retro handsets for cell phones

I can’t stand most cell phone headsets. I can’t hear anything anyone is saying, so I just hang up. I just want one that shows I’m clearly on the phone and having a clear conversation.

Well, I went out and found the ultimate solution, a vintage phone handset. It’s the coolest choice of modern phone accessory I’ve ever seen. Vintage handset, curly phone cord and all, that connects directly to your phone.

I don’t know about you, but I love those old classic phones. They have great quality, are clear, and are light weight. Attaching it to your phone is a great idea. Now I can finally drop the handset again instead of trying to do that hard close on my flip phone. I just need to remember to press the “end call” button afterwards.

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retro handsets for cell phones
retro handsets for cell phones
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