41 Sexy Gifts That Will Make Your Guests Squirm

Maybe you’re planning a wild night with the ladies. Maybe you’re looking for something to give your boyfriend to spice things up in the bedroom.

You can combine the funny and serious. And These gag gifts are not for the faint of heart.

These are some of the most seductive gag gift ideas


Not For Vegetarians: 50 Cocks That Won’t Disappoint Cookbook

You’ll be laughing out loud when you take a look at it. It’s titled 50 Cocks That Won’t Disappoint: A Chicken Lover’s CookbookYou can see the front cover with a naked stud and washboard abs in front of strategically-placed chickens.

Inside, there are dozens of recipes for everything from “Cock-A-Noodle-Doo” to “BBQ Cock Pie,” so it’ll be as delicious as it is delectable. If you’re a gal who enjoys large portions, this is for her.

card for men

Finders Keepers: I Licked It Naughty Card For Men

“I licked it, so it’s mine.” Make your man blush with this bawdy greeting card that doesn’t pull any punches! The boxers are drawn in a cartoon style, so it’s sexy without being R-rated, and it’s also printed on high-quality 300 gram paper for a luxurious feeling.

It’s proof that gag gifts don’t have to be cheap and flimsy just because they’re funny.

chocolate body paint

More than Rice Balls Shunga Erotic Art Chocolate Body Paint

This body paint is infused with the oriental exoticism. It looks almost like calligraphy, with round-topped bottles and a brush. It’s even covered in erotic Japanese art prints from the 16th – 18th century.

When it’s time to swirl the paint on your lover’s body, however, you’ll realize that it has a very familiar aroma: chocolate! You can write, draw and compose epic sonnets right there on your lover’s body with edible and delectable results.

sexy mankini costume

Additional Singles Shinywear Men’s Sexy Mankini Costume

Gag gifts aren’t only for girls! With this costume, he’ll look like he just stepped off the glittery stage of Magic Mike. He will be wrapped in a black-and-white bowtie around his neck. A single suspender will cover his naked chest and lead to a G string thong.

He’s sure to collect some dollar bills when he dances for you in This getup.


How to Set the mood: Smells Like We’re Going to Have Sex Candle

This candle can be customized with scents such as honeysuckle and white sage or raspberry sangria. It’ll get you in the mood And Keep the air clean and fresh.

Best of all, it’s printed with a straightforward message that’ll get your intentions across right away: “This Smells Like We’re Going to Have Sex.”

sex checks

Enjoy Pleasant Transactions at The Till Sex Checks: 60 Checks for Maintaining Balance in the Bedroom

Cute and clever, these “sex checks” are a great way to keep things lively in your love life. They come with suggestions, check boxes, fill-in-the-blank sections and more, so whether you’re a shy partner who needs prompting or an enthusiastic man-wh*re who’s always brimming with ideas, you can find a check to suit your needs.

There are plenty of IOUs available so you can ensure that you do not give more than you get. Balance your budget is essential.


For more information, click here Heart Arrow Low-Rise Cheeky Underwear

Your name is what you take care of, so why not make it your own? This is a funny piece of women’s underwear that says “Property of” with a space for your name. It can come in a variety of color options, depending on your preference for a bold red or sexy black.

Additionally, since it’s made with a cotton and polyester blend, it’ll be comfortable and easy to wash in addition to being a funny gag gift.

judy doll

This is the Ultimate Treatment for Loneliness Loftus International Blow Up Judy Doll

Does he weep into his pillow because he’s all alone? Do you start to worry about the collection of large-breasted, anime figurines? If so, it’s time to get him a real, genuine companion: Judy.

She’s a life-sized doll with beautiful blonde hair and proportions to die for, and she’ll be more than happy to keep your friend company on lonely nights. Make sure he is equipped with an air pump.

cleaning lady cosplay costume

For a more engaging role, see: Cleaning Lady Cosplay Costume Dress-Up Set

Although everyone has a French maid fantasy, the costume can become quite expensive. A nice alternative is this “cleaning lady cosplay set” that will evoke the same lust but for only a fraction of the price. The set includes an apron and a garter with black-and white lace embellishments. It even comes with a feather duster.

