Infectious Disease Stress Balls

The use of stress balls has been shown to be therapeutic, relaxing and controlling. They are beneficial for both children and adults, but especially those with ADD/ADHD, OCD autism or excessive anxiety levels.

They are pleasant to squeeze. They are great for relaxation and anti-anxiety. A large number of items can be shared between siblings and friends as well as office mates, so everyone can enjoy a soothing squeeze and a satisfying touch.

These balls are stored in a plastic box which is neat and simple to store. Anti-stress balls are light and cute balls that allow children to relax, unwind and keep their attention. Each one is 2.5 inches and fits in the palm of your hand. The small stress ball toy can be a great hand exercise for children, young adults and even older people. The ball is portable and can be used as a travel toy and can be carried in a backpack.

Infectious Disease Stress Balls
Infectious Disease Stress Balls
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