Relaxx Unspillable Coffee Mug

Relaxx mugs porcelain mugs are non-spillable and feature a unique tulip pattern that allows your lips to easily reach the coffee, tea or other beverage inside.

The Relaxx mug achieves its non-spillable status with a few tweaks to the standard coffee mug design. the Relaxx mug holds 14.5 ounces of liquid. However, it has higher walls and expands outward into two drinking “petals”. The cup’s ergonomic lip rest allows drinkers to enjoy their liquids while sitting at an angle of up to 80 degrees and holding the cup with one or both hands.

The taper and height of the non-spill mug makes it easy to drink and walk around in the mug without spilling coffee on clothing or French bulldogs. Think of it as a sipping cup for adults that won’t embarrass you because it looks just like a sipping cup for adults.

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Relaxx Unspillable Coffee Mug
Relaxx Unspillable Coffee Mug

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