Accessories like this will make your nighttime fantasies come true.

token with pouch

A Coupon That You Don’t Even Have to Cut: Bl*wjob Token With Pouch

Picture his expression when he pulls. This You can take it out of your pouch. It’s a small, palm-sized keepsake that says “Bl*wjob Token” with a surrounding flutter of hearts. Despite its humor, it’s a real, weighty piece of metal; you’ll get your money’s worth in terms of quality.

If he’s fortunate, this is a token that’ll last him a long, long time.

pillow case

Future bride: Reversible Throw Pillow Case Cover

If she’s getting married, this pillowcase will make a hilarious gift during a bachelorette party. One side says “Tonight (Woohoo!)” while the flip side says “Not Tonight (Sorry).” She’ll be able to let her husband know what’s on the agenda without having to feign any headaches or put on any lingerie, and as we all know, that kind of efficiency is a must-have in any marriage!

truth or dare for couples game

Little Spice to Spice Up Your Love Life Truth or Dare for Couples Game

What’s your biggest turn-off? What’s your favorite toy in the bedroom? What do you think about the concept of bondage? These are just a few of the questions that you’ll find in this sexy, suggestive game called Truth or Dare for Couples.

If you don’t want to bare your soul, you can also attempt dares like “leave a sexy voicemail for your partner” or “seduce your partner without touching them.” No matter what you choose, you’re sure to have a memorable evening with your SO.

silicone bra pasties

To Jiggling or Wiggling Reusable Flower Silicone Bra Pasties

You’ve bought her entire drawers of lingerie. It’s time for something new, and it’s time for that something to swing. These “pasties” are designed to cup the breasts like a bra, but there’s very little fabric to them, and they’re also shaped like flowers, hearts, bouquets and crystals.

Some even include hanging tassels! Get her red heart pasties for Valentine’s Day or white rose pasties for a bachelorette party or wedding night. A complete set could be purchased for all occasions.


This is for the meme lover: Custom Men’s Print Boxer Briefs Underwear

If he’s the type to laugh at galaxy prints of cats surfing through space on the backs of laser-eyed unicorns, he’ll love these boxers. These boxers have the same outrageous sense of humor and can be personalized in many ways to add that extra bit. je ne sais quoi factor.

You can make your face repeat over bright colors. Add some text jokes, hearts or lips to the mix. There are endless possibilities and they’re hilarious.


You can express your appreciation by clicking here Thanks for All the Orgasms Silver Key Chain

The key chain can be used by boyfriends or girlfriends. It says “Thanks For All the Orgasms” with a small heart tacked on the end, so it’s a low-key, gender-neutral kind of present for any last-minute occasion.

Additionally, it’s made with durable, high-quality stainless steel that’ll last for years, and it also comes with a polished and hypoallergenic finish that won’t trigger any allergies or sensitivities.

The gift receiver will feel the warmest of feelings.

wall calendar

If She’s a Feisty Lass: Kilty Pleasures 16-Month Wall Calendar

If she can’t make it through an episode of Outlander Without sighing, she will be able to see that this calendar is going to fulfill all her fantasies about sexy Scottish men. Each month has gorgeous hunks in varying states of undress, and they deliver amazingly cheesy lines like “Like my kilt? Wait ’til you see my bagpipe.

” They’ll make wonderfully naughty companions for a woman who likes man-bushes just as much as the bushes of the Scottish Highlands.

santa hat G string

To Climb on Santa’s Lap: Sexy Men’s Christmas Santa Hat G-String

This G-string is perfect for Christmas. It’s shaped like a Santa hat right down to the white fuzz! For extra cheekiness, it’s designed in a way that will help him rise to the occasion and create a realistically “upright” hat.

Check your list twice. Santa Claus will have a lot to bring you. This town.

coffee mug

If she flies the Rainbow Flag Lickalottapus Coffee Mug

The gift is adorable and bright, perfect for those who love other women. It’s a smooth and polished coffee mug made of white ceramic, and its print is an adorable little dinosaur identified as a Lickalottapus.

