30+ Happy Birthday Letter to a Friend

These are letters to celebrate birthdays to tell your friend how amazing you feel they are.

Put your words into their hearts. This beautifully thought-out messages.

Cute Birthday Letter to a Friend

If your friend turns one year older today. It is a good idea to give him Happy Birthday Card or a Happy Birthday Letter to express your gratitude to God’s faithfulness towards him and his family.

1. Can’t Keep Calm, It’s My Bestie’s Birthday!

The person who has experienced the joys of life has had the pleasure of a real friend. It’s your birthday today Bestie and I’m unable to stay at bay. When I look back at the past, I’m amazed at the amount of aid you’ve been to my life. You’ve also been a source of happiness you’ve been for me. Today I wish you happiness, love, kindness and abundance. You’re not worthy of more than these. Happy Birthday, Bestie. Let the celebration begin.

2. Happy Birthday To a Friend Indeed

The kind of people you have in common with are rare and very few! Today ought to be a worldwide holiday to honor amazing souls who brought light to a dark and bleak world similar to that we live in. You’ve made it worth living and dreams are worth chasing. I am grateful to you for always being there for me, and for making my journey much less difficult. From the deepest of my hearts I hope you enjoy all the wonderful things that life has to offer Diamonds, gold, and silver will be centered around you, making you feel as beautiful as you are. Happy Birthday, my dear best friend indeed.

3. Happy Birthday to an Angel

Jingle bells, rolling drums for today is the day of birthday of an angel. Heaven has given another angel up as well. The earth is blessed. I was blessed more during that time, as an angelic friend was given to me. Indeserving of me but always in her care. Today, I am celebrating my dear friend, who is also my protector angel. I am grateful for everything you represent. My sincere wishes for you are long-lasting as well as good health, and prosperity. Enjoy your new age Bestie.

4. Happy Birthday to the Friend Who Stood by Me

I am so happy to wish you this day, all the joy that you want and the realization of your dreams. You are my love and my life because you’ve stood beside me. We have crossed bridges despite the tears that we shed, and we have created lemonade from the lemons that life has thrown at us. We’ve both found joy in one another’s arms. On this day of yours, my best wishes to you are endless. Happy Birthday, my dear friend indeed.

5. Happy Birthday To The One Who Made Laughing My Hobby

Yah! Today is your birthday sweetheart. The word “happy” is everywhere since your birth is associated with the birth of laughter. I’ve never had so many laughs till I heard you voice on it. Happy Birthday, sweet. Wish you a lifetime of happiness and the love never leave you. Let’s be together today and rock. Distance isn’t a problem.

6. To my best friend

Happy birthday, dear!

I never felt like I was missing having a sister since it was always at my by my side. You’ve been there for me with my Math problems as well as my relationships issues. I couldn’t think of my existence without your help since you are an integral component of it.

7. Happy birthday, bestie!

On the day you celebrate your birthday I would like to tell to you how precious person in the entire world. You are my comrade in crime and my partner in all that I do. Our wavelengths are so similar I often feel like I can hear you even when I’m not speaking. I am extremely fortunate that you are a close friend.

8. My dear best friend,

We wish you a very happy birthday!

You are my friend. is the definition of true friendship. You’ve always been for me, providing the love and support I required. When you’re with me I feel the most joyful and strongest as you are the strongest supporter for me.

9. Happy birthday, dear

Being around you can be like having happiness all around. Since we shared our books with each other at times we had to share our struggles, it’s been an amazing experience. Sometimes I feel like if I not met the person in your life, it would have been a lot more difficult and different. I am thankful with you!

10. My bestie,

Happy Birthday!

The most treasured gift I have received from God. Your understanding and love me cannot be expressed through words. I ask God that our relationship is strong and we continue to create wonderful memories that make this journey more extraordinary.

Touching Birthday Letters To Friend

Let the words work magic, and send warm wishes, and convey your sentiments by writing beautiful birthday wishes.

11. Dearest bestie,

Today is your day of celebration however, it’s also an occasion that gives me many reasons to be happy. I am fortunate having found a genuine partner in you, who is my shoulder to be able to cry on, and the greatest strength. For Your birthday I hope you a lifetime of happiness and healthy. You are blessed.

12. Bestie,

Happy Birthday!

The words you use will be enough to convey what I feel about you. You are my friend and also a part of my family. Your friend has always stood by me and stood beside me during the most difficult moments. I hope that our friendship will remain the same, regardless of the age we reach and how life evolves.

13. Happy birthday, dear

This is the time that I reflect back and treasure all the amazing memories we have shared together. I am reminded of our drunk parties, sleepovers, late-night discussions and all the great moments we’ve had. Thank you for providing me with beautiful memories that will constantly bring smiles on my face.

14. Thank you for being my beloved friend. What else would I like? I would like you to achieve your goals, turn every little thing into a blessing making every struggle an opportunity for testimony. I’d like the stars of heaven to be with me as I wish you a happy birthday.

15. There are special occasions in our life. This is one of the days I’ve marked as it’s my friend’s birthday. She’s an individual and the perfect friend. Happy birthday, my gist mate. Many Happy Returns.

16. Happy birthday, my dear friend indeed. I hope that the moon will sing you a song today, and that the universe would fulfill your wishes. I want to let you know on this day of celebration that I love you.

17. My birthday wishes to my dear friend. I would like to proclaim today that the chain of Amastad will not break our bonds. I love you, and the world is in love with you. Happy birthday, my most adorable friend.

18. The value of a loyal friend is much greater than emeralds with a variety of value. I would not have missed it in any way to not send you a heartfelt happy birthday. I love you, dear friend.

