25 Unique Tennis Gifts In 2021

Tennis is a great sport to maintain your general health. It improves your endurance and agility. Regularly playing tennis reduces the risk of many developing and persisting conditions like heart disease, Type-2 diabetes, and osteoporosis. Moreover, it regulates your blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Along with all these, tennis has many psychological benefits such as it helps you build self-esteem, you learn to lead and take on challenges. In this article, we list the best tennis equipment gifts that you can give not only to your tennis loving friends, but also for your own use.

best tennis gifts

1. Tennis Strategy Guide

Tennis Strategy Guide

If you want to be good at tennis, this book will be a game-changer for you. Art of Doubles got all the strategies and drills you need to learn to take your game and skills to the next level. The author Pat Blaskower will be your coach and teach you all the offensive and defensive tactics in a detailed manner using the court diagrams.

2. Tennis Ball Bath Bombs

Tennis Ball Bath Bombs

This pack of bath bombs got three handcrafted bath bombs. These are environment friendly and manufactured in the USA with all the natural ingredients. It is a superb gift for all your friends who like tennis.

3. Set of Tennis Balls

Set of Tennis Balls

You cannot play tennis without balls. This package consists of 4 cans and 12 professional tennis balls. These balls are very durable as they are of natural rubber. The balls are elastic, crack-resistant, and can be used at training machines and professional games too.

4. Sweatshirt


This tennis sweatshirt is 100% of high-quality cotton and polyester fabric. It is an excellent gift for tennis lovers, and a perfect birthday present. You can wear it during training sessions, and even use it as casual wear due to its stylish design.

5. Peculiar Socks

Peculiar Socks

These socks have quality cotton and polyester fiber. It is very soft, comfortable, flexible, and breathable. Moreover, they got the favorite quote of every tennis player printed over them. The lines over it say, “Do not disturb me while I am watching tennis” It is a fascinating gift for your family and tennis loving friends.

6. Cool Towel

Cool Towel

A towel is a helpful utility for tennis players. It helps you clean the sweat all over your body and produce a cooling effect. This towel has high-quality microfibers that are very soft and durable. It is easy to clean and a great gift idea for all your friends.

7. Vintage T-Shirt

Vintage T-Shirt

This vintage tennis T-Shirt features a beautiful graphic design with two crossed tennis racquet and sun. It is soft, flexible, and easy to wash. You can wear it during your training session, or use it as casual wear to impress your friends.

8. Mental Training Book

Mental Training Book

The more you read, the more you will learn. “Tennis Inside the Zone” is a top-class book that will teach you the 32 mental workouts you need to do to become a tennis ace. Everyone can easily read, learn, and apply the tactics on the tennis court.

9. Inverted Cup

Inverted Cup

This prestigious package includes tumbler tennis, a straw, a cleaning brush, a pair of white-colored funny tennis socks. It is a perfect all-in-one gift for tennis lovers. You can even gift it to your opponents or coaches.

10. Adult T-shirt

Adult T-shirt

You are probably familiar with the Eat, Sleep, and Repeat trend. This T-Shirt got the eat, sleep, and tennis phrase printed over it. It is soft, flexible, and stylish. You can wear it everywhere to impress your friends. It is also great for training sessions.

11. Sport Tie

Sport Tie

Neckties always enhance your style and add a classical element to any outfit. This tennis necktie is built especially for tennis lovers. It is 100% silk and got tennis racquets & balls printed all over it. It is an absolute keeper!

12. Tennis Hat

Tennis Hat

Whether you are training, playing a game, or watching tennis at the arena, Tennis Hat adds grace to your personality and gives you an elegant outlook. This Tennis hat is a great gift choice for tennis addicts as it got a “Love you all” quote printed over it.

13. Tennis Ball Dryer

Tennis Ball Dryer

Why buy new balls after every game when you got this ball dryer? It is the best tennis gear one can imagine as it dries the tennis balls after play to enhance their life and bounce. It is easy to carry around and got plenty of room for storing tennis balls.

14. Lovely necklace

Lovely necklace

If any of your women friends play tennis, this tennis necklace is the best thing you will gift her. It has an elegant design and gives a charming outlook. It is very durable and the best diamond stimulant on the market.

15. Score Keeping Device

Score Keeping Device

This device records the score, set & tie breaks at the same time. It is patented, durable, and easy to install in the racket strings. It is easy to dial in all scoring positions and a nice gift for friends, opponents, and tennis enthusiast friends.

16. Adidas T-Shirt for Men

Adidas T-Shirt for Men

Who does not love Adidas? Off-course we all do. This Adidas T-shirt is 100% polyester. It features a sweat-wicking tee with underarm gussets for smooth and flexible movement. It keeps your body cool and at ease during the game. The simple yet stylish design enables you to use it as casual wear.

17. Pendant Necklace

Pendant Necklace

This high-quality tennis necklace is a prestigious gift for tennis players and enthusiasts. It is cadmium free, leads free, which means you can wear it without any health risk. It is elegant, simple, and stylish at the same time and a great birthday, Christmas, and anniversary gift.

18. Stress relieving dolls

Stress relieving dolls

This tennis doll is a great stress reliever. You can smash it, whack it, and even destroy it like a tennis ball. It is handmade yet very durable and can absorb your squeezing without falling apart. It is perfect for having some fun and laughter with your friends. It’s a funny solution to pass the boring time and relieve stress.

19. Notebook


It features ruled lined pages and solves your problem of drawing margin lines. This composite notebook is a superb gift for any tennis lover as it got a tennis-green theme printed over its cover. Moreover, it is great for writing essays, poems, recording your daily thoughts, and even for taking notes at college or school.

20. Silicone Coasters

Silicone Coasters

This package includes four anti-slip, durable, and reusable tennis silicone coasters. These silicone coasters allow you to place glass or mugs over them and provide a firm grip. These are must-have items for any tennis lover.

21. Hydro Flask Water Bottle

Hydro Flask Water Bottle

It is crucially important to stay hydrated while playing tennis. This hydro flask water bottle will always be a part of your tennis kit. It is 100% stainless steel and features hydro flask metal that maintains the temperature of the beverages. It is lightweight, easy to carry around, and fits perfectly in your car cup holder.

22. Tennis Training Spinner

Tennis Training Spinner

Training makes you perfect. This tennis training spinner is a great tool to improve the precision and power of your shots. It is adjustable in height and helps you lock in new muscle memory. It gives you a real-time experience to add perfection to your skills. So you can beat your friends next weekend game.

23. Ping Pong Paddle Set

Ping Pong Paddle Set

If you are too lazy to get to the court, do not fret! We got a solution for you. This package consists of a full ping pong set with three start balls. You can set up the stage anywhere in your house and enjoy playing ping pong with your friends. It is a great birthday, Christmas, and anniversary gift.

24. Fila Tennis with Shoe Pocket

Fila Tennis with Shoe Pocket

This Fila Tennis Bag with Shoe pocket is 100% polyester and comes in black and gray colors. Moreover, the bag is very spacious with huge compartments that let you store more stuff inside. The bag has an air mesh back panel and a dual tennis racquet holder. The bag got adjustable shoulder straps, and it is very comfortable to carry around. Various zipper pockets allow you to store small gears.

25. Tennis Ink Pen Set

Tennis Ink Pen Set

If tennis is your blood, then you will probably love to see a racquet and ball everywhere. This tennis ink pen set features twelve 0.5 mm gel ink pens that are 100% durable plastic. This pen has the shape of a tennis racquet. And are a perfect gift for children, students, and your tennis partners.

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