Happy 70th Birthday Poems for Friend

For a friend turning 70, a poem may be the right way to wish them a happy birthday, especially if you want to actually give them something special, as they are no longer young.When you’re celebrating the 70th birthday of a friend, and you want to send a special birthday greeting, then a poem is just the thing. These poems will help you wish your friend a happy 70th birthday. Sometimes, cash and cards don’t have enough space for words. If you’re looking for some heartwarming 70th birthday poems that you can dedicate to your friend, then you’ve come to the right place.70th birthday poems are written especially since the person has entered a stage of life that is important and distinctive. People who are lucky enough to be friends with someone 70th can write them poems. Even if the friend is not close to you, a poem about them can be written. It can also be used for other reasons. People who are celebrating 70 years of age or their friends and family have the most need for happy 70th Birthday poems. The most difficult thing about this milestone, however, is that you must look back on your life and ask questions about the things you have achieved. These 70th birthday poems are meant to bring joy into their lives. It is a quick process. Before we knew it, it was our friend’s 70th birthday. How do you celebrate the passing of seven decades, all the dreams, hopes, and joys that go with them? By sending a gift of words, of course – in the form of an original poem from here. This is more than just a greeting; it’s a mark of respect and affection for your dear friend that our finely-crafted verse will bring to life in just the right way.When celebrating a 70th birthday, there’s a lot to celebrate. You’ve lived for three score decades and 10! That’s quite an accomplishment! You’ve probably seen and experienced so much in your lifetime. You might have had ups and downs, but overall you’ve enjoyed your life.

Sweet 70th birthday poems for my best friend

Your 70th Birthday
There is not one wrinkle you can have.
You are just as beautiful today as when we first met.
You can take care of your self in many different ways.
It’s great to see you looking so young and bright,
Be sweet and happy every day.
I can write many poems for your benefit
You deserve it, my best friend.1. Happy 70th birthday, dear friend!
I can’t believe you’re 70,
You’ll always be young to me, my friend
Life’s lines are not straight,
Never-ending at times,
Your path to your future. We get older.
But not by much.
All your dreams may come true
Your 70th birthday. A young 70-year old.
70 is the new fifty
I wish you a longer life.
A healthier life, my friend,
Let the next 70 years be your best.
Amen.4. Today is your 70th Birthday.
So, it’s time for us to celebrate
Our friend, you are our friend
Whose heart has never been broken. You’ve made it to 70,
One big fat fat one.
You’ve lived a full wonderful life,
I’m glad to have known you.6. I am glad that you’re mine,
Happy 70th Birthday!
We will celebrate
And you’ll always remain young.7. Celebrate the birthday of a friend
He is now in his 70th year.
Hope he’s even more inclined
To meet me after today.8. You’re the best!
I hope that you are younger.
On your 70th Birthday.
Many more birthdays to follow.
I beg you to live to see.
More birthdays. I love you, dear friend
I wish you a day
Love, peace and happiness are possible with love
You can keep your heart young forever
Your love should never waver10. You are the best! Happy Birthday
It’s a great day to be 70!
You are now 70 years old and the end of your youth.
We wish you all the best. You deserve it!11. It’s your 70th birthday
You’re the same age that I am.
You look beautiful and happy.
My 70th birthday wishes. Friendship is a link that can be broken.
Two hearts connected
You are the best of buddies
That is all I know.
Und ich will add,
Happy 70th Birthday!
13. I wish you the best. I wish you all of the best.
The best of everything
I wish you could live forever.
14 Dearest friend
Today is your special date
Thank you so much for your support.
There’s nothing I wouldn’t do,
Happy Birthday and many more15 When you turn 70, you will still be as young to me.
You are always there for me.
You’re the best.
“Happy Birthday.”16. Today is your birthday.
You are so very happy to be born!
Seventy-eight years have passed.
Seventy-eight is a significant number.
Seventy is a magical number.
Seventy-eight is a very special number today
Happy 70th birthday17. I had a friend when I was a boy.
We accomplished so many things together
Camping, hiking and fishing are all possible.
Now that you are 70 (and I’m not so young)
I hope this poem is enjoyable.
From me to you.
All the best.18 When I think back
In all the years we’ve been together,
I am so grateful
For the memories and laughs, we’ve shared.
Happy 70th birthday!
I hope you’re smiling,
Your19. Your friendship has been a blessing
It’s almost like the stars are blessed with light.
Your friendship is my joy
It taught me what love is.20 It has been seventy years since then.
It has flown by so quickly.
We wish you many blessings.
God will love you.
Happy 70th birthday, you.21. Time flies by!
It’s 70 years young,
May you be always healthy
Happy and successful.
Congratulations for reaching this milestone.22 My dearest friend,
Seventy-eight years have passed.