19. With all of the seven hundred and ten incredible languages spoken around the globe I want to send my dear friend a very happy birthday with everything that will put smiles on your face and makes you laugh joyfully. It’s more than just a friend, so I would like to wish you more than just an enjoyable birthday.

20. I’ll repeat it and repeatedly until the curtain closes and the world screams Happy Birthday to my most beloved friend. You are a blessing to me and you’re the most important thing to me. Happy Birthday a thousand times. Happy New Year.

Letter For Best Friend Birthday

21. However far I go, and how far I travel divide from us, we will remain my closest friend. Thank you for all you do, and for your constant help you have given me. Wishing you a birthday full of joy and laughter!

22. Happy Birthday, Friend. You have made my life more enjoyable by your presence. Your company is all I require to be content and there is no one other than you. You have a tender heart, and you are concerned about the your family and friends more than any other person anywhere else. You’re an amazing person; I am grateful for everything!

23. You’ve been my best friend for the last couple of years. Because of you I was able to get through some of the toughest moments without giving up hope. Thanks for the radiant smile, positive attitude and unending assistance. These are awe-inspiring qualities and can be used to lift everyone up. Keep smiling! I wish you the very best from the deepest of my hearts!

24. You’re my most trusted friend. You are more than a brother for me. You’ve been there for me throughout the thick and thin of my life and always offering me invaluable advice and sharing your joy with me. I wish you your birthday to be a joyous one and am sure that this birthday could be the most joyful day in your entire life. I pray that God bless you with abundant blessings today and throughout the years.

25. Birthdays are a time to celebrate those we love dearly as they have made a difference in our daily lives. I count you as a friend, and am blessed that you are a friend.

26. Dear beloved friend, today you’re celebrating your first birthday! For a birthday gift for me, I’d like to express my gratitude for all the help and support you have given me. It would have been different were we not able to meet one another when we did. You’ve played a major part in my life, and I am thankful for everything you’ve given me in the recent years.

27. My dear friend I am so grateful for the laughter and laughter we’ve shared. Today I want you feel that you are living a better life thanks to your presence in my life. I will cherish the moments we shared and will remember you always by me in my hearts. I hope your birthday is remembered for years to be!

28. I am sure that you have many plans for this day. But, let me add one thing that is to honor this day in all the love and affection I have for you. Your unwavering love has been an source of motivation for all of my lives. You were someone who took advantage of what was available to him/her and worked hard to maximize the value of it.

29. I wish you wonderful birthday! I will remember the wonderful times we shared. You’re among my most trusted friends. I can count on at times when other people have let me down. Your love and devotion to me has never allowed me to wander off. For your special day I hope you have a wonderful and enjoyable day!

30. I hope you have a great time celebrating your birthday! Be sure to get your feet up and have a blast. Rememberthat this is going to be a wonderful year for you. A lot of amazing things are set be happening and I’d like to be there for you all the way. XOXO.

Sweet Birthday Letter for a Friend

Nice Happy Birthday Letter to Celebrate Friend’s Birthday. Send this letter to your friend to commemorate his birthday in different dimensions.

31. Friendship is something worth celebrating when it’s with a trustworthy person. Birthdays are celebrated when they mean everything to us. As your friend, you’ve given the most important thing to me, and this day I’m going to honor you.

32. Happy birthday to a dear friend indeed. A friend who is a greater blessing to the world than it appears. I would like to wish you many happy returns.

33. Oh! They tell you that they are
A true friend is one who advises kindly and is willing to help, goes on adventures courageously, endures all the while is courageously defends and remains an unchanging friend. A real friend does not judge your mistakes and accepts your achievements! You’ve been all of this to me. Today, I’m choosing to honor and celebrate an amazing friend. Happy birthday to this rare treasure.

34. My birthday wishes to you, dear dear friend. It’s a birthday I’ll never forget, because it was the day I had you for a friend even when the world became into an enemy. I’d like to honor your birthday. I wish you more than fortune and fame today. All I want for you is a life filled with happiness, nourished by Joy and Love, and decorated with grace and peace. Happy birthday, dear.

35. Happy birthday to a person who makes the world a better place than it was before. I wish you all the best.

36. Happy birthday, dear friend. I cherish you every step of every step of the way. Through the years, you’ve shown that loyalty is a feature of who you are. I’m compelled to slow down and appreciate a well-behaved person like you.

38. Happy birthday to a friend who’s attitude always echoed “that’s what friends are for” In other words you’ve been a good truly a friend. Enjoy your birthday.

39. Happy birthday to the person who is able to speak the right words, and who always extends an arm. You are unique. I wish you super-duper joy and happiness.

Beautiful Birthday Letter to a Friend

Birthdays are important things to be celebrated. Spending time with friends is a good idea. Let your friend experience the joy that comes from celebrating birthdays by sending these Lovely Birthday Wishes for Friends.

40. Your birthday is truly one of one of a unique kind. It’s hard to express the gratitude I feel being your best friend. I want to take this opportunity to express how much I love you. Happy birthday, dearie.

41. Happy birthday sweetheart. To be clear, you’re a gem that is worth every penny. What I can do is to reminisce the wonderful moments we shared together. Therefore, I’d like more time together, with more fun sharing with you, and more goals to accomplish together. I’m not sure how to express it, but I’m here to wish you a very happy birthday and a sweet birthday.

42. Age is more than a number I’m happy to see it’s an improvement to you on this day. You’ve been the friend I that I’ve always dreamed of and the friend I’ve always been in need of. Happy birthday sweet angel. Let the odds always be in your favor.

43. I can’t imagine more joy than having a close friend such as you with me. Today is your birthday and I sincerely would like to wish you the best of luck, happiness, and good news. Happy birthdaysweetheart.

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