There are a few cartoon hearts that match the pink color of its tongue when it peeks out. It’s safe for both the dishwasher and the microwave. If you want a sweet, simple present that’s LGBT friendly, get her one that’ll make her giggle.

fuzzy handcuffs

The perfect gift for someone you love: Pink Plush Fuzzy Handcuffs

Fuzzy handcuffs are the kind of thing that most couples wouldn’t buy for themselves, but it’s just cliche enough to be a hilarious gag gift for bachelor or bachelorette parties. These handcuffs come in several colors, including pink, black or purple. They also include a little silver key for matching their chains.

They aren’t quite strong to withstAnd rigorous play, but if you’re just looking for a funny, timeless present to make your BFF shriek with laughter, handcuffs are the way to go!

wine stopper

When You’re Happy and You Know It: Happy Man Wine Stopper

Have you opened a bottle of wine that you can’t quite finish? You’ll need a wine stopper to keep it fresh. This little guy is the perfect size and shape to fit inside the inner rim of a bottle, and he’s made with a high-quality, tightly-sealed resin that will stop leaks from getting out and The oxygen can be gotten in.

The only catch is that he’s buck naked, and the actual wine stopper is a very “happy” place below the belt. He can be turned around so you can admire his beautiful cheeks while he protects your wine.

blast oral sex candy

If they have a sweet tooth: Three-Pack BJ Blast Oral Sex Candy

Appropriately named “BJ Blast,” this cAndy will provide a punch to the giver and The receiver. It’s basically a grown-up version of Pop Rocks, and it’ll dissolve in the mouth with a sweet, zesty feeling that will add all kinds of fireworks to fun times in the bedroom.

The multipack includes three flavours: green apple, strawberry, and cherry. However, you can purchase other flavors. Have fun collecting them all, just like Pokemon!


The Beast within: Women’s Chest Hair Funny One Piece Swimsuit

This is one of those gifts that’s equal parts horrible and hilarious. On one hand, it depicts a hairy chest that would put King Kong to shame, so it’ll look absolutely gag-worthy on a buxom blonde. It is also quite funny. It is a sexy one piece, so you’ll get to enjoy nice views of that bosom whenever she wears it.

Is it possible to get this gift as a gag for your girlfriend?

bath bombs for adults

Single Pleasures BlissBombz Bath Bombs for Adults

There’s nothing like a relaxing soak in the tub after a long, hard day, and this bath bomb will let her enjoy it to the fullest. Not only is it made with salts and minerals to leave her with fresh, silky smooth skin, but once it fizzes down in the water, it’ll reveal a sexy surprise waiting in the center! It will leave your girlfriend feeling like an million dollars when she gets out of the tub.

gummy panties

Southern Charm PipeDream Edible Crotchless Underwear Peach Flavor

Edible underwear comes in all shapes and sizes, but PipeDream made one of the originals, and it’s still a hit product today. It’s basically a sweet gummy treat in the shape of a lady’s underthings but without a crotch and with a non-edible string to hold it all in place.

Best of all, it’s peach flavored, so you can take your girl to Georgia without even leaving the bedroom.

grow a boyfriend

For her to keep you company: Grow a Boyfriend Novelty Item

“If you can’t get a date, then grow the perfect mate!” Such is the tagline of Grow a Boyfriend, a funny little sponge that’s been cut into the shape of a guy. You can watch his growth up to six-fold by soaking him in water.

He won’t turn into Robert Pattinson, but he’ll be better than the crappy exes that your friend usually deals with.

coloring book

The Adult Takes on the Childhood Passion: Hot Hunks Dot To Dot Coloring Book

Coloring books have long been known for their therapeutic benefits, and this “Hot Hunks” book will be especially soothing for the single gal. Not only will she be able to revel in the chiseled jaws and rock-hard abs of her fantasy heroes, but she’ll actually get to draw, color and shade them in herself! It’s like Build-A-Bear if everyone looked like Fabio.