I want you to stay young forever.
You are my best friend and dearest.
In a world of chaos and unrest
Your friendship is my only true refuge23 Happy 70th Birthday
All the best for your day!
God blesses your life.
Here’s to many years in prosperity.
Happy birthday, dear friend.24 My dear friend,
There’s love in every wrinkle.
You may always be happy.
Peace may always be yours.
May you always feel loved.
This is what I wish for you today.
Happy 70th Birthday to You.25 I’m wishing you,
70 more years of pleasure
Your friendship is a precious treasure
That will last a lifetime, won’t it?
26. Happy Birthday. A new journey
It’s a new beginning.
New chapter in your Life
New Year to Remember
We wish the next 70 years be successful!
More happiness and more love.
Dear friend, Happy Birthday.27 “The old Sailor”
To the girl at the bar
“Love is only a dream,
Not worth investing in.
My advice for you
To run as fast as possible
You can save yourself a lot.
But friendship is well worth it.
Happy 70th Birthday to you.28 A friend, a dear friend,
This is a precious thing.
You’re the best of friends,
I can’t imagine life without you.
Happy 70th birthday, you.29. I’ve known you for many years
We have been there for you throughout the years
Here’s to you my dearest friend,
Happy 70th birthday!
My dear friend, I wish you the best for your future. You’re a friend who’s been there for me,
You’ve stood by me through thick and thin,
Hugged me tight when I’ve felt blue,
I just want to tell you how much I love you.
Happy 70th Birthday to you.31 You are a dear old friend.
Another 70 years of life,
Your years will be over.
I would love to be your hand.
Dear friend, happy birthday.32 Best wishes!
The best gifts to give
The best way to live
The best things to love
My friend, Happy 70th Birthday!
33. My dearest friend,
All my best wishes to you today
Are happiness, love, health and good health important?
To live for many more years
As time passes,
My love for you increases.
Because it is inextricable
Your friendship is a treasure.
Happy 70th Birthday to You.34 Happy birthday, dear friend,
I’m so glad to have a friend like you.
Your love, kindness, and care.
It warms my heart every day.
Happy 70th birthday!
Feel filled with laughter
Happy 70th Birthday to you.33 As the candles dim, the cake shrinks.
It is fast approaching.
I wish you a happy Birthday!
This is a special day
Congratulations on your 70th birthday.
34. Cheers to a better future. Happy birthday!
A big wish for your big day.
We wish you more joyous times.
The years have passed.
Dear friend, Happy 70th Birthday. My sweet friend.
I’m happy with our lives,
We’re all done now,
Now we’re heading for 70!
Happy birthday, dear friend. 36 Once upon a Time
It was easy to live a happy life.
There was so much excitement in the days
And the future seemed so wonderful.
You are now 70.
Happy birthday, friend.37 My Dearest Friend,
You are so loved, and so dear.
Your next years may be blessed.
With the best of prayers
Happy 70th birthday, dear friend.38 You’re a walking inspiration
You’ve seen it all.
You’ve seen history in the making,
And you still look so fine.
Happy 70th Birthday to you.39 Today is your birthday.
The beginning of another year.
Loving you, I’m so glad,
You’ve entered this new year,
With all of your health and happiness.
Keep shining brightly and happy 70th Birthday.40 Today you are 70 years old
You are filled with hopes and dreams for a bright future.
So here’s to 70 more,
You may age with grace, as well as fine wines.
Happy birthday, my best friend.41 Toast to the birthday girl
The Grandma.
All the best for your day!
Your presence here is truly a blessing.
Happy 70th birthday, dear friend.42. A wish to 70th birthday
I wish you good health.
A day of joy and a week full of wealth
Happiness and joy for a year
Many years to live…43. Happy Birthday
I wish all of your dreams and desires come true.
Celebrate your 70th Birthday!
You receive a cake
There are candles that you can blow out.
You get presents,
Most importantly,
44. It is important to age well.
You’ve got to take care of yourself,
Take care of your body
As you grow old, you won’t be able to run,
It is possible that you will not be able swim.
You may not want to sprint.
Still, you can get in shape
Happy 70th birthday, dear friend.45. All the best to you,
In your 70th birthday.
You may have many more.
Enjoy them all.
Dear friend, Happy Birthday You may have many more birthdays.
You may be blessed with a healthy, long life.
We wish you never to have to say goodbye.
We love you.
Happy 70th birthday, dear friend.47. I’m so happy for you,
This is the start to a great adventure.
You’re truly like no other,
I wish you all the best in 70 years.
48. I wish you good health.
Joy and happiness.
There is so much love!
For your 70th year.
Everything you want,
Visit the store
Then, more.49. You are my best friend.
You’re my life, my dear friend,
My best friend, my companion,
Our roots are deep.
