simplehuman grocery bag trash can

Simplehuman’s bag garbage cans feature a sleek, modern design that fits into a variety of tight spaces, from the bathroom to the office or a child’s room, and can be found everywhere. The elegant stainless steel rectangular exterior is designed specifically for standard plastic grocery bags and has special handles on the side to hold the handle in place with a loop closure. The hard black interior is easy to clean and sanitize, and the non-slip base ensures the container stays where it needs to be. Ideal for storing trash and recyclable materials. This attractive little container helps make going green look great.

Not only because I find it an enjoyable test to see how fast I can do it, but I also like knowing how much I can put out of each bag. If I ask a real bagger to bag my stuff, they always bag each item separately, with the canned goods going on the eggs in the previous bag. So, if you can afford it, bag your own groceries, it’s entertaining. Don’t worry about the pressure from the self-baggers who are rushing ahead of you.

You can reuse those grocery bags made of plastic in the stylish and innovative Simplehuman Bag for Trash Container. This stylish stainless steel trash container comes with custom handles to hold the bags in place, as well as a slim and trim design that is ideal for the kitchen, office or bathroom. It’s a great idea and an excellent recycling solution.

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simplehuman grocery bag trash can
simplehuman grocery bag trash can
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