toilet dog water bowl

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We all know that dogs like to drink water from the toilet. Because the water is cooler and the level is high, it’s not the ideal drinker for their needs. the LumoLeaf Pet Water Bowl. It has a floating tray as well as a non-slip base to stop water from splashing or spilling. The dog bowl provides enough water and slows down your pet’s water intake to prevent vomiting and swallowing. It also helps prevent pet dirt, dust and hair from being absorbed into the water. The double spill-proof design stops water from spilling over bumps in the road. The non-slip base keeps your pet from sliding around. Perfect for use in RVs, SUVs and trucks. When your pet’s tongue touches the disc float, water flows out of the hole. Remove and wash the floating disc to clean it. Rinse the disc with water or place it in the top rack of the dishwasher.

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