mosquito suit

Endless swarms of mosquitoes and insects of all kinds, but there’s still some hope. Stop worrying about harmful insect repellents, pleasant looking but useless repellents, and keeping yourself inside all summer long and wear this stylish, fresh mosquito-proof suit. Full-body mosquito protection, breathable and lightweight. The mosquito suit is made up with tights, hood, arms and gloves. Each part is able to be easily removed.

Its jacket and pants set is equipped with a breathable polyester mesh that repels unwanted creatures and bites. Say goodbye and other bug nuisances in your backyard and kayaking adventures! Unlike other mosquito-proof clothing, these suits come with a full-zip hood for immediate access to the face. Hikers, campers and explorers can now enjoy food and drinks without having to remove the hood. This hood is extremely comfortable and sturdy, and there is no harm in it.

Also ideal for, gardening, backyard barbecues, picnics, camping or chasing fireflies at night, or any other time you wish you had complete protection from stings, bites and buzzing flying insects.

mosquito suit
mosquito suit
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