Happy 39th Birthday Sister Wishes and Quotes



Sisters are unique individuals, so it is wonderful to honor them each day, especially on their birthdays. They are deserving of the honor of being honored on their special day.


They need to be surrounded by love, regardless of how great the party was.

Don’t hesitate to send these superbly prepared wishes and quotes for sisters celebrating their 39th birthday. This joyfully and heaven-inspired collection of birthday prayer words for 39 year-old sisters will help you to crown your big day.


Happy 39th Birthday Sister Quotes

Let the Almighty God open all doors to you today as you celebrate your 39th year. May you never know a time when you didn’t have enough, May your new year be blessed with pleasure and happiness in plenty. Beautiful sister, I wish you a happy 39th Birthday.


1. May you increase in the grace, stature and power of Jesus Christ. May you be an example of His light. May you bask in all of God’s blessings and be overflowing with His grace. I wish you a happy new year, Sister. God’s blessings on you!
God’s blessings on you!


2. Today is your 39th anniversary, sister. God has been faithful and will continue being faithful to you, I believe. As you age chronologically, I pray for you to grow spiritually, emotionally and physically. Happy 39th birthday, dear sister.

3. May no forces prevent you from fulfilling all of heaven’s plans for your life. God, with God and in God, may God keep and preserve your life. My brother, I love you. I wish you a happy 39th birthday.


4. My beautiful sister, I wish you a happy, happier and merrier day. I wish you many new successes and glories in this new chapter of your life. Happy 39th Birthday, Brother! Have a great day.

5. 1. My sister, who has been my best friend over many years, wishes me a very happy birthday. Although some people believe wishes are for the stars only, I can wish you a happy Birthday because you are my sister. Happy 39th birthday, dear sister.

6. A sister is someone I love who fights with, cares for, and sometimes shouts at me. Big sis, I wish you a happy 39th birthday

7. A sister’s definition: someone who knows you from top to bottom. It appears that it is you. I’m grateful you’re my sister. We wish you a very special day. My sweet sister, happy 39th birthday.


8. Sisters are priceless and you are undoubtedly one of them. As you celebrate your 39th anniversary, I am grateful to God for you, sister. I pray you will be blessed with joy, serenity. Loveliness. Happiness. Sister, I wish you a happy 39th birthday.

9. Forget about the past; it’s impossible to change it. You can’t forecast the future, so forget about it. You have a lot of work ahead of you, sister. Happy 39th Birthday!

10. Friends can come and go in life, but the family is always there. You are a great sister and I feel extremely lucky to have you as my sister. I’d rather have you as a sister than anyone else. Happy 39th birthday, my love!

11. Happy birthday to my sister who has given me joy, love and support all my life. Your special day should bring you all you can desire, since you deserve it. My sweet sister, Happy 39th Birthday!


12. Sister, you’re a unique snowflake. You are loud, domineering and most importantly, you are loving. I’m grateful to have a sister like you in my life. Happy 39th Birthday!

13. Coming of age I’ve always looked up to you, and I still do as we get older. You are an inspiration to me. My role model’s birthday is today! Happy 39th birthday, dear sister.

14. I wish you a happy and warm birthday. Let it be the beginning of a new year full of promise and hope. Happy birthday sister Happy 39th Birthday!

15. You are an amazing sister. You are a wonderful sister. You have shown me that you aren’t judging me but love me unconditionally. I am very grateful. Happy 39th Birthday!

16. My dear sister, remember this: Life’s challenges are meant to make you strong, not weak. My super-strong sister’s birthday is today! My beautiful sister, Happy 39th Birthday!

17. In my life, you’ve performed the roles of mother, father, and best friend. Your smile is the beginning and end of my little world. My adorable sister, Happy 39th Birthday! May God gift you with all of the world’s blessings!

18. Your radiant smile and natural beauty make you shine like an endless light bulb. You are never too tired of spreading joy and treating people with respect. You are the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen or met. Happy 39th Birthday to my lively sister!

19. The kind of love, admiration, and encouragement I’ve had from you has been important in my growing and remarkable achievement in life. You are the heart of my universe and the driving force behind what I do. A happy 39th birthday to my supportive sister!


20. Our parents were wonderful and raised us to be amazing siblings. We developed a strong friendship from that bond. We are so grateful to you for being such a beautiful sister. My cool sister’s birthday is today. Happy 39th birthday, dear sister.

21. Happy birthday to my beautiful, amazing, gorgeous, and lovely sister! If I could choose a sibling, you would be it. You will have a wonderful time celebrating your special day. Happy 39th birthday, dear sister.

22. All I want for you on this special day is a life filled with fun, great discoveries and amazing surprises. Have a great 39th birthday, sister.

23. Your presence brightens my day! You are always able to bring a smile to my face! You’re the coolest sister I’ve ever known! Happy 39th Birthday, love!

