Ramadan Gifts In 2021 [Gifts Guide]

The easiest idea for the blessed month of Ramadan is to exchange gifts with your friends and family. There are various items available in the market, but the idea of giving gifts in Ramadan will always encounter some difficulties. You can use the following guide to help you choose the right gift.

ramadan gift ideas

1. Ramadan Dinner Plate

Ramadan Dinner Plate

The Ramadan plate, for 24 guests at a time, is extremely decorative and includes a moon and star garland, swirl decoration and a cake hat. Suggestion. This plate and mug are not suitable for microwave use and may catch fire or become hot when used in the microwave. In addition, this mug should not be used for hot drinks, only cold drinks.

Ramadan decoration, includes 24 dinner plates, 24 7 inch snack plates, 24 napkins – 3 layers of quality napkins, 24 cups 12 ounces, 24 dessert hats. 1 crescent star flag 2 large matching tablecloths each table cover is 108 inches long and 54 inches wide and others.

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2. Ramadan Pillowcase

Ramadan Pillowcase

The pillowcase is made of polyester peach skin material with a super soft feel and a luxurious sheen. The pillowcase has a tight lace organization, making it smooth and comfortable for all seasons. Pillowcases are acceptable for decorating living rooms, bedrooms, offices, patios, etc. Easily matches any style of interior/exterior decor.

Invisible zipper at the bottom and the same color as the fabric. For care, it is recommended that you machine wash in a warm or cool environment and then air dry. In addition to the traditional white color, this pillowcase is available in several striped patterns in addition to other colors.

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3. Ramadan Decoration Products

Ramadan Decoration Products

Made of plastic foil, they will shine even more if they are hung in the sun. Plus, you can use them over and over again for your next holiday celebration. And all are pre-assembled for you, no need to build them to hang it from the ceiling. Hang them from branches in your backyard for outdoor celebrations, or use the hooks above to hang them on your door.

Perfect Lenten decorations that are brightly colored, have a festive charm, and actually help kick off the party Include classic gold, stars, and more cards, each printed on both sides, these decorations will add a festive touch to Eid.

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4. DIY Ramadan Home Decorations

DIY Ramadan Home Decorations

Hanging lantern pendant is made of plywood which is a safe and durable material for long term use. Providing a wonderful decoration for your house, it can be hung anywhere else on the wall and has an excellent decorative effect indoors or outdoors to give your home a festive atmosphere. Hanging lantern pendants are made from a series that you hang it easily in your home and have a hollow design that simply hangs up through the dividers, suitable for Eid.

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5. Ladies fashion scarf

Ladies fashion scarf

Women always love to receive gifts, and this is the best of all Ramadan gift ideas for all the ladies they know. Material 100% polyester, his size 35 inches long by 35 inches wide, this mulberry silk scarf has an elegant and soft hand when it comes to softness suitable for all seasons. This scarf with a beautiful pattern and fabric feels silky smooth.

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6. Comfortable shoes

Comfortable shoes

Sneakers may look simple, but they are super comfortable. The upper combines a quality material of mesh and suede that can be seen when worn. These shoes are designed for big feet, so they are perfect for people who like wide footed shoes. Sneakers are extremely focused on comfort and durability, so these are not visually appealing compared to the other shoes talked about in this report. If you are a fan of New Balance, then this is probably the best sneaker for you.

In terms of comfort, these shoes are the best choice for everyday wear. The heel part of this sneaker is softer compared to the former. These sneakers can be a bit tight, so if you have wide feet, it is recommended to size up by half an hour. These sneakers incorporate a dual density foam collar that helps to improve the overall comfort of the sneaker. The upper of this sneaker is very breathable and the mesh is narrow, making it perfect for regular wear. All in all, when it comes to relaxation, these shoes do rank among the most comfortable shoes for men.

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7. Candy basket

Candy basket

How about a candy gift basket, this gift idea for family is the best. The perfect gift basket for family and friends, with fifteen snacks and treats to choose from, this basket of snacks has something for almost every need. Gift baskets are the ideal way to express friendship with a range of premium chocolates such as truffle truffles, cookies, many different flavors of nuts, snacks and candies.

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8. perfume


The idea of giving perfume never goes out of style and perfume has many purposes when giving someone a gift. Not only that, but every time they wear perfume, they will be reminded of your affectionate personality. If it smells good, it will be the day of the day and adds to the love shared. For the female members of the family, you can add cosmetics as well.

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Celebrating Ramadan
Decorate your house: Stars and crescent moons liven up a family’s house during this month of holidays. Make your own paper versions of Ramadan celebrations to interact with your children. Hang white blinking LED lights in your kids’ rooms to make them feel like it’s a special part of the holiday. You can also decorate your home by placing a countdown. for each day of Ramadan.

Involve the kids in meal preparation: Cooking together as a family creates the perfect backdrop for discussing all things Ramadan. Plus, it teaches your children how to prepare traditional dishes at the same time. Ask your children to cook every night during Ramadan, even if it means staying up late. The memories they will form while cooking traditional Ramadan recipes teach them to help the family, which can be exciting.

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