Thank You God for My Birthday; Thanks for Giving Another Year

Do you think God is faithful throughout the years that you’ve lived here on earth. And you’ll be happy to thank God on your birthday?

If so, pick your favorite from the Thank You God for My Birthday message below and then share your message on Facebook, Twitter or WhatsApp.

God, Thank You for My Birthday Quotes and Messages

I Appreciate You, God for My Birthday Messages, Appreciation to God for My Birthday Quotes.

1. Father of my life I’m extremely grateful for the day that you gave me life and each day in my existence. I’m back to express my sincere thank for giving me the chance to witness another chapter of the year to my calendar today. Thank you Father.

2. O Lord of the heavens and earth all praise to you in the highest praise for giving me the gift of life and a new future hope today, the memory of the day You gave me life. Thank for you, Jesus.

3. Lord, be glorified for the great things He has accomplished and more He is going to accomplish. I am grateful to my father for another day of celebrations to celebrate my birthday today. I am extremely grateful to you, my father. Please accept my small thanksgiving.

4. Although I have received gifts and gifts from my loved ones, your presence on my list of priorities is irreplaceable, O God. Thank God for the gifts of life, and for all the blessings you have given me in the past, present and future.

5. In the most fervent part of my heart to God I’m here to express my gratitude to for making this day come true for me and allowing me to be a witness to it. Thank God. God.

6. Thank God, God, for all your blessings and kindnesses you’ve shown me prior to, and now, and especially for the occasion of my birthday. Thank you so for everything, my father.

7. The words are not enough to express my sincere thanks to God, God for the gift of an additional year in my age. Thank God for you, God.

8. Grace has never been abundant and you have shown mercy and grace abundantly, the God of grace. Thank you for your generous kindness and love to me specifically on my birthday. Thank you Lord for all the praise.

9. For you. Lord give all glory and honor for your life as well as celebrating my birthday. Thank you for the assurance of the years to come. Halleluyah to you, God.

10. The heart of my soul is thankful to God for the blessings you’ve given me today, allowing me to be healthy and well to witness the start of a new season in my existence. Thank you, God.

11. I am extremely and deeply thankful for your love and kindness toward me on my birthday. Thank you for your kindness, Lord.

12. The things I offer you cannot be compared to what you have given me God however, I’ve come to say thank You with a heart full of gratitude. Thank you Lord.

13. What can I say more other than that you are a the most faithful Father ever. Thank you for giving me the opportunity for me to be a witness on my special day. I love you Lord.

14. Thank God for the gift of life. God for the gift of this day being my birthday.

15. Thank you Lord for your care and love for me. Thank God for all your blessings. Thank you God for all of your blessings, favor and birthday wishes today.

16. I give you my complete praise and gratitude for making this day come true in good health and prosperity to me. Thank God for your blessings, Lord for my birthday.

17. There’s nothing more to say or to do other than to thank you Lord. I am very grateful to God.

18. Oh Lord Almighty I am grateful to Your kindness towards my life, and particularly for my birthday and all your blessings to me. Thank You, God.

19. What I am here to say is to offer an enormous and heartfelt thank you to the Lord for allowing this day to happen. Thank you, Lord.

20. God bless you! God. You have earned everything you can leave to be left because you are an amazing God. Thank you very much for my birthday. I am very thankful.

Thanking God for Another Birthday Quotes

Quotes to Thank You God for another birthday.

21. I was lost at first, but you brought me back. Sure, at first I blind to the wonder of knowing you. However, mercy restored my sight.
Lord, I am one of you and want to remain that always.
Lord, today I say that You are the only thing I be living for. Amen.
Thank God for you, God, for making me look forward to another year.

22. Wonderful God magnificent King, beautiful King and wonderful God I am here to kneel before you and to worship you at your feet.
and I’m going to do this throughout my life, because you’re the only person that deserves every ounce of glory.
Thank God for another birthday to mine, Lord of the Universe.

23. You have created everything beautiful and I am one of them. You’ve made the seasons, and arranged them to favor me. You’ve been with me for years and have been everything I’ve ever wanted.
You’ve been the cause for all birthdays I remember. This is why I’m here to express my gratitude to your fatherhood and a friend. I love you Lord.

24. I’ve met you on every direction I’ve traveled through every step I’ve made. You’ve been the main Inspirational source for all that that I ever accomplished.
You’ve been a good friend I can reach out to anytime, at any time.
You’ve been my all in all. You are the reason why this birthday could be possible.
Thank you, dear Lord.

