Lighthouse Gifts In 2021 [Gifts Guide]

Are you looking for a unique lighthouse gift? Here’s a terrific gift idea for lighthouse lovers. Lighthouses have been around throughout history, the earliest being in Egypt in 300 B.C. It was one of the seven wonders of the ancient world.

The purpose of a lighthouse was to provide a system of illumination to aid navigation at sea or inland or for mariners. With new technology, the use of lighthouses as navigational aids has diminished, but they remain landmarks in many parts of the world. It’s no wonder they are popular gifts; we collect all types of lighthouses and decorate homes with lighthouse ornaments.

Unique Lighthouse Gifts

1. Lighthouse pillowcase

Lighthouse pillowcase

These 4 canvas cushions will complete any room with a nautical theme. Bring the sea into any room with a neutral color scheme to help blend in. The colorful side plus the white reverse is soft and comfortable to the touch, bringing stunning style to your home decor, living room, office, and more. Packed in 4 pieces with a hidden/concealed zipper on one side, this is a beautiful Christmas gift for your loved ones and friends.

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2. Lighthouse Paint by Numbers Kit

Lighthouse Paint by Numbers Kit

This painting set allows you to create a gorgeous painting of a majestic lighthouse perched on the edge of a pond with flowers in the foreground, a sailboat in the center, and a gorgeous sunset in the middle. This set of paintings will lead you to produce a majestic lighthouse that creates a gorgeous vista. The set is suitable for all ability levels and comes with instructions, so your painting will look ideal.

Feel like a true artist and make you proud. This kit has a quality #1 round brush with easy-to-follow instructions so you can start using it straight away. It also includes extra brush suggestions and it comes with other brush suggestions.

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3. Lighthouse Coasters

Lighthouse Coasters

These beautiful drink coasters feature lighthouse artwork that will entertain and protect your furniture in exactly the same amount of time. Naturally absorbent rocks wick water away from your drink without allowing any leaks to occur on your glass or wood surfaces. Comes in sets of 4 in a printed box.

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4. Lighthouse Wind Chime

Lighthouse Wind Chime

This stunning lighthouse wind chime for porch decor, the delicate resin, and brass wind chime is the perfect accent on a porch, but is equally beautiful in any other corner of your home, exuding delicate notes as the wind stirs the pipes. This is a wonderful piece to bring into your indoor or outdoor decor.

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5. Wooden Lighthouse Decor with Light

Wooden Lighthouse Decor with Light

The lighthouse’s old wooden lights are superbly crafted and the classic look adds to its unique charm. Hand-painted from top-quality wood, the lighthouse is strong and durable. The size and height of the lighthouse can be placed on bookshelves, nightstands, coffee tables, and kitchen countertops. For a lakeside cottage, it can illuminate any room outside and be magical. The interior of the light tower includes LED lights that require 2 AA batteries and a timer function that supports 6 hours and 18 hours off.

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6. Lighthouse Artwork

Lighthouse Artwork

High-definition artwork is printed on canvas in vibrant colors to create the look of an original character and masterpiece. The canvas is already mounted and ready to hang for easy hanging, with a black hook behind each panel for wall art in living rooms, bedrooms, and offices. With wall art, you can make bedrooms, living areas, and offices come alive with vibrant tones to match your lifestyle.

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7. White Lighthouse

White Lighthouse

This handcrafted wooden lighthouse has a rustic, creating a classic nautical feel. Great for your house or office with a beach theme. When paired with white accessories, it makes an ideal centerpiece that pairs easily with other colors. With this white lighthouse, it is made of quality wood so you don’t need to worry about breakage. Its sturdy base provides enough support for it, so it won’t fall easily. It is the perfect gift for a birthday or a friend.

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8. Lighthouse Color Changing Ceramic Mug

Lighthouse Color Changing Ceramic Mug

The Lighthouse Color Changing Ceramic Mug is given as a gift, and the mug displays a gorgeous photo when heated. The mug features a seaside paradise with a narrow path that wraps around a cozy bay that forms a charming village. A church steeple in the foreground and a lighthouse in the background provide welcome mildness for those coming in from the sea. The appearance of this 11 oz. mug ranges from black to black. While it is possible to use this mug in the dishwasher or microwave, for long-lasting use, we recommend against it.

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9. Lighthouse 3D Night Light

Lighthouse 3D Night Light

The lights are the perfect birthday Christmas gift for kids, family, and friends. Couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the lights for the first time. What was thought to be a glowing 3D sculpture is actually a 2D illusion. Multiple smart touch buttons use a 7-color screen that can be customized in full color: red, green, blue, yellow, cyan, pink, white, and color changing.

It can be connected to a USB power outlet or computer USB port with a USB cable, or it can be plugged into a wall outlet, and a phone adapter is recommended to match. And, it can also be powered by 3-AA batteries.

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10. Lighthouses Clock

Lighthouses Clock

This lighthouse wall clock is hand-painted with lots of color detail. The clock and battery are mounted on a face with a smooth like surface on the back. The clock and battery are mounted on a surface that requires 1 AA battery to do the job. Can be given as a housewarming gift to a friend or suitable for your own use.

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