24. A true blessing is having a wise, caring sister like yours. It is the most amazing gift I have ever received. Your birthday should be filled of happiness, fond memories, joy, and all the things you want! Happy 39th birthday!


25. You are a wonderful sister. Life without you would be like a dull, dark morning. My prayers and wishes may brighten your day. Have a great 39th Birthday, Sister!

26. You could have the most precious gift in the world but that would not compare to the friendship and love we share. You are my joy and I wish you peace, happiness, and pure delight on this wonderful day. Let joy fill your life as you plan the perfect birthday! Sweet sister, happy 39th birthday!

27. My sister, who has given me the best gift and the world to me. You’ve always been there for me. Beauty, even as you age, you’re daily becoming a better person. I’m happy I have you as my sister. Happy 39th Birthday!

28. Hurray! It’s your special day, dear sister! It’s your 39th birthday! I hope this day brings you the same joy and blessings as it has brought to others.

29 Having a sister as gracious as you make me feel better when I’m down. Would you please share your cake, icecream, and other gifts with me, sis? Laughter! You are appreciated and loved! Happy 39th Birthday!


Happy 39th Birthday Sister Wishes

Happy birthday to my beautiful sister who has made my life so much more enjoyable. I’m very grateful to have a sister that never fails to brighten my days. You are my sister. May your days be full of goodness and joy. Happy 39th Birthday!

31. Dear sister, I wish for you a wonderful birthday filled full of joy, happiness, joy and many other delightful surprises. Happy 39th birthday!

32. Dear sister: Despite all the quarreling we have, you are still my most important person. You make me more fond of you every day. We wish you a very special day. Happy 39th Birthday, sister.

33. For your birthday, I’m sending you all my love and happiness, as well as my best wishes for the happy, intelligent, and amazing sister that you are. I wish you a happy and wonderful year. Happy 39th birthday to my beautiful sister.


34. Happy birthday, sis. We’ve enjoyed a lot of laughter and memories together. All my best wishes. Let this be a productive year for you. Enjoy your day. Happy 39th Birthday.

35. My sister, you are the only one who can surprise me. You have my full support and affection. Today, I wish you joy and fruitfulness as you celebrate this special day. Happy 39th Birthday!

36. While friends may change throughout my life’s journey, family will remain. It is a blessing to have you as a sister. I’d rather have you as a sister than anyone else. You are my big sis and I love you. Happy 39th birthday!

37. My sister, who has given me joy and unconditional love throughout my entire life, a happy birthday. Because you deserve it, I wish you all the happiness you can get on this special day. I love you, dear sister. Happy 39th Birthday!

38. You are my treasure chest, sis. I treasure the precious memories that I have from my childhood. All my best wishes for your special day. You are my sweet sister. Happy 39th birthday!

39. While I am aware of my flaws, you still love me. I’m grateful to God for blessing me with the sweetest and most wonderful sister in the entire world. You are my best friend and I wish you a happy Birthday! 39 looks great on your!

40. I pinch myself every day because I’m so fortunate to have the sweetest, happiest, smartest, funniest, and most supportive sister as my best friend. My sparkling beauty, happy 39th birthday!

41. Siblings can be the worst punishment. Sisters and brothers, I believe, are God’s way of bestowing benefits. It’s difficult for me to express how grateful I am to have you as my sister. I wish you a happy and colorful life. Happy 39th Birthday!

43. Sister, even though I can get annoyed by you to no end, you manage to make my day brighter at the end. I’m very lucky to have a sister as amazing as you. Happy 39th birthday, dear sister!


44. You are the best sister on earth. Your sisterhood is so amazing that other sisters should take lessons from you about how to be incredible! My ideal sister’s birthday is today. Happy 39th birthday, dear sister.

45. What can I say about you? You are charming, bright, and charming. But you’re also kind and trustworthy. This is just the tip of an iceberg. You are my best friend. You are my best friend and I am so proud of you. Your 40th birthday is coming up, sister. It’s gonna be loud!

46. You are truly unique and I am honored to be your friend. Sweet sister, happy 39th birthday.

47. You are the best, and you deserve all the happiness on this special day. My sister, I wish your a very happy birthday. Happy 39th Birthday!

48. I wish your birthday brings you warm, fuzzy feelings. Let it be the beginning of a new year full of promise and hope. Happy birthday sister 39 looks you!

49. My sister, I want you to know how grateful I am for being the most caring and kind sister on the planet. You are the only one who truly understands me. I’d want to wish you a very happy birthday. I wish you a very happy birthday. Happy 39th Birthday.

50. My sister is the most gorgeous flower in my life’s garden. Your beauty and warmth will bring joy to everyone. We wish you a happy birthday! Happy 39th Birthday, sister!

These lovely quotes and wishes for a happy 39th birthday sister are something I’m sure you were able to take away.

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