star trek captain’s chair

What’s the best chair in the universe? Aside from the Return of the Jedi chair, the most famous chair in the galaxy this chair is the most comfortable. The command chair is the most ideal position. It is also an incredible collector’s item if you are a serious “Star Trek”, have a starship bridge design for your living space, or just want the coolest chair in your office . It replicates all the features of the original TV prop.

Chair to control your own spaceship. Captain Kirk and other officers will oversee the ship’s operations from this point on the five-year voyage of the first Enterprise, which powered the farthest reaches of space. Four different light and sound display settings. The buttons are disguised as computer disks and the chair will loop the sounds and lights of normal bridge operations. It also has ship-wide announcements, a scanning view screen, and a red alert. It has a swivel base that acts like a full-size prop.

star trek captain’s chair
star trek captain’s chair
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