liquor cooler dispenser

A bottle of alcohol can be stored in the freezer to ensure it stays cool as well. This alcohol dispenser is stylish, easy to set up, simple to operate, and compact in design. It is utilized in bars, hotel kitchens, residences, etc. Ordinary beer bottles, wine bottles, etc. can be set up on it. It is suitable for dosing alcoholic beverages, fruit juices, syrups, etc. in bars, kitchens, etc.

Clean your optics before using them for the first time. Make sure to clean your optics regularly by flushing the optics with warm water. Allow it to dry in the air. Remove the spring-loaded stopper until the stopper can be removed from the bottle. Then, place the stopper of the bottle into the neck of the bottle. Finally, place the bottle in the dispenser. The pull rod has an integrated micro-spring. Ideal for foreign wines or white wines, alcohols, etc.

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liquor cooler dispenser
liquor cooler dispenser
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