Psychology Gifts In 2021 [Gifts Guide]

Psychology is a fun study discipline that provides life skills in addition to valuable knowledge and insight for psychology majors. So what are the best graduation gifts for psychology majors, and this list of gifts has ideas for all characters that are both wise and fun to celebrate the psychology major in your life? Whether you’re looking for a current student or a graduate, we can help you.

Gifts for Psychology Majors

1. Conversation Cards 50 Questions

Conversation Cards 50 Questions

The 50 Questions for Conversation is the perfect graduation gift for psychology majors. These cards also make great conversation starters and enjoyable games at parties. The cards range from simple yes/no questions to real thought challengers.

In addition to the questions, your psychology students will love the quality of this set. These high-quality cards have great print quality and come in a sturdy cardboard box for easy storage.

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2. Invincible mug

Invincible mug

More than other professionals, psychologists need coffee in the morning (maybe two or three more cups a day) and a drink in the evening to pass the time, and that’s despite the fact that this is a great graduation gift for the psychology community.

This coffee mug is 18/8 stainless steel, BPA-free, and can hold a large number of drinks. The double vacuum insulation keeps the ideal temperature for hours, which makes this mug ideal for everything from coffee to wine. It is leak-proof, easy to carry, and comes with a clear leak-proof lid made of BPA-free plastic.

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3. Human Brain Art Prints

Human Brain Art Prints

Murals make a great gift, and what better theme for psychology than the human brain? The Human Brain Art Prints depict your mind from every angle. The three primary colors match any home or office decor. giclee artwork, printed on high-quality canvas. Wooden frame stretches and hooks are mounted on wooden strips for easy hanging.

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4. Psychologist Tote Bag

Psychologist Tote Bag

For a list of graduation gifts for psychology students, this one is the famous psychologist tote bag. It is made of high-quality canvas and features the image of the greatest psychologist of all time. Measuring 13×15 inches, it is large enough to hold all the essentials: keys and wallet, reusable. This tote will match the outfit of a psychology student and is available at a great price.

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5. Magnetic Poetry – Freud Kit

Magnetic Poetry - Freud Kit

This is great for psychology majors and teachers or kids who want to bring creativity into the classroom. The EM Poetry-Floyd kit comes neatly packaged in a colorful box. The kit is made in the USA, which means that all components are non-toxic.

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6. Crossbody bag

Crossbody bag

This bag is ideal for travel and study. For laptops (17 inches) with protective pockets on the front, back, sides, and inside for cell phones, chargers, mice, tablets, paper, and other things. The bag is made of canvas and includes an adjustable shoulder strap.

The interior pockets are sturdy and durable, the canvas is really high grade, and the material inside has a smooth, silky texture but is quite thick, much thicker than most bags.

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7. Psychology Scarf

Psychology Scarf

The perfect gift for women. Check out this psychology scarf for the female psychologist in your life. It has an elegant design. The scarf has a square pattern and many different symbols, including many from the natural sciences and medicine.

We love the color choice and it is easy to match with both formal and casual outfits. The gold detailing accentuates the beauty of this scarf, and at 80 x 30 inches, this scarf is easy to pair with a matching handbag.

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8. 3D decorative lights

3D decorative lights

The human brain is a complex and interesting thing. This delightful 3D brain-shaped light changes colors and comes in 16 different vibrant colors, and there is a smart remote control to control it. This would be the ideal lamp for those interested in the brain. It can be used all year round or it might make a cool Halloween prop. It requires 3 AA batteries or can be powered via a USB plug.

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9. Concept Board Game by Asmodee

Concept Board Game by Asmodee

Psychology majors can meet after school and play this fun game where players need to follow visual cues to solve riddles. Easy to learn, but difficult. Players use icons to try and describe a concept without talking. What picture would you use to describe a dinosaur? Maybe a green cube, a reptile, and a clock? This game is an exercise in creative thinking and nonverbal communication. It’s an amazing gift that will keep them and their friends entertained for hours.

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10. Paperage Journal Blank Page Notebook

Paperage Journal Blank Page Notebook

With a waterproof leather cover, this cover journal is perfect for all your writing and drawing! This minimalist 160-page blank book has a pocket for notes or small papers and fits easily into a handbag or backpack. The cover comes in many different bright or pastel colors. Your psychology students will love using this notebook to take notes. This is a wonderful idea for jotting down ideas, questions, notes, or problems.

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