She won’t be able to resist.


When She’s a Down-Home Kind of Girl: This Is My Sexy Lingerie Sassy Sleep Shirt

This is a sexy gift for a woman who doesn’t like sexy gifts. It’s a plain black t-shirt with purple text that says “This Is My Sexy Lingerie,” and it’ll be perfect for the kind of gal who likes cuddling on the couch with bare legs and messy ponytails.

You can add a little more fun to your sexiness by pairing it with underwear. It’ll be funny but also functional in terms of everyday life.

pillow shams

Couples Matching Couple Pillow Shams

The perfect gift for couple who just started living together is this 2-piece pillowcase set. As they christen various beds, floors, couches and countertops, they’ll be able to toss the pillows on the spots that they’ve blessed with their unions.

One says “We Had Sex Here” and the other adds “And Here.” They’re available in sizes that range from 12 x 12 inches to 24 x 24 inches, so depending on the roominess of their living quarters, you can shop accordingly.


You can keep things tidy: Bl*wjob Bib

If she’s a messy eater, consider getting her this “bl*wjob bib” for the next time that she’s going to town. It’s exactly what it sounds like, and that’s why it’s so funny. It’s completely unpretentious.

It’s just a grown-up bib for grown-up activities. You could even reclaim it for yourself when it’s time to return the favor with oral sex; it’ll work just as well for girl parts as guy parts.

couple´s coffee mugs

If you feel like barnyard animals, it’s time to get down Rooster and Cat Couple’s Coffee Mugs

“I love your rooster.” “I love your cat.” These are perfectly innocent statements, but when you put them together along with black-and-white art prints on ceramic coffee mugs, the joke becomes apparent.

It’ll be a great gift for someone who likes raunchy humor that doesn’t get You can also explicit. You could also make it a couple’s gift for close friends who are dating, marrying or moving in together.

wine glass lanyard set

Fivety Shades of Merlot Fairly Odd Novelties Wine Glass Lanyard Set

Even people who love whips or chains, everyone gets thirsty. This funny gift from Fairly Odd Novelties combines both things into one with a “wine glass lanyard” set. It has all of the black leather straps that you’d expect from a BDSM dungeon, but it’s actually a wine glass holder that goes around the neck.

This can also be used to have fun drinking, or for roleplaying. It’s a very versatile gag gift, and more than anything else, it’s memorable.

It is important to read: Position of the Day Paperback

Do you feel like your love has lost its spark? Or maybe you’re just an enthusiastic procreater who’s always looking for new ideas. The good news is that you don’t need the Kama Sutra to get a little inspiration; simply flip open The Day’s Position: In Every Way Sex.

Like its title suggests, it has 365 different sex positions for every day of the year, so it’s a gift that will keep on giving long after it’s been unwrapped.

sperm confetti

You can have a lot of fun with this: Sperm Confetti Two-Pack

The sperm confetti was designed to look just like you little swimmers. It can be thrown by the handful, poured into a cannon and let it fall over a doorway. The other person won’t know what’s hit them until they look closer and realize the truth.

For bonus points, your order will come with two 15-gram bags of confetti, so you’ll have a full 30 grams to launch at unsuspecting partygoers.

The twisted party game

Michael Scott fans: The Twisted Party Game

This game is similar to Cards Against Humanity. However, the prompts are designed to make it as raunchy and witty as possible. It’s sure to be a hit during date nights, girl’s nights, wedding parties and any other occasion where outrageous humor is welcome.

“On our wedding night, my wife said to me…” “If my vibrator could talk, it would probably say…” The right combination of cards will go down in infamy!

sex advent calendar

An Elf Helpful Gift: 24-Day Sex Advent Calendar

This hilarious, sexy advent calendar will help you count down until Christmas. It’s the kind of gift that’s actually a gift for two since you And Your partner will love the fun commands each day.

