, neatly wrapped.

27. Fortune Money Tree for Good Luck

Fortune Money Tree for Good Luck

For a good working life, this wealth tree stimulates the chakras, encourages sleep, and shoos away unpleasant thoughts and hallucinations. A tree with precious stones as the leaves and wires as the roots is a gemstone tree. Like a gemstone tree, something beautiful will build a room where energy can spill freely and draw positive things as well! The power of gemstone trees is that of abundance that spreads naturally. This Gemstone Tree Positive Energy appears divine and can become part of your living room, office, or entrance space. Useful for producing good energies, regeneration, reflection, peace of mind, balance & focus.

28. Healthy Vegan Snacks Care Package

Healthy Vegan Snacks Care Package

Bunny James Luxury Vegan Package is a set of 20 Vegan treats, individually packaged. This collection features a combination of tasty and healthy Easter vegan sweets, dairy-free items, and vegan snack bars with lots of sweet and savoury choices to suit any taste bud.

29. Xenvo Pro Lens Kit

Xenvo Pro Lens Kit

Great for bringing your Xenvo lenses on the fly with you. The travel case holds and secures all elements of the lens package snugly and conveniently. The quick-release lanyard is the best way to transport your lenses for your next journey. The quick-release lanyard head makes it a cinch in a flash to reach your Xenvo lenses, so you never miss another photo moment. Shoot beautiful images of people, wildlife, travel scenery, landmarks, architecture, selfies, and more. It is crafted for toughness and transparency from aircraft-grade aluminium and quality optical glass. For hobbyists and photography professionals alike, the Xenvo mobile phone lens adapter is perfect.

30. Vermont Teddy Bear Plush Bear

Vermont Teddy Bear Plush Bear

Soft retro Teddy Bear has an exquisite voice, a peculiar combination of excitement, mischief, and laughter that offers the mom, girlfriend, and child a lifetime of pleasure and companionship; Fluffy, fun Teddy Bear is a thoughtful present. Our 18-inch Teddy Bear is stuffed and back-stitched with affection in Vermont, USA, using 100% recycled padding and luxurious fur, making it the ideal present for children and adults alike. Cute, plush Teddy Bear had designed to be oh-so-comfortable and oh-so squeezable with silky smooth fur; this 18-inch Golden Brown Teddy Bear is just ideal for cuddling.

31. Flower Vase 

Flower Vase

The season of the festival is near. Everyone is eagerly waiting for your gift and celebrations. Are you want to try something very different and beyond expectations? This distinctive circular flower vase is the ideal present for a friend or loved one who likes to arrange flowers. A special Christmas present, an elegant housewarming gift, a birthday present, and more are our decorative flower vase style! Advanced polycarbonate designer flower vase engineered to survive any resistance, unlike glass. It comes in a high-quality cardboard case with a gift-wrap.

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