mini fridge vending machine

At my workplace, I certainly take pleasure in having a vending machine. It is an absolute delight to sit down at every hour of the day, press an icon and see an ice-cube of beer drop. Now, with a portable vending machine refrigerator, I can have the same experience at my desk. The retro designed thermoelectric vending refrigerator holds up to 10 cans with push-button vending and a tall window display that plugs into any vehicle 12V plug or household outlet. This unique machine comes with the iconic, vintage Coca-Cola design. It can hold and cool up to the equivalent of 10 cans of beverage in an instant. The wide display window allows you to see what’s inside. The vending machine with buttons lets you dispense drinks in a playful and innovative way. Press the button, then reach inside the clear glass display and pick up the beverage of your choice.

mini fridge vending machine
mini fridge vending machine
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