There are 24 in total, so you’ll have a lovely, lusty December as you make your way through almost an entire month’s worth of ideas. You’ll get a little dirty this holiday season, but it’ll be in the very best of ways.

sex towel

To Love Acts Of Hygiene Love Mop Premium Cotton Sex Towel

The towel, made from soft, super-absorbent cotton and can be used in many ways, but is especially useful for couple. You see, it’s been designated as a “love mop” complete with a picture of a red heart over a black-and-white bucket.

Your gift recipient will know exactly what it’s for, and even though they might laugh and protest after unwrapping it, it’s sure to wind up in their bedside drawer later. It’s just too convenient not to use.


If she knows what she likes I Heart Cocktails Women’s Knee High Socks

The knee-high socks seem innocent from afar. They say “I (Heart) Cocktails” in descending text along the calves, and there are big red hearts to add some style to the words. It’s only when you put them on that you realize the “tails” part of “cocktails” is much smaller and more easily missed than the rest, especially if you’re wearing high tops or boots.


funny T-shirt

For Mr. Grey Your Girlfriend, My Girlfriend Men’s Funny BDSM Shirt

This t-shirt features two women and is a great gift idea for people who enjoy a little pain. This t-shirt features two women: one is the standard bathroom stick figure for the female form and the second is the highly detailed silhouette depicting a kneeling woman with rope.

The first says “Your Girlfriend,” and the second says “My Girlfriend.” If you’re part of a kinky relationship, this shirt will let your freak flag fly.

reusable downstairs toupee

For her to purr Kitty Carpet Reusable Downstairs Toupee

Designed for “Mrs. Downstairs,” this fuzzy piece of cloth will completely cover the essentials, but it isn’t meant for subtlety. The bright colors and catchy designs in the fabric will grab attention. To your kitty cat, but that’s exactly why the fuzz is shaped like red hearts, blue trees, pink stars and green four-leaf clovers.

Are you feeling lucky?

sex dice

What would you like to play a game? Sex Dice

Sex dice may be able to give you some excitement and energy if the situation is getting dull. Some are printed with body parts like “lips” and “neck” while others have commands like “lick,” “suck,” “kiss” and “blow.

” There are also some 12-sided dice with pictures of various positions that you can both mock and mimic. You can use them to have fun, or you could use them as hilarious gifts for a wedding. They are always popular!

Sexy Gag Presents For Guys and Gals

It’s easy to buy a sexy gift. It’s much more difficult to buy a humorous gift, particularly if it still needs to be lit in the bedroom. Here are just a few tips for finding something that’s equal parts laughable and lecherous!

You should consider its utility

Gag gifts don’t You can find it here to be useful or practical items, but unless you’re okay with your present being thrown in the garbage after a single night of partying, try to find something with more long-term value. You might find a humorous cookbook you can refer to again and again. Or a piece of beautiful lingerie that is worn every anniversary. Both you and your gift recipient will get your money’s worth.

Don’t Insult Them

The gift of a funny gift must be humorous for all recipients, not just the giver. This means that you’ll want to avoid anything that shames, embarrasses, offends or brings up the insecurities of the recipient. Look into common gift-giving faux pas and make sure that your present doesn’t tick off any boxes on the list.

Find out their likes and dislikes

As with all gifts, it is important to find something your recipient likes. If they aren’t a fan of peaches, they aren’t going to suddenly like them just because it’s the flavor of the edible underwear that you’ve bought. To find the perfect gift, do some research and discover their preferences in colors, smells, fabrics and textures.

You should keep it high-quality

You don’t want the fuzzy handcuffs to break after a single use, so rather than buying a cheap, flimsy pair meant for nothing but bachelor party jokes, invest in the high-quality kind made from real stainless steel. It might be a gag gift, but that’s no excuse to buy a piece of junk. Gaga gifts should be treated with the same love and care as any other gifts you give to loved ones.


How do you feel about our gag gifts? Is there anything that you’re dying to buy for your upcoming anniversary? Are there any gifts we haven’t mentioned that would be a hit at bachelorette parties? We’re always open to fun, flirty gift ideas, so let us know!

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