Touching Apology Paragraphs for Best Friend

Human nature is to make mistakes, but it’s not always good for the victim. Your best friend expects that you are loyal, faithful, committed, and loyal to them. We are all human, so it is normal to make mistakes and then apologize.

These heartfelt apology paragraphs for your best friend will help. Any one of these paragraphs can be chosen and sent to your best friend.

Emotional sorry paragraphs for best friend

These heartfelt sorry paragraphs will warm the hearts of your friend and make them forget all their mistakes.

1. I want to let you know how much I value our friendship and that I will treasure it forever. I’m sorry to have hurt you.

2. I’m sorry to have betrayed you as a friend. I will make amends to you as soon as possible. My friend, I am truly sorry. It will not happen again.

3. I was really sorry for my mistakes. I would rather keep our friendship intact than lose the trust you place in me. As long as you allow me, I will make it up to you.

4. Although I did say something mean and horrible that day, it was not my intention to hurt anyone. I am sorry for every word I have said and I apologize. Please forgive me. I love you.

5. My friendship with you is the best thing I have ever experienced. Although I am aware that I said too much, my emotions took the best of me. 

6. I am sorry for the hurtful words I have spoken. I am sorry that I acted in this way. I wish I had trusted you more. Please forgive me.

7. Trust me, I did not intend to do this, and I am feeling very bad right now. My friend, I hope you can find the strength to forgive me. You already know how much I love you.

8. Although I understand that you may be tempted to call me a terrible person, I don’t want to. I am sorry for my error and ask you to forgive me. I am deeply sorry.

9. Although I am not worthy of someone as wonderful as you as a friend I don’t think I deserve it. It’s not fair to end our friendship because we made a mistake. I’m sorry. Please be kind.

10. Truthfully, I am far more grateful for our friendship than to let it end this way. Over the years, we have shared a lot. We shouldn’t throw away everything. I’m sorry and I ask for forgiveness.

Paragraphs of Apology for Best Friends

These paragraphs of apology will melt the heart of your best friend to the point that he or she will not be able to stop forgiving you.

11. I want to let you know that I didn’t intend to do what I did. I ask you to consider it as such. It would be a shame to say goodbye to someone I have known for so many years. It’s amazing, think about it.

12. I never imagined losing you. I want to tell you that I am sorry and that I have regretted every thing that made you unhappy since our friendship began. Please forgive me.

13. You are an important and very important part of my daily life. I am sorry for the pain I have caused, but I ask you to forgive me in God’s Name. These things will never happen again. Please!

14. I have never intended to harm you. It’s a terrible thing that it ended up this way. Forgive me. Please think back to the many years of friendship we shared.

15. Although I am aware that I acted out of control, I apologize. Although I was angry at the time, now I’m in the right mindset. I am truly sorry.

16. To assure you that I am sorry, all of my words have been retracted. Trust me, I wasn’t trying to make you mad or hurt. I was simply voicing my opinion. I am sorry.

17. Even if I make you mad for some reason, I will not stop apologizing to my dear friend. It was a surprise to me that you didn’t like it. My best friend, I am so sorry.

18. You don’t have to tear us apart. But now you want everything to be destroyed by your emotions. I apologize for any wrongdoings. I’m sorry. You can now do what you want.

19. It still feels like years have passed since we last spoke. Without you, my life would not be the same. It would be a great honor to have you back as a friend, and that we get rid of all our bad habits.

20. Who would have thought we’d be together for so long? Although I am sorry that you are still hurt, I was just being human. From the bottom my heart, I’m sorry. Please let it go.

An apology to a friend

A heartfelt apology letter to a friend.

21. If I could travel back in time to change the me that has hurt you so deeply, I would. It is a wish, but I beg you to forgive me.

22. I am sorry that I have shown such contempt for your beautiful and wonderful will for me.

23. I have exhausted all my options to make it up to you. I don’t even know how many I can give you. Truth be told, I am never me when I cause you heartache. I beg your forgiveness.

24. This is the first time I’ve realized that I often misrepresent our friendship. I am sorry for the many times that I misinterpreted your motives, and inflicted pain on your heart.

25. I am deeply sorry for having abused the innocence and purity loyalty you showed to our friendship.

26. I was the one who took and blew off a little of your heart all along. If there is any miracle left, I ask you to forgive me. I cannot in a thousand years bring back even a tiny bit of your heart.

27. I am sorry that I realized too late that you deserve and deserved better.

28. My life is filled with emptiness. I can see it back to the moment I hurt you. I am sorry for my past mistakes and sorry it crossed paths with you innocence, leaving it in chaos.

29. When I look back on my past, it is clear that I have stolen every thing that made you smile. I am so sorry.

30. I am sorry for the times that my abrasive conduct caused so much aggression, and robbed you of your joy.

31. Please forgive me. Sincerely, I find it difficult to stay up on my own feet when I realize I’m the cause of all your sleepless nights, wet pillows, and countless other problems.

32. I am sorry to have hurt you without any reason. Sincerely, I hurt you without a cause.

33. Thank you for all the missed calls and sweet messages that I was too busy to answer. I am sorry

34. You were, in my opinion, the least important thing in my life. Therefore, I didn’t care much about you. However, seeing you on the other side of this river of regret has taught me many things and helped me to see the value God gave my life when you entered my life. Forgive me for being insensitive.

35. I am sorry for taking more from you than I gave.

36. I’m sorry that I have misused every sacrifice you made for me.

37. It hurts my heart to think of how you were always there for me, fighting for me and wishing well for me when I didn’t deserve it. In the end, all of your goodwill for me was irrelevant. I truly regret.

Forgiveness Paragraphs: Best Friend

The right way to seek forgiveness is the best. These are the best paragraphs to apologize to your best friend for wrongdoings.

41. I am sorry, there are no words that I can use to make you feel better. Please, forgive me. Although I have tried to get different people to speak on my behalf, it is still the same story. Please forgive me.

42. My sweet friend, I deeply regret the pain I’ve caused you. Think back to how we got started and what we did before all this happened. Please forgive me.

43. You are my best friend. Each moment spent with you feels like heaven. It is truly a sad thing that I have done to someone special in my life. I am sorry.

44. I really regret lying to you. It was just too much. I was truly grateful to you. I am sorry for being so bad. You are my love.

45. We have been friends too long and this is not enough to cause us to break up. It doesn’t matter if you forgive me. I will always love you as a friend. I’m sorry.

46. I’m sorry that I was so insensitive. I should not have said such hurtful words to you. For everything that I’ve done, please forgive me. You are so special to me.

47. I hope that you are able to see the bigger picture and have a good time discussing things. It’s not what you think. I beg your pardon and offer you another chance.

48. I want to apologize from the bottom of my heart and ask for your forgiveness. It was not my intention to harm you. You are my love. Please forgive me.

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