Meaning and Significance of Christmas Tree

The festival of Diwali would not be complete without flickering oil lamps. Holi would not be complete without vibrant colours and Raksha Bandhan, without the pious Rakhi. The festival of Christmas would be incomplete without a Christmas tree. Christmas tree: An evergreen pine, spruce or fir decorated in lights and glittery ornaments, with a bright star at the top.

Have you ever wondered what makes the Christmas tree so important? It’s the glittery tinsel garland or the sparkle? Or is it the piney scent that permeates the space? Is it the significance?

If you’re curious about the meaning of Christmas tree, we recommend that you make a cup of tea or coffee, brew a pot of tea, and then settle down in a comfortable chair. Different meanings of Christmas tree are different for different people, and different cultures.

Personal Meaning

Many people view Christmas tree meaning as a personal matter. Traditions of decorating Christmas trees are a treasured childhood memory that is passed on to the next generation. The most precious ornaments for some families are those that represent a moment in their family’s history. This could be something made as a child, or even a holiday bauble. Every Christmas tree has a unique and meaningful story.

Did you know? All 50 states, including Hawaii and Alaska, can grow Christmas trees.

The winter solstice is the Northern hemisphere’s shortest day and longest nights. It falls on December 21 and 22 in the Northern hemisphere. Ancient people believed the sun was a god. Winter came each year because the sun god became weaker and sicker. The solstice was celebrated by these people to signify that the sun god would finally get well. They thought of the evergreen boughs that would sprout again when the sun god was strong, and the return of summer.

The ancient Egyptians worshipped Ra, a god who wore the sun in his crown as a blazing disc and had the head like a hawk. The solstice was when Ra started to recover from his illness. The Egyptians decorated their homes with green palm rushes. This symbolised the victory of life over death.

Romans celebrated the solstice by hosting a feast called Saturnalia to honor Saturn, the god for agriculture. Romans knew that the solstice was a sign that farms and orchards would soon be green and productive. They decorated their temples and homes with evergreen boughs to mark the occasion.

The Christmas tree in Christianity is symbolic of the birth and resurrection Jesus Christ. The branches and shrubs of the Christmas tree are considered an emblem of immortality. They are believed to represent the crown of thorns that Christ wore on the cross. Every ornament used on the Christmas tree has a special meaning. People can choose to decorate their Christmas tree with ornaments of their choosing.

People often use a shining Star as a Christmas tree topper. Why? Many believe that the star led the wise men to Jesus Child at Bethlem. Angels are also used to decorate trees because it is believed that it was the angel who announced Christ’s birth.

What do Christmas tree toppers stand for?

The joy and happiness that this day brings is represented by the bells hanging from the branches of the trees.
The candy cane shape, which looks like a shepherd’s crook represents God’s shepherd.
The wreath symbolizes true love.
Christmas Tree Meaning and Symbolism In History, Myth, and Lore
1. Greeks: Attis, the Greek God of Flora–the world of vegetation, was a devotee to the coniferous pine. According to Greek tradition, the pine was decorated with silver ornaments, and bells and offerings were placed beneath the tree to offer sacrifices to the gods.

2.Romans Evergreens are considered a symbol of solar energy in Roman culture.
Romans saw the trees as a sign of light. Saturnalia was celebrated to honor Saturn, the God of agriculture. Romans decorated their temples and homes with evergreen boughs to mark the occasion.

3. Germans: It is believed that Germany started the tradition of decorating interiors with Christmas trees. It is widely believed that Martin Luther was the first to add illuminated candles on Christmas trees.

The meaning of Christmas tree is therefore deeply rooted in Ancient History, Tradition, and Culture. Christmas tree is revered for its sacred importance.

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