Music Gifts For Students In 2021 [Gifts Guide]

Looking for the perfect gift for the music professional in your life? We’ve chosen a few gifts (whether it’s for graduation, or a birthday).

Let’s face it, shopping for others can be tough. But one way to make things easier is to choose a gift based on the person’s interests. As long as you narrow down your choices and can stick to a specific theme, it’s easier to choose a gift that way. Maybe your friend is a music lover, then a music-themed gift might be a perfect idea.

With versatile headphones, speakers, and more, anyone who is musical will love the gifts on this list. We’ve picked out unique gifts for, and these are music gifts for students.

Gifts For Music Majors

1. Professional wired headphones

Professional wired headphones

Chances are, your music lover already has a set of headphones. Let him bring a substantial improvement in sound quality. We recommend these headphones for their audio quality and the added benefit of top-notch noise-canceling technology. It’s a great idea for all those noisy apartment or group living environments. Flexible connectivity (like a smartphone or tablet) so you can work or listen to music anywhere, plus it includes a USB port for even more flexibility. The design of the headset and the cushion with leather texture provide all-day comfort.

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2. The Harvard Dictionary of Music

The Harvard Dictionary of Music

This authoritative music dictionary is a must-have reference for music students. Whether putting class notes into context or fostering in-house self-study, it has been praised for its in-depth coverage of genres and musical styles.

Written by top experts, the book includes definitions and identification of pieces and instruments. More than 220 illustrations and 250 musical examples enhance the text. This is a priceless book that no music lover should be without.

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3. This Is Your Brain On Music

This Is Your Brain On Music

A best-selling book about the science behind music and the human mind. If you’ve ever wondered how or why people like music, then this is the book for you. Delves into the neuroscience and psychology of music, but the book is really easy to read due to the excellent way the author explains it. His experience in neuroscience and music makes him perfect and the author sends the reader on an exciting journey into what we know about music.

All of the information is intended for readers who want to delve deeper into the project. Regardless of their ability level or musical style, these are gifts for music lovers of all ages.

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4. 3D Guitar Night Light

3D Guitar Night Light

Add some musical ambiance to any room with this amazing 3D night light. Standing on a black base, the guitar shape of this remote lights up in any of 16 colors, plus there are four blinking modes and a dimmer function. A great gift for a friend with 3 brightness settings, this version of the remote control is great because it allows you to control the brightness and color selection of the entire room.

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5. Portable Stand

Portable Stand

This is a mahogany stand for small guitars, violins, ukuleles, and other instruments. These stands make great gifts for musicians who play stringed instruments, and they stand out from other inexpensive music stands. The racks are designed with safety in mind, the racks themselves are well balanced and sturdy, with soft rubber anywhere the instrument touches.

The quality of these stands is very good, made of made of high-quality hardwood with an excellent finish and precision cut parts that lock together. Remarkably, these stands make great gifts for musicians because they fold for easy transport. They take up much less space than a typical stand and look much better.

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6. Shure Beta 57A Microphone

Shure Beta 57A Microphone

This is a very versatile professional-grade microphone that makes an ideal gift for singers and other musicians. The best microphone in this price range and a great value for money, it is the brand of choice for professional musicians and audio all over the world, and their microphones are everywhere. This versatility makes it an ideal gift for students.

This microphone is great for live performances and rehearsals: it adapts to both noisy and silent sources and can be cranked up before problems (such as feedback) arise. When used for studio recording, it captures the sound of vocals and instruments with great accuracy.

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7. Portable waterproof Bluetooth speaker

Portable waterproof Bluetooth speaker

One of the best as far as portable speakers go, for those unfamiliar, this one is waterproof and shockproof, has a battery life of about 15 hours, and its size is extraordinary. The speaker produces 360 degrees of audio and has a built-in hands-free microphone. The speakers make a great gift for music lovers, whether they play an instrument or not. These are the ideal portable music speakers, and these portable speakers will provide you with more fun.

Audio can be played via Bluetooth or auxiliary input, providing excellent versatility for musicians. Also features Apple and Android programs that add additional features, audio alarms, and remote on/off. Overall, this company has produced a great-looking, good-sounding speaker that is available in a variety of colors.

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8. Moleskine Music Notebook

Moleskine Music Notebook

This is a music notebook for writing songs and recording thoughts. In addition to looking great, this notebook has an integrated pocket. Moleskine notebooks make great music gifts for students, or as graduation gifts for musicians. Moleskine is an excellent brand and this notebook is worth keeping.

For that fact alone, we are happy to recommend these notebooks as top music gifts. The beige paper is thick and very high quality, with blank notes or lyrics on the other side. This notebook is also an ideal gift for music teachers.

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9. Guitar-shaped decorative hooks

Guitar-shaped decorative hooks

Creative guitar decorations add some notes to life with these creative guitar-shaped hooks that help decorate your room and make your life feel like a great piece of music. Made of resin and metal, these hooks are extremely durable and can withstand up to 25 kg of weight, enough to hold clothes, keys, bags and more. For anyone who can immediately attract the attention of guests, they always look so different, but it blends perfectly.

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