I love you so very much.
Happy 70th birthday my dear.50. You’re my best friend,
You’re my dearest friend,
I love you.
I love you.
I love you.
You are my love
A love that will never stop,
Never end, never end.
Happy 70th Birthday!

Funny 70th Birthday Poems For A Friend

May you live for a hundred years and one day
And if you do, I’ll be a hundred and two
So far so good,… oops 100 plus 2,
I need to find a new best friend
Because by then, you’d have no teeth
Happy birthday, friend.51 She’s 70 years young,
But acts much younger.
She has a sharp and witty sense of humor.
This makes me smile.
She’s like a mom to me,
Tell me what to do.
This gives me sound advice52. What does it mean for you to be 70?
There were many laughs and some tears.
It is not much different from 69.
However, being 70 is better than being 60.
Then being 69,
‘Cause, when you’re 70,
You are wiser.53 When I hear your voice
My stomach gets butterflies.
My heart skips one beat every time I see you.
When I’m with you,
I’m on the best ride to the fun.54. Dear friend, 70th birthday poems
The most beautiful,
You’re the greatest friend,
My heart beats for yours.
All my love
It has been sent to me.
Happy 70th Birthday.55 I am 70 and must admit that it is a very happy birthday.
It’s nice to be 70,
Yet, you can still move around!
I wish that you have more grace
As you travel onto hundred.
Happy 70th birthday, y friend.56. Life is difficult, isn’t?
Many trials, hardships, and tears.
We would like to celebrate your 70th birthday.
One special, full of cheers and smiles.
Happy 70th birthday to my friend.57 Here’s a smile,
A hug and a kiss are also a good idea.
I’ll be there with you,
Happy 70th Birthday.
Cheers.58. It’s your 70th birthday
You’re looking like a million bucks,
We wish you a happy and fulfilled life.
You are as happy as you.
Keep smiling; it’s your strength.
Happy Birthday, 59. You’re a special friend in my life,
Birthday’s are great when friends are around.
Thank you for making my life so special.
I’m sure there will be many more.
Happy 70th birthday, dear friend. Oh, dear friend, 70’s here,
1. The century.
I hope it’s not the last of your years,
If it is, you will have your share.
I’d be here
Always there to help.61 You’re a great friend.
When times are tough and difficult
You’re a shoulder to cry on.
You’re a shoulder to lean on.
You’re a shoulder to run to.
You’re a shoulder to lean against
You’ll always be relevant.
Happy 70th Birthday, friend.62 You are a bloomer
Wildflowers are the best.
Into a beautiful Rose,
This sweet scent is a delight!
This makes the entire room smell great.
As the colour of your eyes.
Or the colour of hair.63 There are many possible reasons.
Why I love and admire you.
You can be so sweet.
I love that it’s true.
You are now 70 years old.
64. 70 years later
All I see, in days gone by
Beautiful memories
That I treasure
It’s a very special day to celebrate your 70th birthday.
65. If I could be a fly in the wall
You are my friend.
Smiling from one ear to the other
That’s because I’m the one
Who sent you a present
I’m glad to make you smile
Happy 70th Birthday.
Happy birthday, 66. As teenagers, we met.
You were one year older than I.
Now you’re 70 years old.
I wish you a happy birthday.
Happy Birthday to You.67 Friends are one of life’s greatest gifts,
They make you feel happy even when you are feeling sad.
One friend makes me smile in particular
This is my birthday and I just wanted to say:
We are grateful for your friendship.
I look forward to many more years.
Happy 70th birthday, you.68. Today is your birthday.
You should also know this:
I wish you a happy day.
It is fun and full joy.
Happy 70th Birthday to you.69 I wish that I could send you a gift.
The stars and the moon
I wish I could go there with you.
A magical carousel ride
I would love to hug you and give you a kiss.
To make you feel better when you’re feeling down
Happy 70th Birthday to you, my friend.70 A friend is like an expensive gem.
So rare and valuable.
To me, you’re like a diamond,
It will endure for all time.
70 looks good on your. Happy Birthday.71 A friend is like an ornament.
It needs water.
Love to grow
People need care too,
To grow into a fine tree,
All flowers are one.
And we need care,
To be a fine person
72. Happy Birthday, friend. I know that you’ve had many friends,
However, none can compare to me.
You’ve outlived many, but me, you’ll live forever.
You have me more than you know.
You have your family.
You’ve never lost a beloved one.
Happy 70th birthday, friend.73 When you were born
Your life was filled with hope.
I hope you have a wonderful birthday.
You get what you want.
We wish you many happy years.
Happy 70th birthday, my friend.74 You can’t teach an old dog new tricks,
However, you can teach an old dog new tricks.
