12 Best magic marker (Review) In 2020

I have collected better magic markers for you. In the following introduction, you can find the magic markers you need and provide evaluation guidelines. You can refer to them to see if there is a magic marker you need.

Magic Highlighter Marker Pens

Magic Highlighter Marker Pens,7 Color Changing Highlight Pens,Dual Tip Chisel Tip Assorted Highlighter/Fluorescent Colors Rainbow Pens for Bullet Journal Diary Cartoon DIY Note Taking Painting

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The magic highlighters that can change colours, he has a variety of colours including orange, green, blue, red, purple and brown, highlighter pen set featuring bright, water-based fluorescent pigmented ink for excellent waterproofness and light-resistance once dry.

Brighter and bolder neon fluorescent colours can absorb and reflect more light than conventional colours. Fast-drying ink is waterproof and fade-resistant. Wo n’t smear when highlighting over pencil or ink and wo n’t bleed through most papers.

Safe and non-toxic, acid-free, xylene-free and odourless, completely suitable for children and adults, the merchant also provides one-year after-sales service free replacement warranty.

A highlighter is a writing device used to attract people ’s attention by marking parts of the text with vivid, translucent colours. When you read paper or books, you may want to mark something that is important to you Our highlighter can help you emphasize important information.

Safe and non-toxic
Free one-year replacement warranty
A variety of colours


Crayola Color Wonder Mess Free Coloring Kit

Crayola Color Wonder Mess Free Coloring Kit, 80pc, Toddler Toys, Kids Indoor Activities at Home

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Products safe and non-toxic, suitable for children over 3 years of age, will not leave colour on the skin, furniture or fabric, so parents can rest assured that the child can be painted, Inside the box, you’ll find 2 30-page colour wonder pads, 10 classic pastel wonder mini markers, and 1010sel colour Wonder mini markers.

This smock-free way to colour kids freedom to create without markers staining skin, furniture, or fabric. All colour Wonder paints and markers work together so kids can create using many how many art tools, colours, and themes.


Safe and non-toxic
Does not leave colour on the skin, furniture.

Crayola Ultra-Clean Washable Broad Line Markers, 40 Classic Colors

Crayola Ultra Clean Washable Broad Line Markers, 40 Classic Colors, Kids Indoor Activities At Home

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Simple and fun crafts for kids are a terrific way to stay thoughtfully engaged and amused, Characteristics 40 Crayola Ultra-Clean Washable Markers in assorted colors.

These washable non-toxic broad line markers now come in a better Ultra-Clean formula that washes easily from skin, clothes, and walls. Fantastic for colouring in large areas, these markers are also perfect for drawing thin lines or dots. Children can also create a ribbon effect with traces which taper from thick to thin. Broad-line markers lay down lots of colours and will not smudge or bleed through paper.


Safe and non-toxic
Suitable for over 3 years of age

Marvin’s Magic Pens, Multicolor

Marvin's Magic Pens, Multicolor

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Recommended age is 5 years old and over, Includes colour change pens, invisible pens and much more to make magical methods, patterns and images. 25 pens included. Create knockout 3D decoration. Erase colour in seconds, correct errors for neater pictures. 12 two-colour pens.

In 1987, Marvin’s Magic launched their first professional magic made easy range within Hamleys of Regent Street in central London. The mastermind behind Marvin’s Magic is Marvin Berglas — first-class magician and entrepreneur who grew up in one of the most famous and honoured magical families.

Marvin’s Magic was selected to make and run the magical shops within a number of the world’s most prestigious shops, including Harrods in Knightsbridge, Hamleys of Regent Street in London, FAO Schwarz and the worldwide flagship Toys R Us store in Times Square, New York.

A lot of ink
The colour is displayed very well

Maped Color’Peps Magic Color-Change Markers

Maped Color'Peps Magic Color-Change Markers x8 + 2 Revealer Markers (844612)

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The set includes 8 markers and can display more than 20 colours, including Light Blue / Fluo Green, Blue / Fluo Yellow, Carmine / Pink, Green / Purple, Orange / Yellow, Purple / Pink, Red / Yellow & Yellow / Red.