25. Heaven showers more blessings upon me today, because I am more valuable to God than the rest of creation. Happy birthday to me.

26. I want the best presents out there But never forget to offer a token of gratitude on behalf of me to my Creator. Happy birthday to myself, me and myself.

27. He invented the day before and gifted the day to me like it was my inheritance. Happy Birthday to me. I am grateful to God for another year.

28. A token of appreciation for me would be well, more so instead of a show of wealth to me in honor. Happy Birthday to me.

29. The sun should never hurt me. May the moon never obscure me. Happy Birthday to me. I thank my creator for the day.

30. As if in a dream, my dreams are coming true. Like a flower, my life has bloomed. Thank you for being my birthday! the reason I take my time to count my blessings.

31. Looking back through my memories, I’m thankful. Today is the start of the new chapter in my life. Happy Birthday to me.

32. He saved me from the point of my death and with a firm hand, lifted me up to enjoy many more years of happiness. Happy Birthday to me.

33. A flood of gratitude flows from my heart instantly. It’s my birthday.

34. I came into this world with feet that were tiny. Today, I’m surrounded by elegant feet that can walk thousands of miles to find my love. Happy Birthday for me. Thank God for another year.

35. Nothing is more perfect for me than my age. I am grateful to my creator thank for keeping my happiness and breathing. Happy Birthday for my soul and body.

36. I’m one year older today. I’m thankful for the optimism offered to me and the bright future before me. Happy birthday to me.

37. Today, a bell rings. A song of joy swells through my veins and my soul. Birthdays bring me much more joy than a bounty of music. Happy birthday to me.

38. God has been my friend throughout my life. His grace has never faltered. Thanks God to God for another day. Happy birthday to me.

39. I was born on a bright day, which is the reason I’m adorned with radiance. I am grateful to God that I am alive and well. Happy birthday to me.

40. The road ahead may be rough but His love is certain. Happy Birthday to me. I’m on the verge of pure joy and bliss.

41. I had no idea that this type of happiness could occur on my birthday. But, God made it possible. Happy Birthday to me. I’m up and happy.

42. As beautiful like the sun. May my shining never dim. As stunning as the curvaceous Moon May my beauty never be ruined by ugly. I am grateful to God for another day. Happy Birthday to me.

43. My life will be a lot more humble if I let humility be built. Happy Birthday to me. I raise my hands in praise to God.

44. I’ve made it to this point by His grace. I pray that it will continue to sustain me. Happy birthday for me.

45. I’m sucked into bliss. In the river of love. The years to come are more brighter than the lightning that is that is in the night sky. Happy Birthday to me. I am grateful to God for the day we are celebrating today.

46. May I live long enough to enjoy more glorious years to come. I hope that my height will never decrease but grow in all ways. Happy Birthday to me.

47. I would like to have plenty of love to cover my flaws in many ways. Happy Birthday to me. I hope this year’s adventure is more thrilling than prior ones. Thanks God to be a year older.

48. I am overwhelmed with gratefulness to offer to God as He is the one who owns my breath. Happy Birthday to me. I have many more years left.

49. The music of joy is still in my heart long after the early hours of the morning because it’s my birthday. God be glorified.

50. Happy Birthday to me. My basket is filled with the gifts of gratitude. I am grateful to God that I have another wonderful year in the year that I live.

51. It was a year of God’s faith. This year I am able to soak in. His decision to save me from death is still an amazing grace. Happy Birthday to me. I am grateful to God for the year ahead.

52. If I want to express more than gratitude, should I sing more than just praises. Happy Birthday to me. I am grateful to God for another year.

53. As the years pass through like a river flowing towards the south, I marvel at God’s grace as the sun that I can see from the sky. Thank you for being my birthday. Thankful for another year.

54. The highest has given a lowly me another great year. Happy birthday to me. With a great feeling of gratitude I cut this cake into a variety of pieces.

55. The happiness that fills my soul and the joy I feel is unmatched by the things that are trivial to celebrate the day I am celebrating with you. Happy Birthday to me. Thank you for being my love.

56. I held onto the top of the dress and from it dripped the stream of grace and mercy. Grace was with me and I lived another year in awe. Happy Birthday to me.

57. All the money that I’ve failed to purchase, but His mercy has poured out to me in unending ways. Happy Birthday my dear friend!. Every inch of me sings to the highest level.

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