You can’t take a jog down memory lane,
However, you can still take a stroll down the memory lane.
It’s your 70th birthday,
Would you like to travel back in time?
Happy 70th birthday, you.75. A friend is something we give to ourselves.
A friend can be a gift for a lifetime.
It’s a gift that lasts a lifetime if a friend is your friend.
You are then a gift that will last a lifetime
I will be your 70th birthday present.
I wish that you have many gifts throughout your lifetime.76 Today I made a joke
When I dropped to the knees,
I laughed so hard, my sides hurt.
I thought of you.
Happy 70th Birthday to you.77 Remember the time
When we were young,
Now we’re here to celebrate
Your 70th Birthday.
May you have another 70
To make us proud.
Poetry is your passion
And I’m glad we’re friends78. What an amazing year!
70 years of life.
You have achieved so much.
There is still so much to live.
Happy birthday.79 Why is 70 important?
I wish you a day,
Every minute is a new opportunity.
This is a new kind of cake
Here’s something else to add:
To help you grow,
Stay fit and healthy.
Happy Birthday, friend.80 Dear friend
Happy 70th birthday!
Joy and glee fill you.
And may you continue to
We need to smile and laugh.
Happy Birthday to you.81 Friend, you’re awesome.
Not a day goes by that’s not,
Fulfilled with life and a passion for what you want,
Thank you for being a part of my life.
It is worth more than I thought.
Happy 70th Birthday to You.82 You are getting older.
The time flew by so quickly.
But, for your birthday
Here’s a gift for you,
Enjoy every day, as it comes.
You know your life is precious.
There is no immortality, but you do know.
Happy 70th birthday, dear friend.83 A friend at 70 can be a friend.
You’re a unique and special Friend,
You’re a friend that’s dear to me.
Age in grace. Happy 70th birthday, you.84. You are my best friend.
When I’m in trouble,
You are the first to stand beside me.
You are my confidante.
Your best advice.
I love you, my dearest friend.
Happy 70th birthday, you.85. You are always the first.
To answer a phone call
Whatever the hour,
You’ve been my friend,
For quite some time.
Today, I am celebrating you turning 70.
Happy Birthday to You.86 70 years old
I hope you’ll live to be 100.
I wish you good health.
For your birthday
I am sending you,
All your dreams will come true, I wish you the best. Cheers,
After all these years, it is still standing.
I’m so happy you made it through.
You are my friend. Happy 70th Birthday, my friend.
I wish you all of the best.
Your life may be full of joy.
Happiness and love.
You will achieve greater heights in your life.
Happy Birthday to You.89 All my best wishes for your 70th birthday.
You are never alone.
May your light shine bright.
May you be loved always.
You are to be kind. May you always smile.
You should always have a friend.
Cheers.90. It’s your 70th birthday.
I wish that you live a long and fulfilling life.
Living a life of love, laughter, friendship, and joy.
You may also use candles to decorate your birthday cake.
Make your smile shine. Celebrate your birthday
As you turn 70.
You’re as pretty as you were,
The day I first met with you.
We wish you a very special day!
Happy birthday.92 As you approach old age,
I pray for your good health.
You may live to be 70.
Continue to inspire.
You are a wonderful person. This is your birthday.
Smiles and laughter are the best!
It’s a joy to be with you,
I wish that you were here.
I’ll be thinking of you all day,
Because I am a friend
Who truly loves you?
Happy Birthday to You.94 Even though your time is drawing to an end,
Your life’s been inspirational.
You’re a kind soul,
With a heart full of gold
My friend for many years
I’ll carry you in my heart.
Happy 70th birthday, you.95 I, who have no,
Am rich today.
My heart is full
With like-minded friends
Celebrate your special birthday
I wish that you have many more wonderful years ahead
Happy 70th birthday, you.96. You’re never too old
To have fun
To be silly
To give gifts
To support others
To be mischievous
To enjoy life
To live and have fun.
Happy 70th Birthday, friend.97 Today you turn 70.
This I will never forget.
I wish you keep smiling.
We celebrate your 70th birthday.
Cherries, dear friend. Friends are like candles.
Some are ruined.
Others are just beginning.
Some people are still glowing. Others have stayed longer.
Some have even passed.
Dear friend,
I’ll wish you a happy 70th birthday.99. You were there to support me.
When I needed a buddy.
Through good times as well as bad
I am grateful for your support.
We are grateful for your friendship.
Today, I am celebrating you.
Happy 70th birthday, you.100. My friend, Happy Birthday
I wish you a wonderful 2014.
It was also a wonderful birthday.
I consider you one of my closest friends.
You are my best friend.
We wish you the best for the next 70 years. These poems are a great way to do just that. These poems will help you relive the memories with your friends when they turn septuagenarian. Share this with your friends.

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