20 colours

SHARPIE Extreme Permanent Markers, Black

Sharpie Extreme Permanent Markers, Black, 4-Count

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It can withstand extreme conditions of fade resistance, Bold, high-contrast colours resist fading when exposed to harsh UV rays, rain, snow and mud.

A specially formulated ink is used, which provides fade-resistant ink and retains bold colours. The exposure time of the ink under ultraviolet light can reach +96 hours, and the adhesion on most surfaces is improved. The new nib provides more ink, wider lines and higher contrast colours to display larger marks.

Fading resistance marks that can withstand extreme conditions

Crayola Super Tips Markers, Washable Markers

Crayola Super Tips Markers, Washable Markers, 10Count, Assorted

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Terrific gift ideas, perfect for birthdays for children, With 10 classic colours to select from, Crayola Super Tips Washable Markers are excellent for colouring, drawing & art projects. The flexible tip draws thin or thick lines and won’t bleed through paper.

Washable gel pens to washable crayons & washable paints, we will keep your creative kid creative & clean with goods that easily wash from children’s skin and most washable clothing. Crayola Washable Super Tips Markers are children markers that allow your child colour, draw, or work on art projects in 10 classic colours.

Can be washed
cheap price
Suitable for children

Disney Princess Magic Ink Coloring Book Set

Disney Princess Magic Ink Coloring Book Set -- Bundle of 3 Imagine Ink Books for Girls Kids Toddlers Featuring Disney Princess, Moana, and Minnie Mouse with Invisible Ink Pens and Stickers

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These invisible ink colouring books for children are modern updates to colouring water books and colouring water books for toddlers and children. Includes 25 Disney Princess stickers, suitable for boys and girls, and comes with an album. These magical hidden picture books for children are perfect for children’s travel activities.

Set includes 3 no mess colouring books: 1 Disney Princess colouring book; 1 Moana colouring book; 1 Minnie Mouse colouring book. Each mess free colouring book has a magic invisible ink pen that will not visibly mark most other items or surfaces.

Magic Highlighters

Magic Highlighters, Color Changing Highlight Pens Tomorotec Dual Tip Chisel Tip Assorted Highlighter Pen Marker Assorted Fluorescent [12 Pack]

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Suitable for 3 years old and above, ergonomic handle, 12 colours orange, pink, yellow, neon yellow, brown, grass green, green, sky blue, blue, sapphire, purple and lilac, this product has a year Free replacement warranty, Instant drying ink, waterproof and fadeproof. Won’t smear when highlighting over pencil or ink.

Ergonomic handle
12 colours

Magic Pens by Wham-O

Magic Pens by Wham-O

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Wham-O’s magic colour-changing magic pen is very easy to use, children will change colours like magic, so the fun is endless! When changing the colour of the pen, just touch the white magic pen, you can magically change to the colour of the cap. The eraser will write the colour of the pen tube, but it will be magically erased by the touch of the magic white pen. Wham-O’s Magic Pens can be used on any paper, and they are also great for colouring books!

The kit includes 20 markers, including 9 colour-changing pens; 9 eraser pens; and 2 magic white pens. In addition, it also includes magic moulds, storage racks and additional accessories, which can be used on any paper, including colour books. The colour will never smudge or flow.

Non – toxic.
Over 4 years old

BIC Magic Dry Erase Marker

BIC Magic Dry Erase Marker, Tank Style, Chisel Tip, Assorted Colors, 24-Count (packaging may vary)

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BIC Magic dry erase marker is ACMI approved, very suitable for home, school or office use, and has eye-catching low-odour ink. These canister marks use liquid ink to provide stability on dry erase boards, glass and most non-porous surfaces, and their marks are easy to erase. These non-toxic markers also provide a visible, long-lasting ink supply and are equipped with chisel tips that allow you to create wide and thin lines. The package contains 24 brightly coloured dry-erase markers.

Easy to erase
24 colours


What is a magic mark?

A pen with coloured waterproof ink, magic markers are usually used for writing, drawing, etc. on flip charts and whiteboards.

How does magic marker work?

These pens contain “invisible ink”, which is just a solution of cobalt chloride in water.
The solution was colourless, but when it was heated it reduced to brown cobalt oxide, so the handwriting became visible.

Magic Pens Demonstration Video