static shock eliminator

It’s winter and it’s cold. It’s dry and it’s time for the dreaded painful static shocks and electric shocks from the car doors. I don’t like getting static shock, and neither do you. This Static Eliminator is the answer. This innovative device eliminates unwanted electrons that tend to build up. Just put it on your keychain and you’re good to go. When you feel charged, you can apply pressure to a grounded object. If the smiley lights up, you’re completely static-free. It’s a great gift for everyone.

This static eliminator is made of high quality steel chrome acrylic + copper conductor. Its secondary discharge function helps it eliminate static electricity more easily. Eliminate everyday static electricity Disconnect static electricity in about 3-4 seconds before touching a door handle, car handle or elevator, or any other metal. The convenient and portable anti-static chain can be hung on any car keys, mirrors and backpacks, buckles or clasps, and anywhere you want to hang it.

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static shock eliminator
static shock eliminator
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