Good Night Messages for Him

Communication has always been an important part of relationships. Send your man sweet messages of goodnight that will make sure that he is thinking about you as he goes to bed. We have plenty of goodnight messages to send your boyfriend, or your husband.

You might feel like sending him cute messages of goodwill that make him smile the goofy smile that you love, or you may be looking for some spicy goodnight messages that will get you both feeling the heat.

Goodnight Messages for Him

We’ve created goodnight messages for our boyfriend , to remove the word “cumbersome”

1. I would like to kiss you on the forehead and say goodbye. Then, you will hold me in your arms and close my eyes. Goodnight, everything.

2. It is a great experience to spend every day with you and your love. You make happiness a part of my life. Goodnight, sunshine.

3. Because you are my everything, I am sending my goodnight wishes. You are my everything. What would I do without you? I wish you a sweet dream. Goodnight, my angel.

4. No matter what your day was like, I will always be there to cuddle and kiss you. Good night, love.


5. No matter how hard you work, your dream will always be sweeter than mine. This is why I dream about you every night. Good night, king of my heart.

6. You look so innocent when you are asleep. You make me fall in love every time I see you sleep. Goodnight, handsome. I wish you a restful night.

7. In my life right now, I have zero desires. Because I already have you. My sweetest dreams come true. Goodnight, honey.

8. Be assured that I am always there for you. Hand in hand, but also soul to soul. Close your eyes. With a wide smile, drift off to sleep. My love, I’m always there. Goodnight, dearest.

9. Because it is a dark and cold night, the only thing I have left in my world right now is you. I wish you were there tonight to comfort me. Good night, prince.

10. If you leave me with a bar chocolate and you, I will always be there for you. You are my most precious chocolate. One that I won’t find anywhere else. You can rest assured that I will be there soon. Good night, my hero.


1. It’s going be a great night if my dreams are half as sweet to you as mine are to you.

2. Is it possible for someone to be so happy with you that it makes it difficult to sleep? Is this possible? That’s what I believe is happening to me…

3. You are incredible! Good night!

4. You were so adorable today, btw. It’s funny, I just remember it and am just grinning at myself. Good night, babe.

5. When we are together, you make me feel secure. I miss you already… sweet dreams.

6. Your arms. They are missing me right now. Good night!

7. Although I know I will see you again tomorrow night, the problem is that it is so exciting to me now that I can’t go to sleep. Good night!

8. Tomorrow feels so far away, why? That’s correct, I must get through the night without your help. Good night, Booooo!

9. I wish you were there so that I could feel your strong arms wrap around me every night.

10. I am just thankful that I have such an amazing boyfriend to text goodnight to.

11. We spent the whole day together, and I still feel like I could have done with more. Miss you, babe, good night!

12. You are my dream boyfriend… let’s hope I can see you in my dreams too!

13. To the man who stole mine heart: Good night!

14. My dream man, sweet dreams!

15. It’s funny, because although I know I need to sleep in order to make it to tomorrow to meet you again, the excitement of seeing you again makes it difficult to fall asleep. And what is this sorcery that you used on me? It’s okay, I like it. Keep it up!

16. I love you more the more I know about you. This is fine with me! Good night, babe

17. If a genie appeared to grant me three wishes, the first would be more wishes. But then, the second would be to be in my arms again. Good night, hon.

18. Go to bed now, so that I can dream about you…

19. If you dream of me, I will dream of you. <3

20. I am certain that I will dream about you tonight. Literally, cannot stop thinking about you today.

21. It’s so much more difficult to fall asleep alone when I know how strong your snuggle game…

22. While the dream version of yourself is great, the real you is far more amazing. I guess I will take what I can get… goodnight!

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